Lizzy Rose is moving to a new home :)

Lizzy Rose for Nov 2017

Lizzy Rose for Nov 2017

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to share that I have a brand new website

over the next month, this site will be redirected to the new site.

Until then you may see pages disappearing here and new pages popping up over there 🙂

My team and I are creating a fresh new colorful site, with gorgeous new images, photos, videos, radio & TV podcasts, links to online articles and minimal content, making for easier navigation for you.

I look forward to continuing to share my work with you in my new home & I wish you a happy end to 2017  ~  Stay Safe & Loved ~

Blessings Lizzy Rose xo


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Global Galactic Exorcist

Have you ever wondered why at times, depending on our circumstances we tend to pick up, absorb and take on, negative energy? Can you differentiate between what is just a heavy auric field that someone left behind after perhaps being unwell or upset, to a demonic presence that is indeed extreme dangerous and clearly not human, that may have taken hold, in either yourself or someone you know?

I’m an Exorcist and in my personal opinion that is a very broad statement to make. I’m sure you immediately think spinning heads, walking backwards up walls and the scariest scenes showcased in popular horror movies. The reality is, that most of the time, its actually quite different from that.

If we google the meaning of the word Exorcist on Wikipedia you will find the below quotes;

“In some religions, an exorcist is a person who is believed to be able to cast out the devil or other demons. A priest, a nun, a monk, a healer, a shaman or other specially prepared or instructed person/s can be an exorcist. An exorcist is a person who performs the ridding of demons or other supernatural beings who are alleged to have possessed a person, or (sometimes) a building or even an object.”

“Exorcism (from Greek εξορκισμός, exorkismós “binding by oath”) is the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, they are believed to have possessed.[1] Depending on the spiritual beliefs of the exorcist, this may be done by causing the entity to swear an oath, performing an elaborate ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power. The practice is ancient and part of the belief system of many cultures and religions.”

However after deeper research and observation of countless recorded documents and the basic understating of the Greek language, and the languages that predates the Greeks, I lend extension to the word which fits nicely for me logically, into my ceremonial practices. To Exorcise, to me, is to take out, remove, extract and banish, its not always to bind and its not always demonic.

For a human to think that he/she has the power in some situations to bind a demon or supernatural force of energy that doesn’t even work on the level of understanding the humans creation of language, is quite presumptuous indeed.

Despite exorcism being an ancient old practise that crosses many cultures, nationalities and has variants of ceremony and ritual in many different religions, I say its time to update the knowledge of the practices of Exorcism. I say its time to update our human understanding in the advancement of this practise.

In my professional and personal opinion no one should die or be brutally injured during a rite of Exorcism or deliverance, also every exorcism should be successful and in most not all, but 95% of all cases, the rite should only need to be carried out the once.

Exorcism also does not cost thousands of earthly dollars. If your Exorcist asks for over $1,000 and I’ve heard of people asking for $10,000 and more DO NOT PAY them. As recent as last night a client told me that he had spent, over a course of 4 years, around $60,000 for spiritual esoteric and religious services to rid his home of ghosts, and remove the clearly demonic presence that was attached to this husband, wife and young child, none of these so called well known practices and religious services served to be of any benefit at all.

As an Initiated Eclectic High Priestess of Witchcraft, an Ordained Pagan Reverend Minister, a healer a shaman and the public face of Australia’s Celebrity Psychic, yes a fee is charged for my knowledge and necessary ritual ingredient’s that must be acquired prior to the ritual. It is a fair fee and just deserved and as a ritualist offering a service I have a right and duty to myself to place value upon my skills, knowledge and experience, however I always ask myself, would I be happy to pay what I just charged the client for their ceremony.

Money is energy and an energetic exchange is very important, however it must be fair for the time of the era the rite is carried out in and the value of time spent with the individual. An Exorcist has a duty of care and is made accountable for their practices in all realms. Its not just your local tax agent or government body that is watching over your demonic earnings.

There are many important things to consider when working with a possessed person, you have the human factor, then their soul, then the energy or presence of the demon or negative entity as well as other dimension’s, galaxies, time lines and believe it or not, other races, rules and obligations to contend with and so on .. oh and then there’s other planet management system’s to factor in. Far be it from us mere humans to think that we are bigger and grander than the planetary constellations and varied life forms that have been around much longer than we have.

Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it, but after what I see regularly I find the frustration is actually not in the world of the demonic but instead it is of the general human race in not evolving or doing so very slowly and with serious contempt and disregard for our true highest and best potential.

So I say to you, don’t think small, don’t think you are nothing but a number, for you are not JUST a spiritual being having a human experience you are very much a human being having a physical experience and a soul having a galactic global experience. If you believe in day and night, light and dark, happiness and sadness, heavy energy and light energy, and unless you have no basic understanding or comprehension of this earth planes seasonal and lunar solar reality, then you naturally believe in energy that can be named and known has simply a bad vibe or the very extreme being a nasty heavy demonic force.

Don’t be foolish and think you are all there is, that we are all there is and that this earth is just about the natural elements and human beings running around, as I can assure you there is a way bigger lesson at work here and its a wonderful liberating interesting & entertaining lesson to learn live and love yourself and each other by.

Do not live in fear, but do not live an illusion, what you think may be real already is!

I had the privilege and great honour to yet again share my work with the world, this time it was brought about with a wonderful producer Laura Apelt and her film crew from Vice Media. Vice Media captured an Exorcism of an Indian man who had travelled from India to Australia to see me for his ritual. After the ritual Wendy Syfret a reporter for Vice Media and her fawn like photographer the adorable Ben, stopped by for an hour long interview so as to complement the film.

I also thank my beautiful make up artist Kat for creating such a gentle yet polished look for this story.

Producer Laura Apelt, Lizzy Rose & the Vice Media Film crew

Producer Laura Apelt, Lizzy Rose & the Vice Media Film crew

Interviews don't always have to be dull affairs, there's always time for a smile.

Interviews don’t always have to be dull affairs, there’s always time for a smile.

The Temple of Rose

The Temple of Rose














I must say a HUGE thankyou to everyone at VICE MEDIA for being 100% professional, respectful, patient, enthusiastic and polite. Gratitude to Wendy for writing to date, the best article in regards to myself and Exorcism. It means a great deal to me that you held my message with interest reverence and a light entertaining heart. I truly appreciate the way you brought intrigue to a somewhat dark subject and your story coupled with a great little film shows Exorcism in a gentle supporting and non scary manner, so thankyou Laura, Wendy and to your crew, I wish you endless blessings of love and support in your future endeavours.

If you like grab yourself a choice beverage, pull up a chair, click on the below highlighted link and watch the video and take a read of what I’m so proud to have been apart of.

I truly hope there are more people out there healing others for the right reasons and in the right way. Remember an Exorcist, a Psychic and a working Witch, is quite literally the transmitter, so just like a radio that’s turned on, we are tuned in and so frequency and information flows through us, everyone has the potential to open themselves up to healing and being healed, safely yes and with sound education and practice, but yes everyone has the potential.

I’m not greater than you and your not greater than me, I’m quite literally and quite simply the medium.

Vice Media – Lizzy Rose the Exorcist  

Blessed Be Lizzy Rose

Vice Media Lizzy Rose and Exorcism

Vice Media Lizzy Rose and Exorcism




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The Modern Face of Witchcraft “Channel 10 The Sunday Project”

Lizzy Rose & Apple

Lizzy Rose & Apple

Crystal, Lizzy Rose & Lisa

Crystal, Lizzy Rose & Lisa






Greetings fellow earth travelers,

In my eyes and understanding, Witchcraft is the craft of the wise, there is nothing evil about the practise of wisdom. Being a Witch many centuries ago was only ever considered to be evil when the church felt threatened by the natural power that its newly organised religion of Christians had witnessed. Witches were midwifes herbalists healers and Oracles, it seemed evident to the Christians if they took away the Witches belief to use the power of the earth to heal, divine and empower, the people would then become dependant on a fear based religion soon to be known widely as Christianity, instead of practising this ancient craft.

Sadly the Christians stole, copied, manipulated and adapted, so much of our natural beliefs and practices, claiming and then declaring them to be their own, yet in the very same breath they devised evil plans to be selective in just what they would deem evil and what they would embrace. One example is the worship of our horned god, a God of hunting, of land. The great Green man or some may know him as Pan. The Christians pronounced our horned God, to be a devil and this sadly is where one of the suggestions of Witch’s worshiping the devil came from.

In this the 21st century here in Australia, Witches, Pagans and Druids, are growing in population like never before. There is an openness an eagerness an excitement and a liberation that engages with so many and opens them up to seeking out and worshipping this ancient craft.

Channel 10 – Lizzy Rose runs a Coven for Witches

I have been around many lifetimes, I know this deeply as my spiritual existence and my ever changing form reminds me often in flash backs of other periods of time, and my former ways of practice devotion and dedication. It doesn’t mean I’m better than you in fact I feel quite humble because of these other past lives and I only share this with you now as this to me is the nature of this story. The story of Modern Witchcraft.

What I tap into when I’m doing Psychic readings or preparing spells or invoking a God or Goddess, reminds me so often that I’ve done this all before. Don’t you have what many call dejavu, don’t you feel an ancient very familiar calling to the simple yet very reverent and powerful worship of the sea land and sky?

Do you have a certain affinity to a nationality, country race or culture, yet in this lifetime you have no blood line that connects you there, or perhaps have never studied visited or investigated those lands or their people.

We are the face of the modern Witchcraft movement you, me, we, I, all of us here in Australia no matter our location, no matter if we practise as solitary witches or in covens and no matter whether we be witch or wiccan, traditional or eclectic, we “the movement” is growing. We “the pagans are rising” We the healers and wise keepers of older times are here now in this time and we are needed, valued and feel a deep connection and necessity to honoring the old ways. 

We are such a young country yet we are not young of spirit.

So I ask that you celebrate your choices, your beliefs and your practices. I ask you to continue your dedications and devotional rites. I invite and encourage you to explore, research, network and build community. For we naturally are powerful awake and evolved and I could not think of a better spiritual belief system or religion (even though most witches don’t call witchcraft a religion) than the wise craft of the Witch to embrace.

Channel 10 - Modern Witchcraft and Lizzy Rose

Channel 10 – Modern Witchcraft and Lizzy Rose


When a commercial mainstream television network approaches you and asks to film a story on the rise of modern witchcraft, one questions just which way the witch will be portrayed. This could’ve been presented as a horrible unpleasant and embarrassing story, yet our Channel 10 producer and her film crew were the complete opposite. Id like to express my gratitude for the producers calm gentle patient presence and for filming a very small snippet of our eclectic practices in a colorful interesting credible and informative way.


I think this story is just wonderful and would like to thank my dear friend Dr Aelin Brooks for his time energy and input. I thankyou for sharing with the world your chosen profession and your Druidic beliefs, it takes quite a strong and wise person to stand up and publicize to the masses what is so very personal to you.

To everyone else who participated in making both the public ritual and the class on witchcraft and to those interviewed I extend my appreciation.

For as we will it so mote it be )O(

Witch Love Lizzy Rose xo

Channel 10 The Sunday Project - Craig videographer, Lizzy Rose & Producer Liz

Channel 10 The Sunday Project – Craig videographer, Lizzy Rose & Producer Liz


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Channel 10 The Sunday Project welcomes Witchcraft





Merry Meet,

I’m really happy to share that this coming Sunday the 24th of September a lovely enchanting tale of the continual rise in popularity and practise of Australian Witchcraft will air on the newly launched “The Sunday Project” which is a recent extension of the weekly programme that Channel 10 has been producing for quite a few years now.

I have always enjoyed my time working with Channel 10 and this current story has been just as delightful. With a genuine thoughtful and very respectful producer and her team of merry men that made up our film crew, we gathered with little notice, a community of bustling pagans, witches, druids, wiccans, fae, time travellers, elves and other assorted individuals that very seriously yet light heartedly, practise the ancient wise ways, known as Witchcraft.

“The tale to be told is that the wisdom of old be not left to rot away, for the keepers the weavers the wise nature seekers, are around and always will stay” Lady Elizabeth Rose

Merri Creek Labyrinth Clifton Hill

Merri Creek Labyrinth Clifton Hill

Channel 10 The Sunday Project filming a Labyrinth Ritual 09.09.2017

Channel 10 The Sunday Project filming a Labyrinth Ritual 09.09.2017






On Saturday the 9th day of the 9th month we gathered at the Merri Creek Labyrinth in Clifton Hill, Victoria Australia, where I and my dearest friend, coven associate & wise druid Aelin Brooks, held space along side me. We took the form of God and Goddess in an eclectic Druidic Spring rite that was adapted to complement an elemental Witches circle and Labyrinth sacred walk. The circle was so deeply touching and transformative that most of the participants all experienced similar reactions and emotions. When we gathered again on Monday 11th day of the 9th month, so on 911 there was a very noticeable other worldly energy on display, it seems many of the attendees were still very much a part of the labyrinth and the ritual they had been a part of.

It was suggested by Channel 10 that as Witches, we show the general public and those of like minds, how we celebrate outdoors in ritual and also how we gather indoors for Witch workshops.

Many Witches practise their esoteric craft as solitaries. I myself work alone at times, however I also offer open to the public rituals and run OWLL “Order of Wisdom Learning & Light” eclectic Witchcraft coven, where many guest speakers like Druid Aelin, offer and teach their particular brand of magickal and spiritual interests, that they have studied at great lengths and for many years.

Druid Aelin Brooks and High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose presenting a Witchcraft class "Cause & Effect" 11.09.2017

Druid Aelin Brooks and High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose presenting a Witchcraft class “Cause & Effect” 11.09.2017

The story will air on the 24th September 2017 anytime between 6.30pm & 7.30pm on Channel 10s “The Sunday Project” show.

I trust that the energy and direction that is taken and translated to film for all to see, will be presented with the highest of intentions, after all I willed it to air on the Sunday evening so we would have maximum publicity over the weekend. The reason I say this is because this publicity is not centred on one individual, it is centred on the whole. This is why the community is involved and was invited to be a part of this story and I must say a very big thankyou to every single person and child that turned up, participated in and ever so comfortably and sincerely stayed true to the purpose of the gathering.

For without you all willing to share your self with the world, which I might add takes guts and a very sincere passion for your beliefs, then this story would not have been made possible.

May the Gods Bless you all.

May the Goddess nurture you always.

See you in the circle )O(

So Mote It Be

Witch Love Lizzy Rose xo

Protection Amulet Altar 11.09.2017

Protection Amulet Altar 11.09.2017

Morgana uses Runes for Divination 11.09.2017

Morgana uses Runes for Divination 11.09.2017

Channel 10 The Sunday Project 11.09.2017 films Witches gathering to make Protection Amulets

Channel 10 The Sunday Project 11.09.2017 films Witches gathering to make Protection Amulets


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Protection Amulet – Complementary class

Hello everyone,

CALLING all Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Pagans and tree loving faery folk and the like …

I’d love to invite you to a Witches Coven open gathering for a complimentary Amulet casting class this coming Monday 11th September at “The Temple of Rose” – Keilor East Victoria Australia.

Arrival between 5.30pm and 6pm
Ritual 6pm
Close 7pm

DRESS – Warm clothing .. bring your robes, cloaks, gowns or wooly wear. I shall supply 5 robes for people who don’t have any and who would like to wear one.

COLOURS – Think Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Deep Dark Rich colors.

ALTAR & RITUAL TOOLS – If you would like to share your athames, besoms, candles, statues or anything else for this ritual feel free to bring them along for inclusion.

Above all else thank you for helping to create this beautiful memory together, as at the end of the day just turning up snug warm and with an open heart is truly enough.

TV – This Coven gathering will be filmed, however, if you do not wish to be on camera you will not be captured.
This beautiful sacred yet fun and short ceremony where each participant will craft their own personal amulet for protection (and yes you take them home with you for a forever keepsake) will be presented soon after, on free to air TV and across social media.

I have been approached to help publicise the very positive and fast moving growth of the Australian Witchcraft community and in doing so have been asked by the Producer of this enchanting and captivating story, to invite everyone, male female, young old, all races, all cultures, all people who share a respect love and passion for our beliefs and practises, to join me as we share a snippet of witches gathering in circle and why they do so.

The stories angle is to bring to the publics awareness the credible interesting and relevant reasons why Witchcraft is so very popular in Australia and is growing at an alarming rate, which includes solitary practitioners, Witch schools, Covens and general craft information and education.

There will be time allocated for those who are willing and interested to be filmed, to be featured in Vox Pops, which are short chats to an interviewer on camera in regards to your views on witchcraft and how you incorporate being a witch into your daily life.

In addition, I was interviewed separately on Tuesday 5th September by a gentleman who is doing his Ph.D. in religious studies of Australian Witchcraft, from Griffiths University in QLD, and part of this interview will also be included in this story.

Id like to say for anyone who is questioning the genuineness of main stream journalists and the commercial media and press, that in all my experiences, I have never had a story showcased in a negative light and so yes, I’m trusting the producers and the end result that this will educate and inform the public in a wonderful way, about just how beneficial and natural our spiritual beliefs are.

I personally think it’s time to continue, where and when we can, to inform our society that our practices are about healing and embracing what comes so naturally and logically to so many of us.

Please if you feel the call, share this around your networks.

“The Temple of Rose”
6a Tuppal place Keilor East ~ Victoria Australia

0449 740 132 Call or text for any questions or further details.

Or go to the facebook event page linked below to nominate your attendance

Protection Amulet Class – Complementary

See you in the Circle

Blessings Lizzy Rose )O(


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Witches Coven – September Public Outer Circle


Hello everyone,

I have some really exciting news that I would like to share with you. This year has zoomed past me and been full of so many away from the public eye happenings, which has been delightful, kept me extremely busy and felt very rewarding, however it has also reinforced within me, the desire to share with other like minds and so I am relaunching my Witches Coven OWLL “Order of Wisdom Learning & Light” this coming Australian spring.

There is a highlighted facebook link below, which when you click on gives you quite detailed information as to what is on offer at the OWLL Coven “Outer Circle” on the evening of  Wednesday 20th September 2017

If you feel the call to not only gather with me then on the New Moon in Virgo and right before the Spring Equinox, but to also delve deeper into your quest for spiritual enlightenment & magickal advancement including theory & practical training and workshops, you can read all about the basics of how you can do so and what is expected by you to be invited into the Outer Order and then the Inner Order.

Facebook OWLL Coven Invitation

I’ve structured the relaunch and the Outer Circle, in such a way that it enables people to come and go as they please.  We all know that life is so crazy busy for us that sometimes despite our desires, committing to a regular and at times intense class structure and framework can be so demanding time wise that it overlaps and affects our daily routine and places unnecessary pressure or expectations upon us and our loved ones.

I have also reconsidered pricing and so to keep the costs extremely affordable for all, I’m capping each class no matter what level at $13 per person per night however I do ask that you bring this amount by way of 13 gold coins, you will see why during the night. I will discuss more about this new pricing structure and how helpful it will be for everyone in person with you in September.

The OWLL Outer Circle is open to everyone, yes we are a mixed coven where Women and Men 16 years and over are welcome.

Please always also remember to bring 1 plate of healthy fresh clean food to share, per gathering & per person.

So as I sign off for now know that I truly cannot wait to resume the wonderful Witches Coven that is OWLL and also know that I cannot wait to see you all again or meet you if I haven’t as yet had the pleasure.

To book your place or for any questions please email

Call 03 9336 3815

Call or Text 0449 740 132

Goddess Blessings

Love & Magick

Lady Elizabeth Rose

OWLL founding High Priestess & Ordained Pagan Reverend Minister )O(


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Psychic Lizzy Rose in Sydney

Lizzy Rose - Mystery

Hello everyone,

Well what a whirlwind of wonderment and magick my life has been of late. I’m getting through such a productive first half of this year that I’m spending more and more time away from the social media screens instead of on them, my energy and focus has been directed towards a very special production that I shall share with you in more detail when I can,but suffice to say its really exciting.

Other things that are keeping me busy is the creation of a fresh new website with a view of it being more about colour and imagery and less about text. People are telling me they love audio visual content so I’m happy to share that I’ve brought on board a gorgeous girl who is scuttling around building away and we hope to launch in the not to distant future. First maybe a photo shoot to complement the new look is on the cards. Id better keep up my gym attendance then 😉

As for my touring schedule I haven’t had one at all this year due to focusing on work in Melbourne but I do ever so much miss being on the road and meeting many wonderful people and being able to help people no matter where they live.

I’m heading over to Sydney Friday 2nd – Wednesday 7th June & its now been turned into a mini Psychic Spiritual tour.

For all my Sydney clients and anyone who is in Sydney at that time and would like a Psychic, Mediumship, Aura, Clairvoyant or Tarot reading, or perhaps another spiritual service, I would love to catch up with you.

This trip was initially to attend a couple of client’s who are in need of healings, however I’ve been able to play with my schedule a little, which means I can now stay for 5 days.

The below appointments are available at the time of this blog, feel free to email or call 039 336 3815 – 0449 740 132 to secure a spiritual consultation or for any inquiries.




FRIDAY 2nd 5.00pm, 6.30pm & 7.45pm

SATURDAY 3rd 6.30pm & 7.45pm

SUNDAY 4th 10.30am, 12pm, 3.30pm, 5.30pm


TUESDAY 6th   2pm & 3.30pm


I will be staying at

Capitol Square Hotel Sydney
Corner George & Campbell Streets

Psychic consultations are charged at

$225 60 minutes and $305 90 minutes

You are welcome and encouraged to audio record your reading

See you soon Sydney

With Love and always a touch of magick Lizzy Rose xo


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LOUD in the Library – Tarot for teenagers

Hi everyone,

How are you finding March? We are now at the time of the equinox, a time to celebrate the second harvest and equal day and night. In this the southern hemisphere we are drawing towards Summers end and Autumns birth. Autumn is late this year and we have found here in Victoria Australia, that our seasons are reaching us much later and lasting much longer when they do finally arrive. Our days of heat through this summer have been many, however we have been blessed with generally glorious weather for the most part of this 2017 year.

While the days are still fresh warm and breezy I thought id let you know about an awesome event coming up this Friday for anyone local to the Point Cook, Tarneit, Wyndham Vale, Werribee or surrounding areas.

I enjoy working with our youth and this week I have the great honor of carrying out Tarot readings for the Wyndham City Council youth event, that’s titled “LOUD in the Library” LOUD has heaps of activities on offer and special guests appearing to perform and present for teenager’s aged 13 – 19 years.

Fun Tarot reading by Lizzy Rose

Fun Tarot reading by Lizzy Rose

As a mother of 5 sons, the youngest two being 16 and 18 years, I hold events like this very close to my heart. I’m extremely pleased and appreciative that City councils are open encouraging and supportive of my spiritual work, for our youth is our future.

I’ve been working as a Psychic with children for years, many of my client’s I’ve had the immense privilege of predicting their pregnancy, meeting their babies at birth and teaching them the art and craft of magick wisdom and natural lore as they grow into young adults. Years ago I ran a weekly group titled “YUP” Youth Understanding Paganism & still to this day I receive requests to reopen the classes due to the life long benefits the children received, from learning to connect to their spirit and follow their life’s true calling and passion.

Lizzy Rose appearing for LOUD in the Library Friday 24th March 2017

Lizzy Rose appearing for LOUD in the Library Friday 24th March 2017

Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, Tarot readers and all spiritual service providers have a huge responsibility when offering spiritual guidance and counsel, I take my work very seriously and would like to thank in advance this wonderful council for being forward thinking and for trusting that with love support and respect, all realms, all belief system’s and all religious persuasion’s are relevant.

I have an official recognised and current working with children’s photographic license which I’m happy to present to anyone at anytime.

So I would like to invite all teenagers aged 13 to 19 years to join me on this Friday the 24th March between 6.30pm and 8.30pm to receive a FREE fun and spiritually awakening tarot reading at the Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre, Derrimut rd Werribee (just head up stairs to level 1)

Bring your friends and book a seat on the shuttle bus for safe and fun transport to and from the event.

See you across the Tarot table 😉

Bright Autumn Blessings with Love Lizzy Rose xo

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Calling all Women

An Eclipse is in the air, you might say yes another one and you would be right as it is indeed the time of the eclipse season, a time of intensity, passion, dominance and determination. Perhaps its even more important than ever before to gather with our soul sisters to evolve, to heal empower release and acknowledge our true selves.

In 2012 a wonderful collective of women came together to make manifest a regular annual woman only event in Mt Martha on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia, which happens to be only a 1 hour and 20 minute drive from my place the “Temple of Rose” so I feel a tad spoilt and would like to invite you to share this experience with me.

This sacred Festival is held over 3 days and offers the participant endless non stop activities, workshops, delicious food, a great market space and evening entertainment with a collection of musician’s and performers and if you choose lots of daily exercise like yoga, however most importantly the Seven Sisters Festival allows you time to stop, to heal, recharge and check in with yourself as to why you are here on this earth plane & what path your following right now, perhaps if your not really sure what that is at this Festival it may be revealed to you.

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

I joined the Seven Sisters family in its second year in 2013 and presented a workshop in the “Ritual Space” and completely enjoyed myself so much so that I returned in 2014 to share in the Opening Ceremony and to offer an abundance of workshops over the 3 days. Sadly due to my father taking ill I was unable to attend in 2015 and then in 2016 I was away touring regional Victoria with one of my many “Psychic Spiritual Tours” but now here we are in late February and 5 sleeps away from this 2017 Seven Sisters Festival & I’m very pleased to say yes, I’m coming and really looking forward to presenting again on 2 of the 3 days.

So grab a Festival ticket while you still can (there’s whispers there are currently only 60 tickets left) and join me in the “Ritual Space” as I present a very powerful yet fun filled ceremony that honours this year of the fire Rooster and all things number 1 !!!        We will together make a crafted rooster which will then be activated in sacred space during our ritual which upon completion you take away so as to aid you as a token talisman throughout this 2017 fiery independent year of massive growth.

There are a few links below that may interest you just click on for more information

Lizzy Rose opens & presents New Year New Beginnings in the “Ritual Space”

Seven Sisters Festival March 2017

Workshop Timetable 2017 

Facebook SSF page

Seven Sisters Festival 2013 by Lizzy Rose


Lizzy Rose presents New Year New Beginnings

Lizzy Rose presents New Year New Beginnings



In 2017 we are working with the energy of the rising Rooster, Eclectic Witch and High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose leads this sacred ceremony as we activate, empower and align ourselves, with our spiritual highest and best potential. It is time to manifest

• Friday 11.30am – 1.00pm • Sunday 8.30am – 10.00am •


A ritual celebration combined with eclectic magick was offered at Seven Sisters Festival by Lady Elizabeth Rose in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Her travels span Australia, the USA and Canada, teaching and presenting ritual, psychic mediumship, tarot, aura and witchcraft. Australia’s celebrity psychic Lizzy Rose returns to empower you.

Lizzy Rose

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We Love Life






Happy New Year everyone,

Its been awhile since I have written a blog and I promised myself that this year I would be more present in sharing my day to day life with you in my news letters and not just blog about my touring or public performances that I delight in inviting you to.

Despite the fact that I really do enjoy sharing my magickal and public life with you, I feel its important in this 2017 = 10 = 1 numerological year of beginning new things and looking at life in a new way, to get really raw real and relatable with you.

You may not like some of my blog posts and you may not always agree with me and that’s just fine, as we are all very different and we all see life in varied ways, and that’s why we are here on this earth plane to be diverse, to have individual opinions and to personally spiritually evolve. We evolve constantly not just when we enter a classroom or commit to a course of study, but at times when life’s simple tasks place us in a situation of present growth and mindful awareness and that’s where I found myself today, having a personal awakening by just “being” present at a really eclectic hippy loving festival, but how did I end up there?

Recently Facebook announced that it registered 1.79 billion monthly active users, this way of social media life has become pretty much mandatory when advertising and promoting events and connecting us to our family and friends. As one of those billion members I came across an advert just recently for a festival titled “We Love <3 Life” it had a calming yet excitable without much effort vibe, a feeing of unconditional love, a gentle earthly appeal and after further inspection I came to understand that the festival was in its fifth year and was a FREE to the public event and for the second year it was to be held at Ceres in Brunswick Victoria Australia.

The festival organiser Myke Love (yes that’s his name) was asking for volunteers across facebook, so I offered my medical assistance for 4 hours, I believe in giving back to our society and my community when I can and when I feel the call, you know that inner knowing that pulls at your heart strings that you just cant ignore.

Myke Love and Lizzy Rose at the "We Love Life Festival" in Ceres Brunswick January 21st 2017

Myke Love and Lizzy Rose at the “We Love Life Festival” in Ceres Brunswick January 21st 2017

Returning to Ceres Environmental Park is always a comfort for me, it reminds me that although things change, like the café that I used to frequent being no longer situated in the middle of the wooden pavilion near the Village green, as its instead called the Merri Table Organic Café which is located on the top of the hill as you enter the park, right opposite the information building. That when your intentions are pure, kind hearted and for the benefit of the community, the planet, the earth and her animals to make all life sustainable and self sufficient, the changes that are thrown at us are intentionally to remind us that we are exactly where we are meant to be at exactly the right time and that we have little control over the cycle of life death and rebirth.

My day was a drift of gentleness as I began delighting in a yummy very healthy meal, a spot of certified organic shopping in Ceres Organic Grocery which is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm and then a trek back down the hill to bask in the sunshine whilst Paige and Georgie sweet sisters from “Henna Hands” treated me to a very special spot of magickal henna hand art.

Ceres Organic Grocery

Lizzy Rose and Paige D'Souza of Henna Hands tattoos oh my look at my incredible henna hand art

Lizzy Rose and Paige D’Souza of Henna Hands tattoos oh my look at my incredible henna hand art

The Merri Table Organic Café at Ceres served me a divine plate of Zucchini Frittas with eggs

The Merri Table Organic Café at Ceres served me a divine plate of Zucchini Frittas with eggs

Once my henna was completed and it was time to air dry my hand, I thought it best to check out the many store holders and in doing so came across my beloved Sea Sheppard and Candace who has created a very catchy business “Vegan Eye Candy” so I just had to pick up a couple of vegan tank tops for my self and my son.

Lizzy Rose and Candace of Vegan Eye Candy

Lizzy Rose and Candace of Vegan Eye Candy holding up my 2 new Vegan tank tops

With my goodies all ready to go and my medical services not needed my afternoon was complete, my heart was renewed and my zest for community reaffirmed. I have only one complaint Ceres you MUST install an ATM you have a successful natural organic beautiful park, yet with no access to money today your stall holders lost thousands of dollars in sales.  Your information building staff member advised me that you only had an eftpos facility in information and in the Merri café and grocery store. With no ability for a cash out inclusion, this lack of facility let the day down and left me personally frustrated and annoyed. I may have come home with an extra $200 in my bank account but in fairness to supporting your festival event and stall holders it would have been better to be spent there and this customer would have come home happier with more lovely gifts.

Remember you must spend money to make money and with love and respect you should.

The highlights of the day was the Merri Table Café, not only was my food very nice the bright fresh clean, open plan layout of the café was a welcome change to Ceres, a big bonus was the clean inside toilets 🙂 so yes I will definitely be back. The Organic grocer provided a well stocked supermarket and the staff member who served me was very helpful and friendly, however a 20% drop on the product prices would help us all who are trying to purchase only organic food. This is something that needs to shift globally, prices for junk food should be extreme and organic reasonable not the other way around.

I bid you all fare well, may your abundance continue, may our community connect even deeper and may a healing yet collective love always be primary in all that we do.

Blessed Be Lizzy Rose xo

Be Kind Be Vegan

Be Kind Be Vegan




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