LOUD in the Library – Tarot for teenagers

Hi everyone,

How are you finding March? We are now at the time of the equinox, a time to celebrate the second harvest and equal day and night. In this the southern hemisphere we are drawing towards Summers end and Autumns birth. Autumn is late this year and we have found here in Victoria Australia, that our seasons are reaching us much later and lasting much longer when they do finally arrive. Our days of heat through this summer have been many, however we have been blessed with generally glorious weather for the most part of this 2017 year.

While the days are still fresh warm and breezy I thought id let you know about an awesome event coming up this Friday for anyone local to the Point Cook, Tarneit, Wyndham Vale, Werribee or surrounding areas.

I enjoy working with our youth and this week I have the great honor of carrying out Tarot readings for the Wyndham City Council youth event, that’s titled “LOUD in the Library” LOUD has heaps of activities on offer and special guests appearing to perform and present for teenager’s aged 13 – 19 years.

Fun Tarot reading by Lizzy Rose

Fun Tarot reading by Lizzy Rose

As a mother of 5 sons, the youngest two being 16 and 18 years, I hold events like this very close to my heart. I’m extremely pleased and appreciative that City councils are open encouraging and supportive of my spiritual work, for our youth is our future.

I’ve been working as a Psychic with children for years, many of my client’s I’ve had the immense privilege of predicting their pregnancy, meeting their babies at birth and teaching them the art and craft of magick wisdom and natural lore as they grow into young adults. Years ago I ran a weekly group titled “YUP” Youth Understanding Paganism & still to this day I receive requests to reopen the classes due to the life long benefits the children received, from learning to connect to their spirit and follow their life’s true calling and passion.

Lizzy Rose appearing for LOUD in the Library Friday 24th March 2017

Lizzy Rose appearing for LOUD in the Library Friday 24th March 2017

Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, Tarot readers and all spiritual service providers have a huge responsibility when offering spiritual guidance and counsel, I take my work very seriously and would like to thank in advance this wonderful council for being forward thinking and for trusting that with love support and respect, all realms, all belief system’s and all religious persuasion’s are relevant.

I have an official recognised and current working with children’s photographic license which I’m happy to present to anyone at anytime.

So I would like to invite all teenagers aged 13 to 19 years to join me on this Friday the 24th March between 6.30pm and 8.30pm to receive a FREE fun and spiritually awakening tarot reading at the Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre, Derrimut rd Werribee (just head up stairs to level 1)

Bring your friends and book a seat on the shuttle bus for safe and fun transport to and from the event.

See you across the Tarot table 😉

Bright Autumn Blessings with Love Lizzy Rose xo

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Calling all Women

An Eclipse is in the air, you might say yes another one and you would be right as it is indeed the time of the eclipse season, a time of intensity, passion, dominance and determination. Perhaps its even more important than ever before to gather with our soul sisters to evolve, to heal empower release and acknowledge our true selves.

In 2012 a wonderful collective of women came together to make manifest a regular annual woman only event in Mt Martha on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia, which happens to be only a 1 hour and 20 minute drive from my place the “Temple of Rose” so I feel a tad spoilt and would like to invite you to share this experience with me.

This sacred Festival is held over 3 days and offers the participant endless non stop activities, workshops, delicious food, a great market space and evening entertainment with a collection of musician’s and performers and if you choose lots of daily exercise like yoga, however most importantly the Seven Sisters Festival allows you time to stop, to heal, recharge and check in with yourself as to why you are here on this earth plane & what path your following right now, perhaps if your not really sure what that is at this Festival it may be revealed to you.

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

I joined the Seven Sisters family in its second year in 2013 and presented a workshop in the “Ritual Space” and completely enjoyed myself so much so that I returned in 2014 to share in the Opening Ceremony and to offer an abundance of workshops over the 3 days. Sadly due to my father taking ill I was unable to attend in 2015 and then in 2016 I was away touring regional Victoria with one of my many “Psychic Spiritual Tours” but now here we are in late February and 5 sleeps away from this 2017 Seven Sisters Festival & I’m very pleased to say yes, I’m coming and really looking forward to presenting again on 2 of the 3 days.

So grab a Festival ticket while you still can (there’s whispers there are currently only 60 tickets left) and join me in the “Ritual Space” as I present a very powerful yet fun filled ceremony that honours this year of the fire Rooster and all things number 1 !!!        We will together make a crafted rooster which will then be activated in sacred space during our ritual which upon completion you take away so as to aid you as a token talisman throughout this 2017 fiery independent year of massive growth.

There are a few links below that may interest you just click on for more information

Lizzy Rose opens & presents New Year New Beginnings in the “Ritual Space”

Seven Sisters Festival March 2017

Workshop Timetable 2017 

Facebook SSF page

Seven Sisters Festival 2013 by Lizzy Rose


Lizzy Rose presents New Year New Beginnings

Lizzy Rose presents New Year New Beginnings



In 2017 we are working with the energy of the rising Rooster, Eclectic Witch and High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose leads this sacred ceremony as we activate, empower and align ourselves, with our spiritual highest and best potential. It is time to manifest

• Friday 11.30am – 1.00pm • Sunday 8.30am – 10.00am •


A ritual celebration combined with eclectic magick was offered at Seven Sisters Festival by Lady Elizabeth Rose in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Her travels span Australia, the USA and Canada, teaching and presenting ritual, psychic mediumship, tarot, aura and witchcraft. Australia’s celebrity psychic Lizzy Rose returns to empower you.

Lizzy Rose

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We Love Life






Happy New Year everyone,

Its been awhile since I have written a blog and I promised myself that this year I would be more present in sharing my day to day life with you in my news letters and not just blog about my touring or public performances that I delight in inviting you to.

Despite the fact that I really do enjoy sharing my magickal and public life with you, I feel its important in this 2017 = 10 = 1 numerological year of beginning new things and looking at life in a new way, to get really raw real and relatable with you.

You may not like some of my blog posts and you may not always agree with me and that’s just fine, as we are all very different and we all see life in varied ways, and that’s why we are here on this earth plane to be diverse, to have individual opinions and to personally spiritually evolve. We evolve constantly not just when we enter a classroom or commit to a course of study, but at times when life’s simple tasks place us in a situation of present growth and mindful awareness and that’s where I found myself today, having a personal awakening by just “being” present at a really eclectic hippy loving festival, but how did I end up there?

Recently Facebook announced that it registered 1.79 billion monthly active users, this way of social media life has become pretty much mandatory when advertising and promoting events and connecting us to our family and friends. As one of those billion members I came across an advert just recently for a festival titled “We Love <3 Life” it had a calming yet excitable without much effort vibe, a feeing of unconditional love, a gentle earthly appeal and after further inspection I came to understand that the festival was in its fifth year and was a FREE to the public event and for the second year it was to be held at Ceres in Brunswick Victoria Australia.

The festival organiser Myke Love (yes that’s his name) was asking for volunteers across facebook, so I offered my medical assistance for 4 hours, I believe in giving back to our society and my community when I can and when I feel the call, you know that inner knowing that pulls at your heart strings that you just cant ignore.

Myke Love and Lizzy Rose at the "We Love Life Festival" in Ceres Brunswick January 21st 2017

Myke Love and Lizzy Rose at the “We Love Life Festival” in Ceres Brunswick January 21st 2017

Returning to Ceres Environmental Park is always a comfort for me, it reminds me that although things change, like the café that I used to frequent being no longer situated in the middle of the wooden pavilion near the Village green, as its instead called the Merri Table Organic Café which is located on the top of the hill as you enter the park, right opposite the information building. That when your intentions are pure, kind hearted and for the benefit of the community, the planet, the earth and her animals to make all life sustainable and self sufficient, the changes that are thrown at us are intentionally to remind us that we are exactly where we are meant to be at exactly the right time and that we have little control over the cycle of life death and rebirth.

My day was a drift of gentleness as I began delighting in a yummy very healthy meal, a spot of certified organic shopping in Ceres Organic Grocery which is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm and then a trek back down the hill to bask in the sunshine whilst Paige and Georgie sweet sisters from “Henna Hands” treated me to a very special spot of magickal henna hand art.

Ceres Organic Grocery

Lizzy Rose and Paige D'Souza of Henna Hands tattoos oh my look at my incredible henna hand art

Lizzy Rose and Paige D’Souza of Henna Hands tattoos oh my look at my incredible henna hand art

The Merri Table Organic Café at Ceres served me a divine plate of Zucchini Frittas with eggs

The Merri Table Organic Café at Ceres served me a divine plate of Zucchini Frittas with eggs

Once my henna was completed and it was time to air dry my hand, I thought it best to check out the many store holders and in doing so came across my beloved Sea Sheppard and Candace who has created a very catchy business “Vegan Eye Candy” so I just had to pick up a couple of vegan tank tops for my self and my son.

Lizzy Rose and Candace of Vegan Eye Candy

Lizzy Rose and Candace of Vegan Eye Candy holding up my 2 new Vegan tank tops

With my goodies all ready to go and my medical services not needed my afternoon was complete, my heart was renewed and my zest for community reaffirmed. I have only one complaint Ceres you MUST install an ATM you have a successful natural organic beautiful park, yet with no access to money today your stall holders lost thousands of dollars in sales.  Your information building staff member advised me that you only had an eftpos facility in information and in the Merri café and grocery store. With no ability for a cash out inclusion, this lack of facility let the day down and left me personally frustrated and annoyed. I may have come home with an extra $200 in my bank account but in fairness to supporting your festival event and stall holders it would have been better to be spent there and this customer would have come home happier with more lovely gifts.

Remember you must spend money to make money and with love and respect you should.

The highlights of the day was the Merri Table Café, not only was my food very nice the bright fresh clean, open plan layout of the café was a welcome change to Ceres, a big bonus was the clean inside toilets 🙂 so yes I will definitely be back. The Organic grocer provided a well stocked supermarket and the staff member who served me was very helpful and friendly, however a 20% drop on the product prices would help us all who are trying to purchase only organic food. This is something that needs to shift globally, prices for junk food should be extreme and organic reasonable not the other way around.

I bid you all fare well, may your abundance continue, may our community connect even deeper and may a healing yet collective love always be primary in all that we do.

Blessed Be Lizzy Rose xo

Be Kind Be Vegan

Be Kind Be Vegan




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Lizzy Rose presents Wendy Rule in The Temple of Rose


Lizzy Rose presents Wendy Rule Melbourne House Concert

Lizzy Rose presents Wendy Rule Melbourne House Concert















The rush the bustle the fast pace, of this ever progressive disposable world has become part and parcel of who we are, no matter our career choice or family dynamic. I’ve found this year to be one of the hardest yet the most rewarding in recent years. Numerologicaly as its 2016 = 9 its the primary year of death making us face massive change with the end of the old ways being brought to a head. Its a time for each of us to absorb yet release and truly let go of what no longer is serving us.

As I absorb and reflect on my own personal transformation, which has seen me travel to my beloved America again and tour many regional and rural areas of Victoria, NSW, & Queensland Australia, offering Psychic readings, spiritual counsel, Mumma Moon Women’s Circles, property cleansings, and ritual by way of song, I think on my time away from the eye of the media & press, away from the stage the people the clients, this welcome break has also allowed me to clear out the old in my home, from gutting my garage and a very tired heavy store room full of useless “I will use that later, but never do, junk” to clearing out other clutter deep within my soul that I just don’t need. So I personally find it really fitting and soothing to get away from it all with you to share in a magickal house concert with a Witchy difference.

Lizzy Rose & Wendy Rule

Lizzy Rose & Wendy Rule

I’ve known Wendy Rule for over a couple of decades now, I have watched as many of you have her career rise, with her steadfast determination hard work and personal global reach that she shares with so many people as she travels all over the world, to bring her music and magick to pagans, pagan friendly folk and just about everyone else including faeries, elves, druids bards, babes in arms and Hekate devotees 😉 I recall my own young sons delighting in attending Wendy’s public Summer Solstice rituals and smile as I find those moments of magick, of connecting to the natural elements and listening to mother earth have helped mould these young boys into the strong kind and spirituality enlightened men they are today.

Lizzy Rose & son Alex Summer Solstice 2005

Lizzy Rose & son Alex Summer Solstice 2005

Wendy Rule & Alex Summer Solstice 2005

Wendy Rule & Alex Summer Solstice 2005










I believe in supporting each other where complement’s recognition and promotion help artists and leaders of the craft, so I interviewed Wendy for Goddess of Avalon magazine & continue to review her albums. Of course I also support Wendy as a dear friend, a Sister Witch and a wild wonderful woman mother and healer.

A Walk with Wendy Rule

Black Snake review by Lizzy Rose

Lets stop rushing and rest awhile, remove ourselves from the demands of this year and enjoy an evening with fine company, scrumptious food, home made chai, mulled wine and lay back as we drift away together in a very personal Melbourne house concert with the divine Goddess Wendy Rule.

Wendy Rule

Wendy Rule

I invite you all with your family no matter their age, to join me at my place for a touch of musical magick and celebrate the upcoming end to 2016 and all things transformation.

To express your interest and secure a seat cushion or bean bag, please click on the below facebook event link and nominate your attendance.

You can also call/text 0449 740 132 or email info@lizzyrose.com.au to be sure you don’t miss out. Tickets are upon arrival at the door being $20 per person.

Please bring a plate of yummy food per person, to share for supper

We are running a Raffle with tickets $2 each or 3 for $5 ~ announcing the prize shortly 🙂

Doors Open at 6pm ~ Concert Starts at 7pm not 7am …. although wouldn’t that be fun …

Wendy Rule Melbourne House Concert







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Womans Day magazine – Exorcist Mum Lizzy Rose


Exorcist Mum Lizzy Rose in Woman’s Day November 7th 2016

I’m really pleased with todays release of the much awaited article on Exorcism and how my family has grown up with my unusual career choice.

Woman’s Day magazine is proudly Australia’s number 1 selling magazine and with stats like this its no wonder they are at the top of their game. Twitter has 12.7 k followers, Instagram 26.1 k followers and Facebook 1,090,759 likes. The Woman’s Day website has had over 5.7 million page views and 1.1 million users just in the month of September. So to say I’m honoured to be included in this latest issue is an understatement.

You can scout the Real Life pages where you will find my story snuggled between Iggy Azalea, Janet Jackson, Angelina Joile and Brad Pitts latest celebrity news, followed by Nicole Kidman & Keith Urbans recent Los Angeles outing.

Woman's Day Lizzy Rose the Exorcist Mum

Woman’s Day Lizzy Rose the Exorcist Mum

The issue dated November 7th 2016 which is out today Monday 31st October will be in stores across the country until the 7th November, so grab a copy while its hot off the press and have a read. I know that sounds confusing and I’ve now learnt the magazines cover date is actually the day the mag is removed from shelves not the day of release so if we keep that in mind we will never miss grabbing a copy of our favourite magazine.

Exorcist Mum Lizzy Rose on page 26 & 27

Exorcist Mum Lizzy Rose on page 26 & 27

You can find my story on pages 26 and 27 & as many of you may know my interest in numerology is life long so I find it really relevant to be in print on page 26=8 & 27=9 as these numbers represent karma and death so considering the subject matter, its more than just plain coincidence in my opinion. Also today at 4.39am the new moon in Scorpio birthed, this zodiac sign represents death letting go and revealing all illusions, anyone would think that Woman’s Day know way more about astrology numerology and the relevance of when to print a story than one might imagine 😉


Halloween and Exorcism

Halloween and Exorcism

I wish you all a Happy Halloween a Blessed Beltane and a very Sacred Samhain no matter what hemisphere you’re in, today is always a magickal special day to be celebrated with a spooky dance between the veils of the living and dead, of life and death and candies and face paint 🙂

Remember to never take life to seriously as whatever may bring you down can always be removed if you just know how.

Blessings Lizzy Rose

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Exorcist Lizzy Rose appears in news.com.au

In April of this year, I appeared in Australia’s Take 5 magazine, as a journalist expressed his desire in writing a story on just what its like being an Australian Exorcist. A renewed interest has brought about some more media attention and Id like to share this latest story with you.

Simply click on the below link to read the news.com.au article

Exorcism with Lizzy Rose

Lizzy Rose on the Cover of Take 5 Magazine April 2016

Lizzy Rose on the Cover of Take 5 Magazine April 2016

This is such an interesting subject with the rise in the occult and paranormal increasing each year and with films like The Conjuring 2, Don’t Breathe, Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Blair Witch and 10 Cloverfield Lane being very prominent in 2016 its not going to slow down anytime soon.

I recently wrote a great piece about the occult detailing how demonic entity’s aren’t actually religious at all, so speaking a catholic exorcism rite on someone of Arab decent or a person who follows the Muslim belief system possessed with a Jinn, would have little effect.

I’m very much looking forward to assisting in dispelling the myths that have plagued this planet for way too long now, as truly oh so much of what is spoken and instructed during a Catholic exorcism ritual and in the lead up to it, is just plain illusion, created to control manipulate and place fear in people so they only look to the church for spiritual and religious peace and its wrong very wrong.

In this year of death I find it very fitting that near death experiences like possession and demonic hauntings are gaining so much attention.

House Exorcism Dandenong Victoria Australia with Lizzy Rose

House Exorcism Dandenong Victoria Australia with Lizzy Rose


So are demons real yes, are they religious no, does heaven exist no, does hell exist no, did organized religion create these belief systems and fear campaign yes.


Is it time to get real Yes



As my website is about to have a major overhaul, I’m eager to move forward and as the new site is launched share with those interested and very publically, quite simply the truth and transparency of what its like being a Professional Exorcist.

I hope you enjoy the news.com.au latest article, just click on the above link and have a read. Paul Ewart the journalist I think captured the story in a wonderful light hearted respectful yet interesting manner. I thank him for taking genuine interest in very real paranormal experience’s and for not adapting my words to suit the media hype on this sensitive subject.

Exorcism of Leanne Azoulas prior to organ transplant surgery

Exorcism of Leanne Azoulas prior to organ transplant surgery

Blessings of enlightenment to all

Lizzy Rose )O(

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Coffee Cups & Psychic readings

Lizzy Rose East Pantry Psychic Coffee Day

Lizzy Rose East Pantry Psychic Coffee Day

Friday 7th October a delightful event is launching at

The East Pantry Eatery

14 Centreway Keilor East Victoria Australia

With a day full of fine delightful tasty morsels and well brewed coffee and tea, customers are invited to step away from the daily grind 😉 and take a seat while I look into your cup, and share the insights of all things Psychic and Clairvoyant using the ancient art of scrying.

Our Special magickal one day only begins at 10am and ends at 8pm

As this is a Special event prices have been reduced. All Psychic, coffee/tea, clairvoyant, tarot, aura and mediumship readings include a complementary coffee, tea or herbal tea and a scrumptious cake, muffin or cookie

• 15 minute – $60
• 30 minute – $110
• 45 minute – $150
• 60 minute – $190

My appointment schedule runs from 10am 10.15am 10.30am 10.45am etc with the last appointment being offered at 7.45pm

However despite being available for 10 hours I’ve been advised that there are only a couple of appointments left, so if you would like a reading please email my Personal Assistant Beck Anderson at  psychicreadingeastpantry@gmail.com
or call/SMS
0477 291 799 or 03 9336 3815

I’m very much looking forward to sharing such a magickal day with you all

Cappuccino Blessings Lizzy Rose



Coffee has its origins in Ethiopia and Yemen.
The Arabs discovered coffee beans around 600 AD and managed to keep coffee as a secret for several hundred years. Turks were introduced to coffee in 1543. Coffee made its way and became known or used as a beverage in Western Europe through Turkey in the late 18th century.

Fortune telling with coffee followed tea leaf reading, Tasseography, which began many centuries ago in China.
The ancient art of coffee-cup reading has been practiced for thousands of years in the Middle East and is still hugely popular in Turkey. No matter in Istanbul or in a small town, wherever you visit in Turkey, you will notice people having coffee with friends and reading cups for each other to give a hint about their future.

It is a form of social ritual, but if you possess Psychic powers, a coffee cup and its saucer turn into a very useful instrument in your hands for fortune telling.

History Courtesy of Coffee Cup Readings with Deniz


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Lizzy Rose in Gippsland 12th to 25th September


Hello, Gippsland Victoria Australia

I’m so excited to have arrived in your wonderful world of rolling lush green hills, happy cows and beautiful fresh clean air.

Here’s an update of what and where things are happening on this 13 day Psychic Spiritual Tour of Gippsland country Victoria Australia;

Simply click on the highlighted blue event links for more information and to book


Psychic readings – Thursday 15th  Friday 16th – 27 Riverine St, Bairnsdale

Psychic Readings with Lizzy Rose


Full Moon Ritual – Friday 16th – Ritual 6.30pm to 10.30pm – 27 Riverine St, Bairnsdale

Full Moon In Pisces Ritual

Women’s Circle – Saturday 17th – 6.30pm to 11pm – 88 MacAlister St, Sale 

Mumma Moon Womens Circle – Sale

Psychic readings – Monday 19th Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd

Studio 6471 South Gippsland Highway Longford

Tuesday 20th ABC Radio interview with Lizzy Rose


Psychic Development Class – Tuesday 20th – 6.30pm to 10.30pm – 6471 South Gippsland Highway Longford/Sale

Psychic Development Class Longford/Sale

short prom dresses

Women’s Circle – Saturday 24th – 6.30pm to 11pm – 27 Riverine St, Bairnsdale

Mumma Moon Womens Circle – Bairnsdale

With so much on offer its sure to be a fun productive and very healing time for Gippsland feel free to call/sms 0477 291 799 to ask any questions or to book your Psychic reading or reserve your seat in one of the circles or the Full Moon ritual.

With a touch of magickal blessings

See you really soon Lizzy Rose )O(

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Celebrity Psychic appearing in Sale Gippsland Victoria Australia


Sale Gippsland Tour 2016

Sale Gippsland Tour 2016

Its such an interesting deeply transformational year. This 2016 year has brought as was & is still predicted, massive global change, the death of many famous artists, actors and performers worldwide. The rise and soon to be fall of Donald Trump and political embarrassment for many countries not just Australia, so what exactly does this mean for Sale? For you? For your family, your career your health, your spirituality, your town your people and your land ?

Lizzy Rose would like to invite you to share in the magick of her latest “Psychic Spiritual tour” of Gippsland Victoria Australia and with many services being presented there is sure to be one that calls to your spirit.


Tuesday 6th  Psychic Development Class – Doors open 6.30pm Class begins 7pm

Wednesday 7th  Residential Psychic home/property visits with Lizzy Rose

Thursday 8th  Media – Press – Radio – TV interviews with Lizzy Rose

Friday 9th  Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm

Saturday 10th  Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm

Saturday 10th  Mumma Moon Women’s Circle – Doors open 6.30pm Circle begins 7pm

Tuesday 13th Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm, 7pm & 8.30pm

Wednesday 14th Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm, 7pm & 8.30pm

Thursday 15th Psychic Readings BOOKED OUT

Friday 16th Full Moon Ritual @ Sale Clock Tower – Doors open 6.30pm Ritual begins 7pm

Saturday 17th Psychic readings 11am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 5.30pm & 7pm

Sunday 18th Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 5.30pm & 7pm


Check out the Facebook Event page  Sale Welcomes Psychic Medium Lizzy Rose



In March 2016 Lizzy Rose launched her first Psychic Development class for the Gippsland area, which was held in a private residence in the quaint picturesque town of Briagolong. The class was such a success that in May & June a further 2 classes were offered. Another first for the town of Sale this class is open to male and female students, at beginner & intermediate levels, all who wish to learn the art of fine tuning their Psychic senses or quite simply how to recognise & awaken them. This class will be held in The BIG Picture studio. All are welcome and encouraged.


Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose is appearing in Sale over 12 days in September and on offer is 30 Psychic readings via personal one on one appointment’s. These readings can cover the analyses and interpretation of your Aura, a personal descriptive and accurate Tarot reading, including Clairvoyant insight. You can also ask for a Mediumship reading, this type of reading is designed to intentionally communicate to, see feel and sense, loved ones who have departed from this human plane, yet are passing through the realms of spirit and this earth plane which enables a paranormal connection. Speaking to souls that have crossed over is life changing and brings about a peace that is unmatched providing information that many times in life was secretly kept to the living soul. A closure and reassurance that we never die we just change form. All readings are carried out in The BIG Picture studio unless they are home consultations which are available for one day only, on Wednesday 7th September with prior arrangement.


Mumma Moon Women’s circles launched in Gippsland in June 2015 after facilitating 6 successful circles over a period of 1 year, with attendance rising from a humble beginning of 21 women to holding space for a regular 33 women, the circles have been a welcome and truly life changing spiritual, multi cultural event for the women of the area. This tour sees Lizzy Rose returning to Gippsland and offering an exclusive Bon Fire Woman’s Circle which will be hosted at a private residence being 11 Finegan Court  Sale. All women 16 years and over are invited.

Women need to gather in a sacred space where they feel supported nurtured & loved, where meditation and spiritual counsel, combined with socializing and a spiritual activity that is fun, inspiring and connects them to the divine within, can be realised awakened and activated. Mumma Moon Women’s Circles created by Lizzy Rose are a way to experience the true essence and presence that IS being a woman. Saturday the 10th of September you are invited to join like minds for the first ever Mumma Moon Bon Fire circle.

Click on this link for detailed Mumma Moon Women’s Circle Q & A Mumma Moon Q & A


Sale is such an interesting country town, with its haunted clock tower that takes centre stage in the main street, so much so that Lizzy Rose will be attending the Clock Tower to carry out a Full Moon Ritual to communicate to the spirit who has shown himself to be very connected to the tower, this is being offered so as to provide spiritual healing for the trapped earth bound soul and ease to the shop keepers and residents of Sale. This event takes place on the evening of Friday the 16th of September. This ceremony begins with a meditation in the studio followed by a smudging ceremony and cleansing of the clock tower, which is a minute walk from the shop front where the ritual is due to start.


Artistic photographer Pollyannar Gibson, specialises in large family portraits, fine art works & creating the worlds longest photographs. This is Pollyannar’s first time managing a Lizzy Rose “Psychic Spiritual tour “and together they feel the benefit of Lizzy’s work in the local Gippsland area will reach so many people and will have positive long lasting effects on the town of Sale and her people.


All Spiritual Psychic readings, the Psychic Development class & the Full Moon Ritual is  carried out in the beautiful stylish yet modern “The BIG Picture studio”

To express your interest in the Mumma Moon women’s healing circle that is held in a private residence you will also need to contact Pollyannar

If you would like more information about receiving a Psychic reading or attending any of the events then please contact Pollyannar directly instead of the Melbourne office.





The BIG Picture Pollyannar

0400 809 684


The BIG Picture Exhibition Opening Pollyannar Photographer- Pollyanna Gibson City Square, Melbourne Donate Life Week 2015 Saturday August 1st 2015 Photo credit: Jaimi Chisholm

The BIG Picture Photographer- Pollyannar Gibson


Prices are as follows and are quoted per person

  • Psychic Development Class $25

  • Mumma Moon Women’s Fire Circle $25

  • Full Moon Ritual $25

  • Psychic, Clairvoyant Tarot Aura & Photographic 60 minute readings $225

  • Mediumship 60 minute readings, communicating to the deceased $250

If you are planning to attend the Psychic Development Class or Full Moon circle please also provide 1 plate per person, of healthy food to share. A notebook and pen. All males & females over 16 years are welcome.

If you are planning to attend the Mumma Moon Women’s Circle please also provide 1 plate per person, of healthy food to share. A notebook and pen. All females over 16 years are welcome.

All Psychic Readings are audio recorded and given to you to keep at the end of your consultation via a micro SD card & USB. All readings are available to men and women over the age of 16 years. Children under 16 years are consulted in the presence of their parent or guardian. Lizzy Rose is a registered Pagan Reverend Minister, a marriage celebrant and holds a current Working with Children’s license which is available to view at any time upon request.

From all of us here in “The Temple of Rose” the Melbourne Victoria Australia head quarters for Lizzy Rose, we are delighted to bring you another very special and memorable Psychic Spiritual tour. We wish you the very best in healing and a peaceful and profound spiritual exchange with Australia’s Celebrity Psychic & internationally recognised renowned Medium the divine Lizzy Rose.

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United States of America – Lizzy Rose 2016 tour

Australia's Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose now in the USA

Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose now in the USA

Hello everyone,

Its so exciting to be back in your wonderful country again and what a way to start with an extremely busy 10 day first leg of my Psychic Spiritual USA 2016 Tour. I’m hitting the ground running and with only a few appointments available in each divine location along the way, I would love to offer you a Spiritual Consultation, so please don’t hesitate to contact my Manager Lauren Neilsen or the event locations lovely hosts.

Appointments are available at 10.30am, 12pm, 2pm, 3.30pm, 6.30pm & 8pm

60 minutes $180 – 45 minutes $145 – 30 minutes $110

All readings include an audio recording

July 2016

Thursday 7th Milford Delaware

HOST Lauren Neilsen  manager@lizzyrose.com.au

Milford Delaware


Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th  Salem Massachusetts 

HOST Lori Bruno of Magika http://www.magika.org/  Call (978) 741-9297 or (978) 740-9297  



Tuesday 12th Union City New Jersey

HOST Noely Diaz   ndiaz531@gmail.com    Call (201) 923-4723

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Thursday 14th Ridgely Maryland

HOST Abbie Lee  aabbigirl@gmail.com  Call (443) 205-0669



If you would like a Psychic, Aura, Clairvoyant, Mediumship or Tarot reading in person please contact the Host of the event of your choice or my Manager Lauren Neilsen via emailing manager@lizzyrose.com.au

We will update our contact page with an American Cell Number shortly

Thankyou America for your incredible Welcome let the endless timeless journey begin

Blessings Lizzy Rose xo



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