Tropical Festival

Logo meals SS shopHello happy people,

An extravaganza of fashion, incredible cuisine, art, culture and crystal jewellery a plenty is bursting forth at

“The Social Studio”

128 Smith street, Collingwood, Victoria Australia  :)


Tropical Festival – Special Guest model Lizzy Rose

I’m very excited to be included in this event to model some of the most amazing collections from world class international and local designers.

Launched tonight the Festival is running every Friday evening through to the 19th December 2014 !!!

Tropical Festival - Special Guest Model Lizzy Rose

Tropical Festival – Special Guest Model Lizzy Rose

I will be there Friday 21st November and hopefully every Friday thereafter to show love support and unity for multicultural holistic raw creations and their talented creators.

Please join me in spreading the word and in thanking the beautiful Ana Soares as she hosts another incredible fun and uplifting event.

Ana Soares

Ana Soares


Ana Soares of “Good Will Nation Products and Events”  

and the most heart warming crew at  The Social Studio

See you on the dance floor, and hey tell all of your friends that this gig is FREE entry and what’s more YES you can bring your kids ;)

Its certainly Spring here in Australia

Cheers Lizzy Rose xo

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Actors work at TAFTA

Consistency hard work dedication and commitment, are words that penetrate my very essence. In life what we put in, is truly what we get back and as a mature age Actor working in the tough industry that is my home here in Australia, I stop to share with those who may not know where first to begin in making their dreams come true.

I first met John Orcsik over 15 years ago when an acting friend of mine told me to take a workshop at this then little academy called TAFTA “The Australian Film and Television Academy”

I have never looked back.

Actor Director  Writer - John Orcsik

Actor Director Writer – John Orcsik


TAFTA The Australian Film & Television Academy
TAFTA The Australian Film & Television Academy







In December of 1983 John Orcsik finished up working on Channel 7 long running series Cop Shop, I was 13 years old and hadn’t been brought up watching very much television at all but I was lucky enough to have caught a couple of episodes where I watched this strong vibrant man, truly bring his character to life, so it was wonderful all those years later to find myself working alongside him and learning from some amazing casting directors and producers.

TAFTA website

TAFTA The Australian Film & Television Academy

TAFTA The Australian Film & Television Academy

 TAFTA on Facebook

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Thea McLeod, casting director for Channel 10 series the very popular and long running “Neighbours” The time spent with this lady is truly invaluable and I cant stress enough how very important it is for actors to hone their craft on a regular basis.

Channel 10

Channel 10

Thea McLeod

Thea McLeod








I’m not an Agent, I’m not being paid to share my personal journey nor have I been asked to, Im simply in the mix just like thousands of other actors out there who are passionate about their craft and about giving back. I’ve always believed in sharing knowledge, networking and asking lots of questions. If knowledge equals power, then surely sharing and supporting our industry only empowers us all.

I’m hoping this message in its small way will encourage those of you who are young and also the more mature acting students, to step up and take the plunge. If you want to work in this industry and I know from years of personal highs and lows, that its imperative for you to train and to meet and greet the very people who will cast you. You need that chance of being remembered, and importantly you also personally need to build the confidence that’s necessary to continue your evolution as an Actor and as an entertainer.

I recall a Director once saying to me “acting is the best job in the world just don’t get caught doing it”

Over the 25 years that I have lived in Melbourne Victoria Australia, ive had the most awesome time working on so many really wonderful productions, including the movie Ghost Rider, and television series including City Homicide, Mr and Mrs Murder, House Husbands and numerous TVCs-Television Commercials, but it all started with meeting the casting directors and acquiring good management.

So you want that juicy role, then give TAFTAs John Orcsik a call and tell him that I sent you and be ready to work hard and never give up. There is no such thing as failure if you turn up and just do the job.

Actor, Director John Orcsik on Channel 7 The Morning Show


TAFTA The Australian Film & Television Academy

TAFTA The Australian Film & Television Academy






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Womens Circle – Briagolong Sale Country Victoria Australia

Hello to all Ladies,

If you are a gentlemen and you are receiving this notice, please be so kind as to forward this message to any ladies that you may know. Mothers, Sisters, daughters, friend’s or colleagues, as they may long to enjoy an evening out, at a healing Women’s Circle.

I’m very much looking forward to offering the first of a few select Mumma Moon Women’s Circles that I’m facilitating over the next 18 weeks and for the remainder of my time here in Australia. This weekend sees the first Women’s circle return to Australia with my last Circle being held in Algonac Michigan USA in June of 2014.

I’m also providing personal one on one audio recorded Psychic and Tarot readings, over this coming weekend on the Saturday and Sunday.

For all details, directions, address and to join us in the women’s circle Saturday night, or to acquire an appointment for a reading, please contact the Circles host;

CIRCLE HOST Lauren Neilsen on  0427 534 053

CIRCLE FACILITATOR Lizzy Rose  0409 626 769



MUMMA MOON WOMENS CIRCLE DATE Saturday 30th August 2014

COST $25 plus please each bring a plate of healthy food to share

TIME Doors open 6.30pm – Circle starts 7.00pm – Evenings end 11.00pm

PSYCHIC & TAROT READINGS  Start at $80 for a 30 minute Tarot reading and are available during the day on both Saturday and Sunday, not during the Mumma Moon Circle held Saturday night.

CIRCLE AGENDA This Circle we welcome Spring, with a healing waxing moon ritual and meditation, including honouring the seeds of new growth and manifesting all that we truly desire.


Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circle

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circle

Here’s to a wonderful weekend full of love, healing, networking and celebrating all that life offers. I cant wait to see you all :)

Blessings and Love Lizzy Rose xo




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1st Birthday

Wow I cant believe its been a year since this website has been launched. I seem to do most things backwards, well according to the general consensus of this technological world. :)

Do you ever feel that you are different, unlike the norm, then again what is the norm? People often say to me, ‘so when did you start Psychic readings, how long have you been doing this work?’ ‘If you have lived before, how old are you and what lives are you aware of that you have previously lived?’

I personally have always found psychic ability, past lives and reincarnation fascinating.

I recall so many past life’s, these visions these flashbacks, started as early as I can remember. From the very young age of a pre schooler, I have lived this life of ‘seeing’ and that inert ‘knowing’ that spirit and its energy is very real, ever present and really truly has its own life that at times blends, glides and shadows that of the life of a human. I truly believe ‘that’ energy, is spirit, and mind body and soul is only bonded as one, at the time of its human conception and therefore its complete existence is while the soul resides primarily in the body. Yet there is not just one realm there are many, there are many soul evolutions that cross from one dimension into another and back again. So as a psychic do I know everything, no, and far from it. Do I ‘see’ everything, no. For if I knew everything and if I saw everything, why would I be here in human form still learning through my many incarnations just like you.

Yes I do believe that we all keep cycling through the veils and back into one human existence after another, until we have learnt all there is to learn, about being a spiritual being having a human experience.

Clay Waddell Interviews Lizzy Rose

Clay Waddell & Lizzy Rose April 14th 2014

Clay Waddell & Lizzy Rose April 14th 2014

Being aware, being able to see and feel so intensely parts of my past life’s, and parts of peoples past and current life’s. To glimpse into the realms, through the veils and into a persons future, whether it be tomorrow or what will be in 6 months or 3 years is not always messages visions or predictions that I like to share. There are many moments when spirit will provide all the answers re future predictions in cryptic code, like repeatedly showing me the winning horse for the ‘Melbourne Cup’ 2 years in advance instead of being concise at the time of being asked for the winner of that current year.

Or when providing the winners of Channels 9s ‘The Block’ for 2014 in exact reverse, so what I interpreted with a tarot reading was the publics choice for the winners, yet what I predicted psychically was the order of the contestants auctions with the winning contestants being announced last. So why does spirit trick, twist or exchange varying degrees of information, particularly when there are millions of dollars on the line.

Channel 9 Psychic Lizzy Rose & The Block 2014 

I find the life of being Psychic fascinating, adventurous and full of daily lessons. To be more aware one must be more accountable. To be awakened one must be touched, truly touched by human emotion. To be a sensitive is a very powerful yet very difficult way of life.

Then there are the many times that I’ve worked predicting the AFL Football Grand finals where spirit has not only provided the name of the years winning team but very detailed quarter by quarter exact scores and players personal results.

Psychic Lizzy Rose Predicts 2013 AFL Grand final winner 

Lizzy Rose Predicts AFL Quarter by Quarter Points  Hawthorn- Geelong 

Psychic Lizzy Rose predicts Hawthorn AFL 2013 Grand Final win

Psychic Lizzy Rose predicts Hawthorn AFL 2013 Grand Final win

Hawks Logo

Hawks Logo


So why is my website only 1 year old, when I’ve been consulting for decades? Well I never saw being ‘Psychic’ as a business, or as a form of employment, the first ten years of offering tarot Clairvoyant and psychic readings no funds were exchanged and as the years rolled by and I began by asking for a donation to cover my time and to support my way of life I became more aware that this spiritual practise and daily lifestyle, this way of seeing and knowing, not only at times saved, enriched and provided my life and but that it also saved others and it rolled into becoming who I was and has and always will effect my daily life in every way. So while I still provide so much of my work on a voluntary basis I’m reminded by this current ‘age’ that perhaps I should share this energy with others with a more public presence. So after many more lessons about just who to trust in regards to public global online advertising and sharing what I offer, I joined forces with my dear friend David Mattichak and together we created this website

I look forward to continuing to update the huge array of 64 pages, many of which are far from complete, so in my small way, I can share with you all that I am and all that I offer. For I believe that we never stop learning and even though I may have launched this website 20 years or so too late, I also believe that everything happens exactly as and when its meant to.

So really what is the norm? :)

Happy 1st Birthday and to everyone out there who’s also celebrating their 1st Technological Birthday, despite the fact that we are all much much older than this current age, do know that your not behind at all, for there was evolution way before the internet and even though its a huge benefit to us all there will continue to be many who evolve and awaken without its influence and maybe just maybe that’s much more normal than the way we live now :)

Birthday Blessings and here’s to many more firsts :)

Cheers Lizzy Rose xo

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Reverend Lady Elizabeth Rose

Hello everyone,

I do hope this finds you well and happy, I wanted to let you know the wonderful news. I’m honoured excited and very privileged to be able to announce that I’m the first International member, which also means I’m the first Woman, to be ordained as a Reverend and Minister of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church/Coven of Salem Massachusetts in the United States of America.


Reverend Elizabeth Rose

Reverend Elizabeth Rose

Thank you to the most loving Reverend and Stregha High Priestess Lori Bruno for your support and recognition.

I look forward to Ministering to those far and wide across Australia and the United States of America. My trip to America has now reunited me with the great State of Salem Massachusetts.

As a Reverend of Salem, I’m honoured to serve you as I continue to offer sacred ceremonies throughout Australia and now Internationally, including Pagan Handfastings, naming Rites, Rites of Passage and Funeral rites. Im very happy to be able to provide beautiful ceremonies to all who desire them.

Reverend Elizabeth Rose

Reverend Elizabeth Rose

May the Goddess Bless us with the heart of kindness to serve and share with our community and those of all faiths with respect, for the ways of the Craft are very much alive and well.

If you would like to talk to me about your upcoming handfasting, wedding, baby naming rite or any other ceremony that you have in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me or call or sms me on 0409 626 769

Blessed Be

Reverend High Priestess, Lady Elizabeth Rose )0(

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Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose returns from USA & CANADIAN TOUR 2014

Lizzy Rose

Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

Hello Australia,
As I fall into the routine and rhythm of an Australian Winter deep in July, I feel extra sleepy, very cold and quite reflective.
On May 14th 2014 I very suddenly with less than a weeks notice, took off on a journey of a lifetime which lasted for 2 months and brought me back home 6 days ago on July 17th.  After a whirlwind tour across the near entire East Coast of the USA and even across to Toronto Canada for a week I’ve hit the ground running.

Lizzy Rose and Eli Thorn (Elizabeth Thornley)

Lizzy Rose and Eli Thorn (Elizabeth Thornley)

I had the pleasure overseas to share this adventure with my new found friend Eli Thorn (Elizabeth Thornley) and to meet in the flesh some beautiful people that I have had an online relationship with over many years, as well as being introduced to Spiritual and Psychic colleagues for the very first time.

Lizzy Rose & Wren Walker of

Lizzy Rose & Wren Walker of

Beginning with a joyous and very loving sharing of music, Magick and the story behind the universal online world of Witchcraft, brought to you by Wren Walker and Fritz Jung. In my upcoming article I share my interview with these amazing gentle, yet ever constant spiritual beings who are


Lizzy Rose & Lori Bruno

Lizzy Rose & Lori Bruno

A trip to Salem Massachusetts took me back two lifetimes ago, where I walked the streets I had trod once before yet with different bones and wearing different skin and so the healing began. Over the time of the 4th of July I absorbed all that this ancient, sad yet very powerful fishing village taught me. Here I had the pleasure to make a life long friend with the ever present, wise and the sweetest Stregha High Priestess and Reverend Lori Bruno. With an interview giving me enough content for many an upcoming article, I look forward to sharing that with you soon.
In the meantime please take a look at

Lizzy Rose & Lady Morgana Avallone

Lizzy Rose & Lady Morgana Avallone

Venturing to New York we happened across the strong willed fiery Arian Lady Morgana Avallone of the New York Witches meet up and dedicated devotee to the great Goddess Hekate. Our time brief yet ever lasting as sisterly bonds and friendships have been forever cemented in the droplets of time.


Lizzy Rose & Selena Fox

Lizzy Rose & Selena Fox

Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve called to me and so we drove for days across to Wisconsin to stay overnight in a very creaky, old, neglected haunted house, where by day we walked and toured the huge 200 acres of Pagan recognised land, including an official Pagan cemetery and Stone Circle where we celebrated the Full Moon in Capricorn, which is extra special to me as my Zodiac Sun sign is in Capricorn. High Priestess and Eco warrior Selena Fox continues to take on the world for the purpose of equality and recognition and respect in the ways of the craft. An interview that will pour out over many magazine pages is forthcoming. Show your support interest or maybe just your curiosity by taking a look at

Lizzy Rose & Selena Fox Circle Sanctuary Cemetery

Lizzy Rose & Selena Fox Circle Sanctuary Cemetery

I met so many other people, shops, groups, circles and healers and over the next few  months I can’t wait to share many of their stories with you.
As I settle back into my Australian lifestyle, I write to let you know that I’m here only until the years end, so before I head back to America and in particular my very anticipated 5 months in Los Angeles California where I will be working and Acting in my beloved world of film, I’d love to reconnect with you.
I very much look forward to sharing many a Witchcraft ritual, Psychic or Tarot reading, magazine article, Coven esbat, meditation circle and healing rite, as I offer my services to you.
Please drop me an email;
Or give me a call or SMS on 0409 626 769
I’m taking bookings now and I’m really excited to be seeing you all again.
Our beautiful magnificent country Australia has such beauty and is filled with so many loving people, but it’s always all about the whole. There should be no division, no competition no jealousy no comparison, wherever we are in this wide incredible world let’s show our support for each other and our genuine interest.
Care to give of yourself to others for the personal rewards are limitless.
May the God and Goddess Bless your path and fill your days with love and your nights with comfort.
Love and Magick Lizzy Rose xo

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USA Rose & Thorn Tour 2014

Rose & Thorn NA TourThe sweet scent of fresh crisp cut grass brushes over me, as the smell of healthy turned soil surrounds. My eyes close and I smile, feeling proud that I took a chance, a chance that brought me here.

Riding high up in the RV Winnebago and seated next to my driver and ever loving supportive and considerate sister Elizabeth Thornley, I think on my journey across America which was due to come to an end in just 6 days time. My travel here has been full of so many different emotions, pleasures and personal evolutions. My energy has been pulled in so many directions as I’m wearing many hats to meld the tour together, making every second count and bringing forth needed manifestations on a near daily level.

I have been called by Great Spirit to stay longer in this land for I’m drawn to bring more Magick to the people that are calling out for healing counsel and direction. I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many incredible beautiful and very talented people along the way.

image[4]I have just left the United States of America and I now journey across the open farm fields of Canada as we head for Toronto to spend 7 days immersed in all things Red and White.

image[2]Everywhere that I have traveled in both these beautiful countries, people have been friendly, polite and eager to serve while I have been on this path of new beginnings that I undertook back in Australia so very suddenly, now feels like oh so very long ago.

So why don’t we take risks, why don’t we step off the cliff and just trust as the universe will truly honour and grant our wishes and requests. It may not always be easy but what we work harder for, surely we appreciate more.

Lizzy US promo imageThe Rose and Thorn 2014 Tour has been filled with the most enormous of trials and tribulations that I have personally experienced witnessed and been a part of, including some monumental endings, tremendous sacrifices and universal tests beyond comprehension and measure. My patience has been strung to the extreme, my tolerance compassion and resilience tested beyond time itself. I feel I have been stretched from one end of the universe to the other all the while as excited as a young child would be with their first ever camping trip, and nervous eager and enthusiastic as a fresh tourist crossing a great far away land.

So many signs so many messages, so much to absorb admire and prepare myself for. So with many reasons to return to the USA for 2015 I’m filled with longing and lessons learned. I now turn the pages of my life again and cross the great divide from my Southern Hemisphere home to this Northern Hemisphere land of promise and endless opportunity.

The energy of the tour has shifted many times over and now moves through another doorway as a lovely young man Steve has joined us, as our driver and security guard.

People say to me “why do you need security” well we are travelling through many remote country towns and across Indian Reservations in a 35 foot vehicle, often camping the night in RV truck stops with 100 other truck drivers.

image[1]We had a situation in Newport Richey Florida where 1am in the morning a drunk man just walked right up the steps and into the RV. This is my home, imagine a drunk man just opening the door to your house and falling upon you as if he was invited. When I asked him to leave he repeatedly refused, which led to the Police being called.

Two woman travelling from one end of America to the other and now into another country, despite showing great strength, resilience patience and the devotion and dedication of cast iron, should in my opinion be a little more protected for those just in case situations. I also have met many people that carry firearms; in fact it’s been rare to not come across a man or women and their personal handgun.

image[3]We are living in a very different world and with that we adapt.

For this Witch touring these great countries it is truly an experience of a lifetime for me and with that I will completely appreciate every single second and every person that I’m honoured to meet along the way.

Love your life and believe in yourself as you truly are the master of your own destiny.

Lizzy Rose )0(

Rose & Thorn NA Banner

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Lizzy Rose USA Tour May 14th to June 15th 2014

Hi there :)

Just letting you know that my Tour website has just been officially launched by the incredibly talented Caroline Demski.

Click on the below link to head straight to the website and get all of the latest gossip :)

Rose & Thorn Tour Website

Rose & Thorn 2014 Tour Banner

Rose & Thorn 2014 Tour Banner

If you would like a Psychic, Tarot, Aura or Mediumship reading, or perhaps a meditation circle, Tarot party or Witchcraft Ritual please feel free to contact Caroline directly

We are touring the South East of America and I’m very happy to say that we start our wonderful tour in Miami Florida on Thursday 15th May ..  Hello Miami :)

Once we leave Miami we will head to many different spots. I’m open excited and very honoured to be appearing, working, sharing and celebrating life with you all, in many of the places that you see below. If you don’t see your hometown on the list then just ask Caroline if she can add it :) as she can move mountains and make anything it seems possible.

Rose & Thorn Tour flyer

Rose & Thorn Tour flyer


Also take a look at our facebook page for on road updates, blogs, photos and videos.

Rose & Thorn USA Tour Facebook Page

This tour is an equal opportunity to meet and have a reading or any other service that’s on offer with Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose and the remarkable United States Psychic Mediator Elizabeth Thornley.

We look forward to sharing much magick with you along the way and would love to hear from you.

May the Gods and Goddesses Bless

Lizzy Rose xo








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USA Tour May – June 2014 – Lizzy Rose & Elizabeth Thornley

To all my American Family, Friends, Clients and Fans, in a few days my very sudden, yet exiting 4 week tour of the USA begins.

Lizzy Rose USA Tour May - June 2014

Lizzy Rose USA Tour May – June 2014

I’m offering Psychic readings, Meditation Circles and Mumma Moon Womens Circles along with the most divinely magickal and enchanting Elizabeth Thornley as we tour your wonderful country.

Tour website, map and schedule will be released soon so you can see where the tour will be taking us.

Lizzy Rose USA Tour May - June 2014

Lizzy Rose USA Tour May – June 2014


“The ‘Rose and Thorn’ tour commences in Florida in a week’s time and we will be travelling in our RV through the south eastern and eastern States of the USA. Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose and the US’s own ‘mediator’ Psychic Eli Thorn are available for bookings, for readings and other spiritual type gatherings (ask for details).”
Contact Caroline Demskiyn at if you are interested in a reading with Rose & Thorn.

Tour commences

Thursday 15th May to Saturday 14th June 2014


Lizzy Rose USA Tour May - June 2014

Lizzy Rose USA Tour May – June 2014

Cant wait to join you all in America :)

Bright Blessings Lizzy Rose xo

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Samhain Funeral Ritual

Samhain  Public Ritual 

Keilor East Victoria Australia

Welcome to the time of year where the veils are at their thinnest, where the spirits of the other realms cross over and merge with our world of the living. Samhain also known as Halloween is celebrated at this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere, whilst our sisters and brothers, family and friends honour Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere.

I invite you to join with myself and the Priestesses of the Temple, in a deep most sacred of rites this weekend that will change your life and awaken your ills that you hold deep within, in a gentle, calm and safe space, with those troubles then being removed and carried in funeral procession to a hand dug grave to be disposed of sacredly during the Samhain Ceremony.

Its time to let go of what holds us back, to release and to really truly mourn and be free of what burdens us. For it is only when one door is completely closed and the old is buried that our new birth can truly begin.

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose


“Temple of Rose” Private residence in Keilor East Victoria Australia, please SMS or CALL Lizzy Rose on 0409 626 769 for the address and directions

PRIESTESSES of the TEMPLE of ROSE will greet and aid you upon your arrival.



DOORS Open 6.30pm to 7.30pm

* Film Viewing at 6.45pm, 7.00pm and 7.15pm



ENDS 11.30pm

* There will be 3 cinema screenings of a recently Directed and produced short 6 minute film by Yiling Shen, titled “Witchcraft an Interview with Lizzy Rose”  prior to the Samhain Funeral Ritual.


WHO  Adult – Males & Females 18 years and over

PLEASE NOTE – Please do not bring anyone who is under 18 years of age as this Ritual is strictly designed for Adults and refusal may offend.

Samhain Spirit

Samhain Spirit

COST $20 (per person)

WEAR Black or Dark, very dark clothing, gowns, robes, cloaks, dresses, suits, think to dress as you would when going to a funeral. Veils scarfs hats… Black or dark shoes and wear warm clothing including footwear and socks, as the nights are very chilly.


PLEASE BRING (1) One home made healthy, plate of warm nourishing food per person to share. A cushion, bean bag or folding chair if you wish.

Samhain Cauldron Stew

Samhain Cauldron Stew

SEATING This circle is held at a private residence and seats  approximately 30 to 40 people comfortably.


Please RSVP by mobile phone to 0409 626 769 or below by clicking on the facebook event link, so as not to miss out.

Samhain Funeral Ritual Facebook Event Page



This Rite is a Trance Crone channelling where High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose will invoke an entity into her and share as Oracle and Seer whilst in council to the circle attendee’s. This ritual includes a funeral procession and full burial rite reaching across the veils and into the other realms.

Think of one point of focus that no longer serves you and bring that thought/issue/concern/problem with you, this matter will be buried during the funeral.

Samhain grave- Lizzy Rose

Samhain grave- Lizzy Rose


This ritual is a serious solemn proper ceremonial affair, it is not light hearted nor jovial this Samhain is not focused on those loved ones that we have lost but instead on our deepest darkest fears and concern’s that we need to remove from our lives for good. What you wish for in this Rite cannot be reversed. Think now on what you wish to banish so you are completely prepared for you are responsible and accountable for the rituals results.

Witches Grave

Witches Grave

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