Mumma Moon Women’s Healing Circle – Friday 24th April

Mumma Moon Women's Healing Circles facilitated by Lady Elizabeth Rose

Mumma Moon Women’s Healing Circles facilitated by Lady Elizabeth Rose

Hello everyone,

YES its time for Mumma Moon Women’s Circles to return to the “Temple of Rose” here in Keilor East Victoria Australia with Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose​.

A CALL out to ALL women who would like to have a lovely evening healing, meditating and working a fun protection amulet to take home with you. :)

Facilitated by High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose
Door Guardian Priestess Lady Roula Bhowan​

Friday 24th April 2015
DOORS open at 6.00pm
CIRCLE starts at 7.00pm
Ends 10.30pm

COST $25 (which includes all supplies for your magickal activity)

Please also importantly bring a plate of healthy food per person to share.

Wear warm clothes and bring a pillow cushion or blanket if you so desire, the temple has bean bags and assorted comforts however if we have a full house sometimes we run short so its better to be prepared.

Call or SMS 0409 626 769 for address/directions for those who haven’t attended this location before.

Yes ALL females 16 years and over are very welcome.

To show your interest click on the below Facebook link

Facebook Mumma Moon Event page 

For more information check out this link

See you in the sacred circle :)

Lizzy US promo image

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Channel 10 The Project – Exorcism with Lizzy Rose live on national Television

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose conducts an Exorcism in "The Temple of Rose"

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose conducts an Exorcism in “The Temple of Rose”

A very interesting subject is that of exorcism & demonic possession.

It was a beautiful spring day in a leafy suburb of Adelaide, South Australia in 1983 when I witnessed my first demonically possessed subject. I was a teenager and invited by a group of Christian motor cycle enthusiasts namely the God Squad, to watch part of their spiritual workings to drive out an alleged presence.

Entering a small however very ordinary block of ground floor units, I found myself in a unit where a young lady not much older than myself greeted us looking like the colour of a steel grey slate floor, her body was clammy sweaty and freezing to touch. The home was icy cold and the smell of sulphur made it hard to breath. I was asked to sit on a small couch in the lounge room, her bedroom just off to the left with the door ajar. The Ministers asked if they could speak with her in her bedroom as this was the centre of the activity. I heard her tell of how she would go to sleep dressed in a long night gown, only to wake up to find the gown folded neatly on the end of her bed and her body completely naked. She had mutual bruises with no explanations and shared that she had witnessed on many occasions what appeared to be blood running down her bedroom wall, from ceiling to floor. Her housemate came out of the second bedroom at that point and looked ordinary and unaffected, he announced that he was a university student and a musician and quickly added before racing out the door, that he puts head phones on to drown out the loud voices that come from her bedroom. She speaks up to say she is always alone and he confirms this and says he doesn’t want to get involved, but insists that she speaks in many particularly male languages and he is quite scared and wants to move out as soon as he can.

For my own safety as I was still a child myself, I was asked to step outside of the premises and wait out the front near the brick letterboxes, while the Minister and his aid exorcised the demonic entity that they believed to be residing in this young woman. I will never forget wondering what was happening and then with a loud shattering bang watching as all of the front windows of the unit smashed and glass was flung all over the communal driveway.

That day has always stayed with me and now 32 years later I have my own stories to share. As a professional practising exorcist I have come across many a subject in similar if not worse conditions than that young woman all those decades ago.

Channel 10  The Project - Lizzy Rose

Channel 10 The Project – Lizzy Rose

Channel 10’s news done differently show, titled “The Project” recently visited me here in “The Temple of Rose” which is a dedicated private space that I have created in Keilor East Victoria Australia, to provide the necessary safe tools to offer Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot, Aura & Clairvoyant readings. Its importantly also very much a place for ritual. On the bare cement temple floor it boosts a 9 foot hand painted white permanent pentacle and a 13 foot outer circle, complete with personalised sigil’s and occult symbols of protection. This sacred circle can offer everything that is needed to carry out an exorcism.

In this space the worst cases that are welcomed are heavy with negative entities that attach to the core of the aura laying just beneath the surface of the sternum, the rib cage and the place where ones spirit and soul resides.

On Friday 10th April 2015 Channel 10 Presenter Jules Schiller, interviewed Lizzy Rose in regards to what its like to be a professional exorcist. Jules then went on to watch and The Project filmed, a live exorcism.

I found it interesting that The Project was looking to find an Australian Exorcist to present such a story and in between 2 very powerful eclipses at the time of a vibrant Full Moon in Libra. What is particularly fascinating for me is that the verse that was used for the exorcism was taken from “The Book of The Law” which was dictated in Cairo Egypt on the 8th, 9th and 10th days of April in 1904 when the Sun was in Aries. How astonishing and very timely that exactly to the very same date, 111 years later and when the Sun is yet again in the sign of Aries, that this great book of Thelema Occult magick is spoken aloud for the world to forever hear, and all the while during the course of a mans exorcism ritual. This book belongs to a dear friend who just passed away a couple of months ago, I find it no coincidence at all that I was led to share this verse and a public exorcism with the general public at this time.

What is also even more fascinating is that I was invited to Cairo Egypt late last year for the purpose of a 2 week holiday that involved working with Egyptian TV producers to perform and to be filmed exorcising the Jinn who possess the Arab and Egyptian people and all the while for a Television audience of 80 million. My trip was booked for the 1st April to the 15th 2015 and only recently postponed until 2016 due to my own personal reasons.

I often say what we speak we make manifest and sometimes its not always going to appear in the same form that we originally think that it will, but you can be assured magick is in fact very real and should always be taken seriously and given the respect that it so deserves.

For those that are unsure if they have a loved one or friend who may be possessed, please know its quite a process to eliminate many other possibilities’ prior to requiring an exorcism and note its truly the last resort.

Feel free to contact for further information or call 0409 626 769

“Exorcism in Australia” with Reverend Minister, High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose, is set to air just after the New Moon (of course) on Monday 20th April 2015 at 6.30pm to 7.30pm on the Channel 10 network.

Channel 10 The Project - Presenter Jules Schiller

Channel 10 The Project – Presenter Jules Schiller

Channel 10 The Project & Lizzy Rose

Channel 10 The Project & Lizzy Rose

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Seven Sisters Festival March 2015

Hi everyone,

Its that time of the year again when the most beautiful gentle fun exciting & adventurous Seven Sisters 3 day annual Festival, is held in Mt Martha Victoria Australia.

Unfortunately I have had to cancel my complementary performance this year. I was offering to open the “Ritual Space” with a Ritual centred around this year of the Sheep, Goat, Ram and again offering the same rite over the weekend. As much as I adore this festival and the ladies that so tirelessly run it, I have to put my family first.

My father turned 96 years of age this week and as he is living in a Sydney Aged Care facility I will be visiting him instead of being with you at the Festival. I feel my time is best spent there and that I’m needed there more than at the Women’s Festival.

I sincerely apologise to all of you who were planning on attending this ritual and wish you only joy and great bounty as you celebrate the magick and growth of this incredible annual event. I know that you will have a wonderful time as there is SO much on offer.

I send all the Sisters, love light and Goddess Blessings and I very much look forward to seeing you all next time the Festival comes around.

Take a look via the below highlighted link at my featured article after my first Seven Sisters Festival.

“Sisters & Community” by Lizzy Rose in Goddess Guru Issue 12 2013 


Seven Sisters Festival - Lizzy Rose

Seven Sisters Festival – Lizzy Rose

Magick to you all and always Love

Lizzy Rose xo

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Wellness Wednesday Middle Park Victoria Australia

Hello everyone,

I would love to see you all Wednesday 25th March at 7.30pm to 8.30pm as I share my story of weight fat and water loss, lean muscle gain and increased energy and performance that I have been experiencing of late.

Come and hear our special guest speaker Tracy Bartram who will also share with you about how the incredible health and wellness gift that we have both found has completely transformed our lives. Its time to get moving to live life to the fullest and to enjoy rather than to just exist.

Bring your family and friends to this FREE evening that will change your life and theirs.

See you there ;)

With the best of health Lizzy Rose xo

WW Tracy Bartram March 25th 2015

WW Tracy Bartram March 25th 2015



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“Broadford Spiritual Bonanza” Friday 20th to 22nd March 2015


OUR PARTY HOST is the lovely Dee Pedemont

Hello everyone

This weekend Lizzy Rose is offering an incredible fun filled 3 day event in Country Victoria Australia !!!

FRIDAY 20th  Join in for a FREE incredible health and wellness evening starting at 6.30pm COME along and change your life completely as you learn about natural weight loss, healthy ageing and increased energy and performance via nutritional cleansing products that are unlike any that you have ever seen or consumed before.

See this facebook event page for more information and feel free to bring your loved ones.

Isagenix World leader in whole Body Nutritional Cleansing
Isagenix World leader in whole Body Nutritional Cleansing

SATURDAY 22nd  Mumma Moon Womens Circle for females only that are 16 years and over. This circle starts at 6.30pm and includes a group vocal Meditation, an Oracle circle including a divinatory reading and a practical activity class. The evening includes a light supper and socialising which we all contribute to.

COST $25 per person plus a plate of healthy food to share

See this facebook event page for more information

Mumma Moon Womens Circles with Lizzy Rose
Mumma Moon Women’s Circles with Lizzy Rose

Lizzy Rose is offering exclusive to Broadford and surrounding areas personal one on one Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Aura and Mediumship readings on the Saturday and Sunday

Psychic Readings with Lizzy Rose
Psychic Readings with Lizzy Rose

There are currently ONLY 5  Appointments remaining, the details are as follows;


Saturday 21st

10am 30 or 60 minutes

11.45am 30 or 60 minutes

4.30pm 30 or 60 minutes

Sunday 22nd
11am 30 or 60 minutes

4.30pm 30 or 60 minutes

If anyone you know is interested in having a private face to face consultation with Lizzy Rose or attending either of the parties please ask them to email
OR call 0409 626 769 OR alternatively just turn up at the above address for either or both of the parties or to inquire about having a Psychic reading, as everyone is welcome :)

Lizzy Rose November 2014

Lizzy Rose November 2014

The above facebook pages will be updated with further event details shortly, feel free to share them around your networks as Broadford Victoria Australia gets ready to Host
Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

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Lizzy Rose Special Regular Guest on “Soul Star Radio”

Soul Star Radio

Soul Star Radio

I had the immense pleasure of being invited as a Special guest late last year to appear on Soul Star radio with Jacquelene Close Moore and Rene Barics. The on air spot was focused on honouring and celebrating the Summer and Winter Solstice. I was happy to offer my services and knowledge and in doing so I created a beautiful Solstice ritual that could be cast in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres for the listeners.

Click on the below highlighted link, go to Soul Star Radio and click on December 18th 2014 to listen to the podcast.

Lizzy Rose Summer & Winter Solstice on Air Ritual- December 18th/19th 2014 

Soul Star Radio was created by Jacquelene Close Moore after she had a dream in September 2014 that she was standing talking to people when an American lady appeared and asked if she would like a larger audience, next thing she knew she awoke to find an email asking her if she was interested in securing a weekly Spiritual and Psychic radio show. The premonition came true. American company Ask 1 Radio began hosting weekly shows with Jacquelene Close Moore and so Soul Star radio was born.

A1R Logo

A1R Logo

A1R Ask 1 Radio logo

A1R Ask 1 Radio logo





Click on the below highlighted links to go to Ask 1 radio and Jacquelene’s website and facebook pages for more information

Ask 1 Radio website

 Ask 1 Radio Facebook page

Award Winning Psychic Jacquelene Close Moore website

Jacquelene Close Moore Facebook page

The radio shows began in a 30 minute format and received such success and listeners response that the shows were increased to a 60 minute time slot as of January 2015.

Soul Star Radio has now been on air every week for 6 months and has enjoyed a variety of guests, coupled with the very convenient ability to air for its listeners via the internet, to any location in the world that has internet access, quickly becoming quite a hit.

After my guest appearance Jacquelene contacted me and asked if I would come on air again and perhaps every month as a regular guest. As my travels are now ongoing Jacquelene thought it may be interesting for the listeners to be able to tune in and to call in to receive complementary Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot, Aura and Clairvoyant readings from many parts of the globe that I could be in at that time. We also discussed themes for each show and selected corresponding dates.

The following is a list of the 4 shows that Ive enjoyed being a Guest on and their respective themes.

Click on the below highlighted link, go to Soul Star Radio and click on December 18th 2014 to listen to the Summer & Winter Solstice podcast as also shared above.

Lizzy Rose Summer & Winter Solstice on Air Ritual- December 18th/19th 2014

Click on the below highlighted link, go to Soul Star Radio and click on January 22nd 2015 to listen to the Imbolc/Lammas Pagan Sabbat podcast.

Lizzy Rose Imbolc/Lammas Pagan Sabbat – January 22nd/23rd 2015

Click on the below highlighted link, go to Soul Star Radio and click on February 19th 2015 to listen to the Chinese New Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram podcast.

Lizzy Rose Chinese New Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram – February 19th/20th 2015

Click on the below highlighted link, go to Soul Star Radio and click on March 12th 2015 to listen to the Friday 13th Witchy podcast.

Lizzy Rose Friday 13th Witchy Superstition – March 12th/13th 2015

Jacquelene Close Moore - Soul Star Radio

Jacquelene Close Moore – Soul Star Radio

Its been my pleasure to share with you all regularly on air and I look forward to setting some new dates with Jacquelene Close Moore, Soul Star Radio and Ask 1 Radio for the remaining 9 months of this year. After just returning from Brisbane Queensland Australia and heading to Canberra and Sydney Australia on March 24th for a week, followed by a couple of weeks in Hong Kong and then 6 months in the wonderful US of A :) I really look forward to chatting to the wonderful listeners from just about anywhere on this glorious planet.

So please spread the word, tune in and dial in and show your support for radio shows like these where myself, Jacquelene and many other spiritualists offer their time and their service free of charge to the general public. I would also love to hear your feedback in regards to the show and welcome any themes or suggestions you may have.

Wishing you all a glorious March time where Autumn and Spring is beginning to share its nature with us all.

Be forever Blessed

Love and always a touch of Magick Lizzy Rose xo

Lizzy Rose November 2014

Lizzy Rose November 2014







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Lizzy Rose Psychic readings in Brisbane March 9th & 10th


Hello beautiful people,

Brisbane Queensland Australia

Brisbane Queensland Australia

Well I’m off to Brisbane for an incredible annual 4 day Isagenix Celebration where we recognise and reward the associates in our incredible company. The weekend will be full of lectures and awesome speakers, product launches, a shake bar and OMG a masquerade ball :) and so much more.

6,000 plus people are descending on the Brisbane Convention centre to celebrate the healthiest nutritional cleansing programme in the world today, with the wealthiest of benefits for its associates. I’m so very proud of this company and I feel so blessed to celebrate today, being 1 year ago exactly, that I joined this incredible life changing wheel of transformation. If you want to become healthier and live a life of financial freedom then let me know, its not an impossible dream really, I’ve found the way and id like to help you find yours.

Psychic Readings with Lizzy Rose

Psychic Readings with Lizzy Rose

While I’m in Brisbane Celebrating :) I would like to offer my friends, fans and followers an in person Psychic consultation.

I’m reading from Station st Wellington Point Queensland on

Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th March

High Level Psychic & Clairvoyant Tarot Reading

Appointments are charged as follows

 30 minutes $100

60 minutes $200      

The office is taking Brisbane bookings now for the following dates, there are ONLY 10 appointments available, details are below with a first in first served policy.

Monday 9th 10am, 11.30am, 2pm, 3.30pm or 7pm

Tuesday 10th 10am, 11.30am, 2pm, 3.30pm or 7pm

Please email for bookings and enquires or call/text  0409 626 769  

Most people book the 60 minute High Level session as time goes by so very quickly and everyone says at least 60 minutes is better, but it’s completely up to you.

Australia's Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose


See you in the Sunshine state

Love Lizzy Rose xo




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Transform your Life – Awaken your Body – Heal your Soul

In March 2014 I finally listened to a friend in Perth Western Australia, who regularly raved about this new Health and Wealth creation that she was experiencing after joining an American company that was founded in 2002. Sharing her story from weight loss to lean muscle gain and extreme energy and performance abilities that she had gained from taking the products, I could not ignore the message that was right in front of me.

For years I have worked as a Psychic as a Medium and as a healer, working through spirit the mind the soul and energetic transformations. I had transformed and enlightened so many peoples lives and now it seemed only fitting to incorporate the healing of the body into my complete practise.

So I joined this incredible company that produced and presented me with products that arrived monthly onto my door step. I learnt that the ingredients were in fact all food, all natural, gluten free, high energy, pure with no added chemical’s, no preservatives, no hidden nasties and everything tasted amazing !!!

Over the months my skin hair teeth and nails strengthened, I found I released excess weight, fat and water and detoxed like never before in my life. I took my food and nutritional cleansing products overseas into America and Canada and had no trouble with customs which surprised me, in fact the officers were interested to hear more about this complete system, that eliminates toxins that our world pumps into us and over us and all around us daily, whether we want to believe it or not. After venturing around the United States I found it near impossible to find fresh organic food, everything is upsized to the extreme and SO heavily over processed and loaded up with artificial everything that it was near impossible to attempt to completely continue the healthy lifestyle while on the road touring, solely due to the lack of fresh food. Many an American diner that I stopped at, didn’t even have fresh milk, instead I was looked at strangely when I asked for this addition to my hot beverage, they then brought me powered milk sachets, which you wouldn’t give to your enemy.

Returning to Australia I was disheartened by such a wonderful welcoming yet extremely unhealthy country, it took me awhile to realise to what degree that it had effected me and that I had unknowingly slowed right down and then stopped taking the gift that Id received all those months before. It really woke me up when my skin became dry, my hair coarse, my tummy unsettled and my sleep patterns irregular, my overall energy was depleted.  I started to look at what I had been eating in the product ingredient lists along with healthy daily fresh meals of great raw and cooked food. I started to really research the company, the scientists, the formulators like John Anderson, the Drs and qualified people who created what my body felt better consuming. The more I read, the more videos I watched and the more I became aware that this company that Jim and Kathy Coover created with John Anderson in 2002 really did offer everyone the GIFT.

I believe in and I state my name and reputation on these products, in my opinion they hold the GIFT of new LIFE. Never before has there been anything like it, a complete all round meal replacement combined with healthy pure herbal and mineral supplements this equals the most nutritious food source ever. My organic vegetable patch cant compete with these products that’s how incredibly pure they are.

It hit me like a brick and that was it, I promised myself and my family that I would get well I would heal past injuries and I would become the healthiest that I’ve ever been in my life despite approaching middle age.

A month ago on January 13th 2015 and the very next day after my 45th birthday, I decided that my life would forever change, my best friend was dying of an aggressive form of lung cancer, yet he was only 51 and just recently diagnosed. I was watching others around me of similar ages dying or diagnosed with terminal illnesses. For me apart from being over weight and having some bone and nerve damage, my body was reasonably healthy, but was it healthy enough to live well, or will I just exist like most of the population and become another statistic of the western medical world. I decided no, its time that I step up and change my life forever and not just for a short period of time. I want long term permanent results not passing phases.

So I resumed my daily nutritional supplements and cleansing food system, combined with yummy healthy home cooked 15 minute meals and regular exercise, daily meditation and divinatory readings. During this transformation I’ve started what has now become, my new way of forever living.

Today is day 36 of my life transformation and I’ve just returned from my morning gym session.

In 36 days I’ve released 8.6 kilos = 18.95 pounds

I’ve released a total of 34 centimetres = 13.5 inches from my waist, chest, biceps, thighs and calf’s.

My Body fat % and BMI % is lower every week. I’m moving away from the Zone of dangerous to Safe :)

Over the years I’ve tried, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lite N Easy, Modifast, Nutrislim, Optislim, Fat Blaster, Fruit only diets, and so many other fads and so called miracles. Did I lose weight? with some programmes yes I did, but I also lost muscle, energy and didn’t detox at all with any programme, and as soon as I stopped that particular programme I put the weight back on and I often doubled it.

The GIFT that I share with you here has everything. If your body needs to lose weight you will, if you are under weight and you need to gain lean muscle then you will, if you are a perfect weight yet need to develop energy and performance, yes even to Olympic standards, then you will. Whatever your body needs these product’s read your insufficient and inactive organ function or blood flow and regulate you. There is no trick here, there is no hidden agenda, there is no plastic or nasty chemical filler which is in many of those mineral and vitamin supermarket and chemist supplements, there is just a GIFT a gift from a company who truly wants YOU to be well and to live longer stronger happy and healthier, than you have ever been before.

I have never endorsed a product or company in my life and no I’m not getting paid to tell my story, neither do the celebrities or the many athletes that also consume promote and LOVE the GIFT ! We share because we care, we share because it works !!!

So for one moment in your life right now STOP and know that there truly is an answer to a better result for your health RIGHT NOW than where its currently at.

If you know me, you will trust in me and know that I would never support anyone that I feel is coming from ill intentions.

I invite you to join with me and to find out more about what I’m SO very happy about that truly is a life changer and can be for you and your family.

Here are 4 awesome FREE events for you, your family and friends that are coming up really soon that showcase this incredible GIFT

There is also a paid event titled Strength in Momentum “Celebration” which is MASSIVE. If you are serious about life changes get to at least one of these incredible information and sampling sessions!

Click on the highlighted links to go to the event pages for more information or watch the video below.

Stay focused on YOU its YOUR year, its YOUR time to become the best YOU EVER !!!

Be Blessed Lizzy Rose xo


VICTORIA – MELBOURNE Super Saturday 21st February



It’s that time again.. and what a line up for you, your team, friends, family and guests to attend!

Saturday Feb 21st
Opportunity Meeting 9-10am
Business Training 10.30am-4pm

Business Training with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter! 5-8pm

Bayview Eden
6 Queens Road, Melbourne 3004

Special guests include:
– Paul McAneny and Suzanne Skillen – Isagenix Millionaires
– Allan and Lari Hilzinger
– Jennifer Jefferies

Associates $25, Guests FREE

Super Saturday Feb 21 2015

Super Saturday Feb 21 2015


VICTORIA – MELBOURNE Wellness Wednesday 25th February

Vitality 282 Richardson st Middle Park 7.30pm to 8.30pm

FREE Event !

Wellness Wednesday – Guest Speaker Australia’s Strongest Woman Sharon Waters


Wellness Wednesday - Australias Strongest Woman Sharon Waters

Wellness Wednesday – Australias Strongest Woman Sharon Waters


QUEENSLAND – BRISBANE Strength in Momentum Celebration

Strength in Momentum Celebration March 5th to 8th




Studio 3  1214 Burwood hwy Upper Ferntree Gully  1pm to 2pm

FREE Event !

Health and Wellness Isagenix Party


Isagenix Presentation

Isagenix Presentation


Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park 2pm to 4pm

69 Loddings Lane Nagambie

FREE Event !

Transform your Life – Awaken Your Body – Heal you Soul

Complete Health & Happiness

Complete Health & Happiness




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R.I.P David Mattichak

R.I.P David-Mattichak

David Mattichak

Australia Day for me has become a sad day that seems to represent death. My sons father passed away the day after Australia Day in 2012 and now one of my closest male friends and the web designer and builder of this website as suddenly left us.

David passed away at 4.30pm on the 26th January 2015 – Australia Day. David died suddenly yet peacefully, after a 4 week illness due to a very aggressive Lung Cancer, actually David knew that he was dying but he didn’t want the public world to know, he only told his family and a couple of his close friends. I cherish the fact that I was one of those close friends and I will never forget our friendship, to me he was my brother, he told me regularly (Lizzy Rose your family now, he would say as he chuckled)

As I reflect on this mans life and begin to write a tribute of our times together, today id like to share with you my first blog for 2015 in his honour. After all it was David who taught me to blog and it was David who brought to life my online web presence after having endless troubles over many years with those who said they could build a website but never produced results. So dearest brother David I thankyou for being my Website Manager, I thankyou for being my friend, I thankyou for including me in your life as family, Thankyou till the very end.

To my clients and customers that have waited patiently as I mourn I thankyou and I apologise that until yesterday I could not bring myself to return to work. Since December 30th 2014 I had spent nearly every single day with David and his wife Michelle until he took his last breath and I then stayed with him post death until the coroner took his body away.

Now as I promised him in life and on his death bed, I will take care of his wife, I will aid in as many a way that I can while I can and so every day I pop in and spend time with Michelle keeping her focused, strong, and running all the daily errands of life that we all take for granted.

So as I head back into my own reality, I’m reminded to remind you, to make every minute count, each moment is precious and in a split second it can be all over. David may not be here with us in human form but his spirit and his great work will always live on. He will guide and no doubt find his way into the world of my computer and maybe others to let us know he has just taken up a different form. David’s work is not finished on this plane he has been here many times before and will be here many times to come that’s a given.

Id like to share with you my Eulogy for David and his family and the precious words written from his loving widow Michelle.

Thankyou for caring to understand that I needed to take a months break, I look forward to seeing you at a Psychic reading, Mumma Moon Womens Circle, Public Ritual, or all the other exciting events that are coming up soon.

Join us Saturday March 7th in the “Temple of Rose” for the “Feast for the Dead” in honour of David’s life as he requested.

“Feast for the Dead” R.I.P David Mattichak jr

Blessed Be

Lizzy Rose xo

David and his beloved Pup

David and his beloved Pup

David and his beloved wife Michelle

David and his beloved wife Michelle










EULOGY by Lady Elizabeth Rose

David loved to share a story, in remembrance today I share his;

David George Mattichak jr son of Brenda and David Mattichak Senior

was born on the 21st September 1963 on the Sabbat of the spring equinox Ostara in

Syracuse New York, today on the Sabbat of Lammas and Imbolc we celebrate his life.

David’s sister Susan joined the family a few years later and they all lived happily in America until migrating to Australia.

As a young boy David attended a private school, Essendon Grammar and continued through his education to the completion of Year 12. For David this hunger to learn never waned.

He loved bare foot running and fell in love with the Aussie game of cricket. However something deeper would take hold and from a young age David had his head in a book, advanced beyond his years from all his other class mates with his incredible reading skills, he just couldn’t get enough of books. He submitted his first article at the age of 10 years receiving a reply encouraging him to pursue this field as he would excel in this area.

As a speed reader David could not only read a book from cover to cover in a couple of hours but also absorb and remember the content, leading to his love of literary works. David’s first book was published in 2009 and to date he has now had 6 books published and numerous articles across national and international publications. David’s work will continue and his publications will live on.

David’s skills were many and varied from Academic and CEO writings to running his online blogs.

In 1982 he received a Diploma of Graphic Design and for a couple of years he pursued screen printing.

Venturing to Phillip Island for holidays David loved to fish and rock climb, he enjoyed running and athletics, and fully supported his beloved Essendon football team, “Go the Bombers” David also enjoyed playing guitar, and had a great love for listening to music, he had a great appreciation and respect for the arts and continued right up to his passing to support encourage and engage in many persons in the world of history art and performance.

Many years ago a glass of Jack Daniels would pass his lips and with a chuckle to the great wizard whom we toast today we extend our cups.

In 1984 David qualified as a certified Cook and things never looked better.

David loved food and delved deep into the world of the culinary arts from a young age beginning as a cook and progressing into the realms working as a much desired Chef servicing Melbourne Victoria for over 25 years.

David never bent to anyone’s will, he lived his own race, like a lit fuse racing around from one world to another, always enthusiastic and eager, he lived life in an accelerated pace.

Michelle met David when he was just 16 years of age and by 1989 they were inseparable.

Falling in love they shared a beautiful life together. I’m honoured to be granted great privilege in reading Michelle’s final words here today for her husband.

 “Family and Friends”

Today we say our last bon voyage our goodbyes to a great man, David George Mattichak jr. A large gap has been created in all of our lives because of his passing. He will be missed so very much by all. His generosity of spirit and time will not go unnoticed. I lived with him for 30 years in my life. He often said to me “You make me be the best man that I could be” A great complement from a great spirit.

So it is with a large amount of sadness that we have gathered here today.

David you will always be remembered with a large amount of love.

Your loving wife Michelle

David Mattichak "Temple of Rose"

David Mattichak “Temple of Rose”

Our dearest David

Do what thou Wilt is the whole of the Law.

Love is the Law Love under Will.

Hail and Farewell and Blessed Be

Reverend High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(




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Farewell 2014 and Welcome 2015

Swift fast moving at an eager and rushed pace the Chinese Year of the Horse descended upon us all and now we have approximately 7 weeks left of this incredibly productive driven yet at times extremely intense 12 month period.

Planets also really pushed our boundaries and the urgency to step up and reduce reuse recycle and refrain has increased 10 fold. As always the world spins and turns, changes embraces the new and let’s go of out dated patterns people and ideas. With so much on our minds and so much work set to come, I feel it’s time to stop and look at the big picture, it’s time to ask what’s truly important for us all and that answer although similar is not exactly the same for each of us.

So id like to share with you my End of Year Ritual, this is a simple Solitary rite, yet if you are with others and you would like to include them its easily adaptable. Simply in your sacred space, your home, your temple, or maybe upon your altar or perhaps in your garden, take the below items.

Please note # Its best to start this ritual around 10.30pm and no later than 10.45pm.

Pen and Paper

Pen and Paper


Gather up the following

A Pen and a few pieces of fresh unused Paper

A Cauldron or a copper pot and a fire starter ie matches are ideal but a lighter will also work.










White Candle


A Black Candle and holder

A White Candle and holder

A large glass jar or container

A Tarot deck if you have one

Take incense and or an oil burner if you have them and chose incense and oil to burn that brings you joy.


incense_sticks natural-terracotta-oil-burner_l

Now set about settling yourself, get comfortable, relax and just allow yourself to BE.

Around 11.00pm to 11.30pm on 31st December 2014 and when you are ready, light the incense, your oil burner and your black candle.

Now think on all of the things that have been a negative for you this 2014 year.

Write them down in point form on a piece of paper and place them in the cauldron.

Meditate on why they have presented themselves to you and ask what was the lesson, why did spirit give me this test, these tasks, these difficulties. It’s very important to actually feel the pain the loss and the hardship, to not dismiss or to be in denial as spirit will just present the problems again if they feel you have not learnt the intended lesson.

Take a Tarot card, write down its name or information. Then with the card facing skywards lay it down and proceed to burn the paper/s that list your 2014 negatives in your cauldron.

Be strong Be clear Stay focused.

As you watch the papers burn, the problems turn to ash and then to dust

Thank the Gods and Goddesses for the lessons and allow your body mind and soul to release by placing your hands face down on the ground next to you.

Relax Meditate Rest Reflect and Smile knowing you have done well.

Extinguish the Black Candle

Black Candle

Black Candle

Now Light the White Candle and write down all the things that you want to achieve in 2015 there may be many or there may be few.

Remember your words are very powerful you are writing a spell, a prayer, an intention that can and will be made manifest if brought about from the heart the depths of your soul.

Place the paper/s with your 2015 desires wishes and intentions, into the glass container/jar and seal.

With respect ask the Gods and Goddesses to make manifest your desires.

Relax Meditate Rest Reflect and Smile knowing you have done well.

Over the 2015 year if you feel the need add other goals or wishes to this jar, but don’t remove what you have placed inside and don’t read what is already in there. You may wish to add seeds or sacred flowers or perhaps a tumbled stone, if someone gifts you one. Gifts or little pieces that come your way that feel special, powerful and that you feel will enable your goals to manifest. Coins are good additions and notes, however remember don’t remove them as you will break the magick and you will disperse your wishes.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Now take another Tarot Card thinking on the 2015 Year and all that’s to come for you, now place the card facing skyward and absorb its message. If you don’t understand its meaning you can write its title down and look it up later.

Extinguish the White Candle

Extinguish the incense and the oil burner

Your End of Year Ritual is now complete

Your New Year Ritual is now activated, so remember if you feed it, it will grow :)

Blessed Be High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

Australia's Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose wishes you a Happy Safe & Prosperous 2015

Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose wishes you a Happy Safe & Prosperous 2015

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