Womens Circle – Eltham Victoria Australia – Saturday 5th April 2014

Hello everyone,

Please pass this invite on to any women that you may know, whether its your daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, friend, neighbour or colleague and importantly if you are reading this and are female and this is calling to you, then welcome, I look forward to seeing you in the circle :)

In 3 sleeps which brings us to Saturday 5th April 2014  I’m offering a very special Mumma Moon Women’s Circle for all ladies 16 years and over in the picturesque tree lined suburb of Eltham. This circle will be unique in many ways, firstly because we are gathering inside the magickal world of the Lotus Belle. If you have never meditated or spiritually shared in such a divinely calm space, now is your chance.

Lotus Belle Tent - Lizzy Rose - Mumma Moon Women's Circle

Lotus Belle Tent – Lizzy Rose – Mumma Moon Women’s Circle


There are 5 main features for this gathering;

1. Cauldron of Fire opening ceremony - you will circle with other ladies outside in the lush faery forest garden wonderland.

2. In sacred procession you will then enter the beautiful Lotus Belle tent for a deeply quiet and calm 25 minute meditation.

3. Celebration feasting and socialising for approximately 30 minutes will occur after your meditation and will centre around the Balinese outdoor garden setting, this will take you into another land of magick dreamtime and pleasure :)

4. Returning to cast an Oracle Divination circle deep inside the Lotus Belle tent, those who wish to share will then do so by selecting in silence a Tarot and Goddess card. This is a time for great counsel and a healing of the soul, all the while empowering the sacred feminine and seeking guidance, direction and advice from the realm of great spirit and the sisterhood that is Mumma Moon.

5. Returning once again to the Balinese Space, practical workings will end the evening with a fun besom (Witches Broom) making workshop. Upon completion you will take home your little witches broom for safe keeping and further use or simple admiration.



Private residence in Eltham Victoria Australia, please SMS or CALL  Lizzy Rose on 0409 626 769 for the address and directions


DOORS Open 6.30pm to 7.30pm


CIRCLE ENDS  11.30pm


Adult -  Females 16 yrs and over

PLEASE NOTE – Please do not bring any children who are under 16 years of age as this circle is strictly designed for Adults.


$25 (per person) for 19 years and over

$20 (per person) for 16 to 18 years

PLEASE NOTE  This evenings class would typically be charged at $35 per person, however due to this Circle being filmed a special discount has been offered.


(1) One home made, healthy, plate of food per person to share.

A cushion, bean bag or folding chair if you wish.

Warm comfy clothing and footwear, as the nights are getting chilly.


This circle is held at a private residence and seats approximately 20 people comfortably.

Please RSVP by mobile phone to 0409 626 769 or on the facebook event page, so as not to miss out.

Mumma Moon Facebook Event invitation

Lotus Belle Tent

Lotus Belle Tent


I’m delighted to announce that this magickal Mumma Moon Womens Circle, will be filmed by a lovely local student Yiling, who is currently studying Media, Arts and all things Film. Yiling has approached me and asked if she could film this event for her school project. Yiling will provide me with a copy of the captured footage upon completion of editing and her final submission. I will post the video here on my website and across my facebook pages and groups for your viewing and sharing.


To the ladies attending this event !

So just to be clear, Please be aware that you will be filmed for the duration of this circle. Yiling and her 2 assistants have also asked to interview a couple of the attendees to add personal input of what Witchcraft and magick means to you for the purpose of her film. The interviews will happen really organically at the beginning of the evening prior to circle starting or at the break for Feasting, there will be NO interviews conducted at any other times. Some of you may be invited to participate however please do not feel that you have to be involved in anyway, no offense will be taken if you chose to say nothing at all. Yiling will have enough audio visual content without interviewing anyone, it will just be a nice addition if she is able to.


Typically Mumma Moon Women’s Circles are not focused on Witchcraft, however this circle will be, as the chosen focus for Yiling’s film is an introduction to Witchcraft, ie What is it, How do modern Witches practise and Why.

This is a wonderful way to see a Witches working circle in motion, for not only Yiling, her class mates and teacher, but also those who are a part of the making of this film as well as the viewer’s post its release.

This is also a lovely light introduction for those attending this circle who perhaps haven’t shared Witches workings or castings before, to gently and safely watch or join in as we brew much magick and blessings.

Id like to add that I completely support the world of Film, media, TV radio and print media, as in my opinion it is a great medium in which Witchcraft can serve in educating and empowering the general public. I personally find it very interesting, respectful and a great honour, to be asked by a public high school student, with not only authorization but also encouragement from the teachers and the Schools Principal, in supporting the open acceptance of Witchcraft as a young students choice to investigate and report to support her studies and her knowledge. May many more educational departments see the necessary acceptance that all spiritual ways of practise and honour are so very valuable for not only the young, but also people of any age in this grand time of planetary evolution.

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles


There is strictly no smoking in or near the circle space. If you smoke you are welcome to outside of the dwelling in a designated area. Thankyou for your consideration and respect in advance.


I look forward to seeing you in the Circle.

Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

For more information and Q & A about Mumma Moon Women’s Circles please go to the below website page.


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Healthy Happy Healing – Part 1

There are so many products out there promising to fix this and tweak that, as we are all well aware the weight loss market and Vitamin and Mineral production line is a billion dollar industry.

So what happens when you actually find THE ONE the one that not only promises to provide you with the best health by the world’s best products, but also promises you a healthy sustainable residual income. A company that actually gives back to its customers more than just incredible life saving minerals with life changing solutions for your bodily organs but also providing you with complete peace of mind.

The one Company that does all that it promises to do, the one system that isn’t a quick fix filled with chemicals or unnatural or partial unnatural ingredient’s, instead its a group of life changing products that actually really do remove everything that is toxic within your body and replenish you, as well as providing your body with great healing abilities by making new cells and eliminating what your body doesn’t need use or like, but cant seem to naturally get rid of, all the while building lean muscle mass and sculpting the body. So whether you are too big or too small, it actually reads your body naturally and realigns it making it suitable for all body types, of any age and shape or lack of physical fitness.

Introduced by a girlfriend to products that id never heard of 2 months ago, my first reaction was show me, prove it, give me the solution, then if its all that and more, I will dedicate the next couple of months to exploring the entire programme personally !!!

So here’s my story and for me the beginning of a huge life change in so many ways.

My Personal Experience

My height is 155cm = 5 Foot 1 & 3/4  (the 3/4 counts when your as short as me ;)

Start Weight on Day 1 = 89 kilos

Progress on Day 13 = 85 kilos

Goal Weight = 55 kilos


* In just 13 days,  I’ve lost 4 kilos = 8.8 pounds  :)

* My body has lost a total of 14.5 cm = 5 1/4 inches :)

* Its SO easy and SO quick,  it takes me a minute to make my breakfast, dinner and snacks.

* I feel full and satisfied, never bloated, never empty, never that starving feeling when you work all day and forget to eat.

* I eat real food. Yes you eat real food, you don’t just eat shakes and tablets, the program encourages and insists that you eat real food. I have learnt and look forward to eating my main healthy meal at lunch time. Its simple and no I don’t crave late night foods as I’m just not hungry like before. Instead opting for Isa snacks yep yummy chocolate bars, if I really feel peckish ;)

Breakfast for Lunch

Breakfast for Lunch

* My energy is through the roof, I’m SO happy, and I was a very happy person before, now I’m unstoppable :)

* Convenience, its all there in front of me everything is provided, the time that it has saved me in shopping, preparing meals, cooking and eating is invaluable.

* I have saved $$$ yes I’ve actually saved money. Initially I thought rubbish, this will cost me a fortune and I was wrong. Once I was set up with my products I realised that my fortnightly food bill was reduced by 85% as I’ve literally swapped what I used to spend on take away, supermarket trips and dine out or home delivery, instead making one monthly purchase all online from the comfort and convenience of my home to provide my complete food source. Clearly I’ve also greatly reduced the cost and stress of fuel and negative pollution emission’s that I would’ve created by driving to the shops and back regularly as I had been.

* I feel so much clearer, so aware, so awakened in every moment. Colours are brighter, the air is clearer, the scent of flowers is stronger. As a Psychic I see Auras I have all of my life what I see now blows my mind. Everything is extended, its like 2 weeks ago I was only seeing half of what I was looking at.

* I crave water now and feel so GREAT when I drink it, instead of forcing it down and groaning while counting my advised daily intake.

*My body tells me that I not only need to sleep, but that I must sleep, its like there is a switch and come a certain time of night I simply must sleep. I can push through that, but feel the whole time that my body is calling me to get rest. This makes you listen to your body without feeling irritated.

* I sleep like a baby, uninterrupted, waking feeling refreshed and wanting to get up and not only face the day but rip it apart.

*My Psychic ability has been extremely heightened, I feel as if I’ve been awakened from the world of delusion and secrecy into a higher knowing and an awareness that I’m bursting to share with others. I’ve carried out Psychic and Mediumship readings since before I was a teenager and have found that spirit has always been clear, but now WOW What an eye opener these products have brought to me.

* I want other people, every one every where to feel what I feel, I want people to live longer and healthier not in a toxic forced world. All I think about is how everyone can benefit and become healthy, like truly healthy, completely and easily.

* Within not even a minute of swallowing the first product being 30 mls of Isagenix Ionix Supreme concentrated liquid, I felt a surge of energy run through me and instead of heading back to bed (which was my intention due to having only 4 hours sleep the night before) I zoomed through my day.

Isagenix Ionix Supreme

Isagenix Ionix Supreme

These products are insane, real, pure clean life changing food in a minute of your time.

Isagenix Associate Lizzy Rose

Isagenix Associate Lizzy Rose


* Why didn’t I come across these products 12 years ago when they were first created.

* My second day came and I was hit hard with a headache that soon developed into a migraine that lasted for 48 hours. Warning; Personal Over share ;) Neglecting to take into account that I was pre menstrual and have suffered horrendous pre menstrual migraines since I was a teenager I didn’t think to realize that I was suffering from the monthly headache from hell that I have been living with on and off for 32 years. I all too quickly blamed the new program that id started. I was thinking it must be doing something wrong to me for me to feel so very unwell. On day 5 of my Isagenix journey when my monthly menstrual cycle arrived, I suddenly realised that I had automatically placed blame on my new health regimen, oh how very silly of me and typical of our society as we so easily jump to put downs and negativity, always with acting out first to shut something down instead of actually taking on board what is really happening and why. It was in the back of my mind to be the true cause of the problem, but that little devil that sits on our shoulder screams, stop, its the change you just made, its the change ! We are so conditioned to stay in the box to not invite change or try new things, conditioned to be robots and eat without question as to what we are consuming and to immediately attend a Dr if we are unwell. If only we looked outside of the box and with an open positive mind welcomed new things into our lives, we would then realise that in some cases these great changes cannot only give us back our life and great health, but can also prolong it.

* By Day 11 my ears started to burn, yep hot warm slightly inflamed ears that still feel like there is a bug in them, that’s the only way that I can describe it. Is this another negative and if so I’m actually finding it very interesting, as I now see this as positive, due to my blood results. You see before I started my Isagenix grand life change I promised that I would be completely honest at all times. So if I feel like crap sorry, but I’m going to tell you about it. I had full blood tests carried out the day before I started my Isagenix, well I was given the blood test results today, evidently I have a slight infection in my blood, I don’t feel unwell and haven’t had a cold or flu for years. I don’t smoke, rarely do I drink alcohol and I don’t take any recreational drugs, in fact apart from an occasional nurofen for those blasted headaches and odd skin cream to treat eczema I steer right away from consuming and absorbing any drugs, pharmaceutical or otherwise and I’m generally despite being over weight and unfit not at all an unwell person. So what’s this infection that was dormant 2 weeks ago with no symptoms what soever, that suddenly around 48 hours ago appeared?

* Toxins – this brings me to toxins and a knowing that we all carry so much within us and we are subjected to toxins all day, every day, every where no matter how healthy we think that we are. So if I’ve been toxic since my birth and even my conception then that’s 44 years of  harm that’s laying dormant to varying degrees inside of my body. Makes complete sense that those toxins will now need to work their way out of me.

This video below I have found very interesting and have watched a few times now. Its simple, its the facts, not imagined just the facts, sadly its how we all live. However we can change it, simply by what we consume and when we consume it.

Thankyou Isagenix for creating an incredible product that even as early as day 13 which it is for me today, your completely natural nutritious meal replacement’s, vitamins and minerals are working to not only rid my body and organs of toxin’s, but are also working to eliminate all of the unhealthy fats that I’ve lived with for so very long.

Oh and one more thing ;) for those that have asked me, no I haven’t physically exercised as yet. I haven’t changed any part of my daily routine as I wanted to just take the products first and see how I felt and then be able to share my progress in a sensible and very basic manner. My aim each fortnight is to include, as I feel fit to, another level of activity and structure into my healthy new lifestyle.

Its simple, just listen to your body, and its desire to really want to live not to just exist, I did and I’m lucky and forever eternally grateful to the lady who introduced me to these products and to the man who is a constant support with all of my many questions. You’ve both not only changed my life, but you’ve lengthened it.

Thankyou to Para Isidro Dance & Hunter Anderson for caring enough to share these incredible product gifts with me. The best gift of all Great Health !

Para Isidro Dance – Perth Western Australia

Hunter Anderson – Isagenix Crystal Executive

Hunter Anderson

Hunter Anderson

Para Isidro Dance

Para Isidro Dance









If you want to change your life in every way just ask me how.

Smiles Lizzy Rose :)

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Lizzy Rose 4 day Seymour Northern Victoria Australian Tour

March Long Weekend in the Country


It was 1995 I was pregnant with my 3rd child and yet all of a sudden I felt called to move from the outer suburbs of Melbourne to the country. After all I grew up in country Mt Gambier South Australia and as a small child loved farm life and the freshness of land, milk, bread and produce that just doesn’t compare to the city.

So my children’s father and I moved to Seymour which is located in Northern Victoria Australia, we lived there 5 years then in the year 2000 moved 30 kms south and lived in Kilmore for 12 months.

In the late 90s in the Seymour, Kilmore, Wallan, Tabilk, Yea, Broadford, Shepparton and surrounding areas I made many friends, consulted many clients and operated a total of 4 retail shops over the 6 years that I was living in the area. I had many a vision in this pocket of my life, the highlights being the birth of my 3 beautiful sons, and sharing time with our families’ horses. There is nothing quite like riding the wild rugged dry lands with warm winds sweeping your face leaving you in a state of pure ecstasy and excitement of the freedom that cantering the plains on a proud Arab gelding can bring.

I was very proud to create Seymour’s first ever “New Age and Alternative Festival” that was held in the Seymour RSL Hall, 80 Anzac Avenue, Seymour on October 31st of 1999

Seymour’s population at the time was approximately 5,000

The Festival was such a huge success that we filled two halls with over 80 stall holders along with two carparks full to the brim with kiddies rides and hot foods spilling into the outdoor market space. Nearly 800 people poured out into the carparks with Police sectioning off some of the main highway to accommodate us all. To this day Seymour has never had a Psychic fair like it and 14 years later I’m still asked when I will put this on again. This fills me with pride at just how lucky we are to create such magick in our amazing beautiful land of Australia.

I was 29 years old then and my 4th son was 12 months old at the time of conception of the festival, social media didn’t exist. I worked hard and long promoting by word of mouth and treading footpaths across a dozen small country towns for over 5 months in at times very difficult and trying conditions to advertise printed posters and flyers for my Festival and to make the event a success. Success in the sense of freedom of speech of belief and of empowerment of ones own spirit and soul. So often we say “oh what can I do, I’m too small too young too old, to out of touch, no one will listen to me” Well your wrong,  Never let anyone tell you it cant be done, that you cant find strength drive focus and pure joy within and without.

“Love your life and if you don’t, change it” 

“Really you can have, everything that you desire, just will it into being and always remember if you want something done, ask a busy person” :)      

My time living in Seymour and Kilmore seems so long ago now and feels like another life to me. In fact it was just over 14 years ago that I left the country and returned to the city inner suburbs, yet there is not a week that goes by that I don’t feel the winds of longing and the strength of my beautiful White Arab gelding aptly named ‘Thadious’ calling me home.

My heart, my soul, my memories and my spirit will always think fondly on my time in Northern Victoria Australia and no matter where my road leads me I will always find comfort and will always make time to come home.

I look forward to sharing with you this weekend and wish you well wherever you may be and if you’re in or around the Seymour area tune into their local radio station, give us a call and come along to our Women’s sacred healing circle. Take time for yourself, allow yourself to obtain a Psychic reading or other form of divination on offer.

Make every moment count.

Goddess Bless Lizzy Rose )O(




Friday 7th March

Lizzy Rose is being interviewed on Friday 7th March 2014 by presenter Peta Bulmer on Seymour’s 103.9 FM community radio station.

 The show titled “Sirens of the Sky” focusing on ‘women who rock, roll and run with it’ will be asking Lizzy all about what it is like living as a Psychic, practising Witchcraft and how music is involved in her magick.

 You can call in to speak to Lizzy as the show goes live to air from 3pm to 4pm as the phone lines will be open to take calls and requests for Psychic Clairvoyant and Tarot Readings.


Seymour 103.9 FM - Lizzy Rose

Seymour 103.9 FM – Lizzy Rose


Saturday 8th March

Psychic readings in Seymour – Booked out

Mumma Moon Women’s Healing Circle – Tabilk

Please click on the below link for all information and to RSVP

Mumma Moon Women’s Circles Tabilk Victoria Australia 


Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles


Sunday 9th March

 Psychic readings in Tabilk – Booked out


Monday 10th March

Psychic readings in Tabilk, Wallan and Kilmore –

Please note there are only two appointments currently left available, to book or inquire

please call

0409 626 769 or email info@lizzyrose.com.au

Please click on the below link for further information

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Mediumship and Tarot readings with Lizzy Rose  


Thankyou for reading, if you find that you feel you may know of family, friends or colleagues that would benefit from this website blog and information, then please forward this notice onto them, so they can meet with Lizzy Rose and enjoy one or more of her many services, while she is in the area.

Tess P.A for Lizzy Rose   



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Wendy Rule Melbourne House Concert

Welcome to Friday that time of the week that we all feel the weekend bearing down upon us.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I’d like to invite you to an exciting upcoming Musical event here in the ‘Temple of Rose’

Wendy Rule

Wendy Rule


 ”Temple of Rose” Keilor East Victoria Australia

Call/Sms Lizzy Rose on 0409 626 769 for address and directions

The Temple is located on the ground floor, there are no stairs to climb.



DOORS open 6pm to 7.30pm



Wendy Rule 'Black Snake' Album Cover and insert

Wendy Rule ‘Black Snake’ Album Cover and insert


One home made Vegetarian plate of food per person to share :)

A Gold Coin Donation for the Temple

A cushion, bean bag or folding chair if you wish



$20 per person to be pre paid at Wendy Rules request.

Banking details provided privately to ensure security for the artist.
Please contact us at info@lizzyrose.com.au to advise of your attendance upon which time myself or Tess shall forward you Wendy Rules direct banking details.




The Temple has approx. 20 chairs and 15 assorted bean bags and cushions. Arrive early to secure a comfy chair if this suits you better.

Comfortably we can accommodate 30 to 40 people, we have catered for up to 84 however this was quite a squeeze.

So I now cap the numbers at 60.

Please RSVP by mobile or on Facebook so as not to miss out as we are already 50% full.

 Wendy Rule Melbourne House Concert – Facebook Event



Adult- Males and Females

We welcome all Children 12 years and over and babes in arms or under 2

 PLEASE NOTE = Please no children between 3 and 11 years as the temple isn’t set to accommodate or entertain them.



There is strictly no smoking in or near the temple.

If you smoke you are welcome to attend the smoking circle which is set up with a crescent of chairs and ash pit at the front of the property.


Lizzy Rose & Wendy Rule

Lizzy Rose & Wendy Rule

Thankyou for your consideration and respect in advance.

 Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(


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Womens Healing Circle- Keilor East Victoria Australia

Welcome to the first of many wonderful Women’s healing circles to be offered throughout Victoria in 2014

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles

I invite yourself and female friends to join us in a very special event this coming Saturday 22nd February with all proceeds from this circle going to the Wallan & Kilmore CFA for their incredible fire fighting efforts in saving peoples properties and many domestic and farm animals and importantly preventing the loss of lives with our recent states emergency out of control, Bush and Grass fires that swept through Northern Victoria Australia.



“Temple of Rose” Keilor East Victoria Australia
The Temple is located on the ground floor, there are no stairs to climb….
SMS or CALL Lizzy Rose 0409 626 769 for address and directions


DOORS open 6pm to 7.00pm


ENDS 11.00pm


One home made healthy plate of food per person to share :) A cushion, bean bag or folding chair if you wish


$25 per person
Due to the incredible undeniable life, property and animal saving efforts of the CFA I shall be donating 100% of the profits of this upcoming circle to the Captains of the Kilmore & Wallan CFA
So come along and enjoy a most beautiful night as our circles return and know that your money is going towards a great cause. WE may not have a lot to give, but every little bit helps and do we not do “what we can with what we have”


The Temple has approx. 20 chairs and 15 assorted bean bags and cushions. Arrive early to secure a comfy chair if this suits you better. Comfortably we can accommodate 30 to 40 people, we have catered for up to 84 however this was quite a squeeze. So I now cap the numbers at 60. Please RSVP by mobile or on FaceBook so as not to miss out.


Adult- Females 16 yrs and over
PLEASE NOTE = Please do not bring children under 16 years of age, as the circle is designed for Adults only.


There is strictly no smoking in or near the temple. If you smoke you are welcome to attend the smoking circle which is set up with a crescent of chairs and ash pit at the front of the property.

Thankyou for your consideration and respect in advance.

I look forward to seeing you in the Circle. Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(
For more information and Q & A about Mumma Moon Circles please go to the below website page.



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Enchant, Glaze and Cast, your Chinese New Year of the Horse Bread

HORSEHello to everyone who attended our Lammas & Chinese New Year of the Horse ritual celebrations and festivities, on Saturday 1st February 2014.

For additional long levity of your crafted oven baked bread horse, take a look at your horse and give it a tap or two. If it sounds hard and hollow it’s ready for glazing, if it sounds doughy and heavy like a thud when you tap it, then return it to the oven. 

To Cast and to seal your Bread Horse for long life

BAKE – (Please note; only if your horse is doughy when tapped, if your bread is rock hard baking is not needed and you can immediately proceed to glaze)

Place in oven, for 20 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees then remove and allow your bread to cool properly on a cake rack, it’s important that air circulates around and under the bread horse.

GLAZE- when bread horse is cooled.
Glaze with egg white and a pinch of salt
Place back in the oven at 100 degrees for another 15 minutes.
Remove and allow your bread horse to cool down.
Once cooled hold your horse and speak the below enchantment, then hang or display wherever you wish in your home to invoke money, prosperity and abundance or a calm, easy and smooth 2014 as according to the coin you chose to place into your horse when you created it.


I infuse this bread with energy and power
Enrich and bless my life this hour
Carry me through the year with aid
Guide and bless my every day
For Horse I call you into being
Bring stamina and strength
Peace and healing.
For as I will it at this time I cast this spell I speak in rhyme 

Chinese-New-Year-2014-Horse-Wishes-HDHave a truly amazing 2014 and enjoy your horse talisman and it’s magick ;) 

Blessings of abundance and peace be upon you and yours. 

Love and Magick Lizzy Rose xo 

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2014 Chinese New Year of the Horse

Coin of the Year of the HorseIt’s always exciting preparing for ritual, collecting all the magickal ingredients, visiting the local alternative spiritual retail outlets to pick up fresh incense and herbs. Collecting candles colour coded to match and complement the upcoming rite and meeting along the way, lots of new and interesting souls who are also in their own way birthing all things festive.

For the Chinese the colours of Red, Yellow and gold are very powerful. In fact if you think on Chinas flag, Shell petrol stations and McDonald’s restaurants they are among the many corporation’s that use these colours in enormous amounts to represent power, wealth and protection throughout the world.

china-flag 220px-Mcdonalds-90s-logo_svg Shell_logo





Red is a popular color as it scares away evil spirits and bad fortune. Yellow represents strength, abundance prosperity and growth. Together these colors are very potent and clearly the businesses and countries that have taken them on board are well aware of that and have embraced them to their advantage.


Some incredible celebrations’ have occurred throughout the world over the last 6 days to welcome in this great New Year of the Wooden Horse.

Brilliant Images of Global Chinese New Year Celebrations

Here in the ‘Temple of Rose’ on Saturday 1st February, 34 incredible souls gathered to welcome the New Year and celebrate our first harvest festival of Lammas, all the while as our new Super Moon was waxing above us.

Stillness filled the hot night air, as consecration of the circle with an elemental casting opened the evening’s rite.

Chinese New Year 2014 Horse



Tribal elders were called upon to represent Spirit, Water, Earth and Fire, grouping participants into their appropriate tribe in readiness to bake a bread horse.



Tribe of Spirit group intonation on Horse dough

Together each group prepared their dough kneading and working their intentions into the bread. Leaving the dough to rise and returning to their place in the circle, as it was time to chant and sing so as to release all that was no longer of service.



To welcome in the New Year a banquet of grand most exquisite culinary delights was shared by all, after each attendee served another, with the sacred Blessing

‘May you never hunger, Blessed Be’

A call to circle drifted through the gentle yet heavy breeze of a very hot summer’s evening as the participant’s returned to circle. Tribal elders were then given instructions to direct to their subjects.

Kat, Lizzy Rose and Hayley

It’s such a delight to watch as people share with souls of like minds, singing dancing, whispering chanting and channelling good vibes and great intentions’ of prosperity and abundance, great health, wealth and happiness into their hand made and crafted bread horse.

As each participant’s bread horse was oven baked, the temple filled with the fresh scent of home-made bread and the delights of the sabbat of Lammas were shared amongst those who were present.

Baked Horses Feb 1st 2014

In sacred space sacrament was blessed and partaken by all. As High Priestess I invited a young 11 year old maiden to join me in blessing 30 Chinese Fortune cookies with her newly acquired oak wand. It was a night I’m sure this young lady will never forget and neither will I, as we then bid each other a fond farewell.



Merry Meet,
Merry Part and
Merry may we meet again.

Happy New Year of the wooden horse to all.

To any ladies who missed out on this incredible evening of Ritual and crafting and to those who simply would like to do it again, I’m performing this rite at the

‘Seven Sisters Festival’in Mt Martha Victoria Australia on March 28th29th30th 2014

The Rite is titled

“Awaken Year of the Horse” and is listed to appear in the ‘Ritual Space’ on a few occasions over the course of the weekend.

See the below website for more information

Seven Sisters Festival Website

See you in the Circle

Blessed Be Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

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February Saturday 1st 2014



Welcome 2014

Here’s to the first event for this wondrous year :)

The great Chinese New Year of the Horse is upon us, along with the Super Moon and Lammas, which is one of my favourite Sabbats to celebrate. …

So I’m opening up the Temple of Rose.

Come and join me for a lovely belated Birthday Celebration and a bright bubbly welcome to the wonderful 2014 New Year.


Lammas- bread horse

WHEN – Saturday February 1st 2014

TIME – Doors Open 6.00pm – Opening Ritual 7.00pm with Rites occurring on and off till 12.00am
Closing Ritual Midnight ;)

WHERE – “Temple of Rose” Keilor East Victoria Australia

WHAT – Evening includes

◾Ceremonial Lammas – Lughnasadh Ritual- Typically celebrated on February 1st in the Southern Hemisphere

◾Baking of a Ritual Bread Horse for each participant to take home

◾New Moon Communal Potion – SUPER New Moon birthing at 07:39am on Jan 31st

2014 Prosperity Spell casting

◾Lizzy Rose Belated Birthday Celebrations

◾Communal Banquet

◾Home-made Witches Chai and Mulled Wine

CONTACT – Lizzy Rose 0409 626 769 for Address and Travel Directions

WHO CAN ATTEND- Males and Females 11 years and over are Welcome

COST – FREE Event to honour the Belated Birthday of Lizzy Rose

BRING – 1 Plate per person of healthy food to share

BYO – Alcohol if desired

SUPPLIED – *Cold drinks and Tea, Coffee, Cow milk, Soy milk etc

*All Ritual needs supplied by Lizzy Rose including baking goods :)

To nominate your attendance please click on the Facebook event page and click Join :)


I look forward to sharing this wonderful sacred evening with you all with ♥ Lizzy Rose


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Seven Sisters Festival 2014

Event Image

“Witchcraft Rite” ‘Awaken Year of the Horse’

& Psychic readings with Lizzy Rose

‘Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose has been teaching, running, performing and presenting, alternative Spiritual Festivals, events, circles, rituals and gatherings for decades. Covering many states of Australia and recently now launched globally through Wren Webinars as an online teacher, bringing Psychic readings and healing to women across the globe’   


As this 2014 New Year takes form and the hustle and bustle of everyday life brews and bubbles away around us, I think on what a magickal year this is for us all.

The focus this year for me is quite largely on ladies, with quite a lot of event’s, circles, festivals and gatherings directed to women only.

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been accepted to be one of the presenters again at this year’s “Seven Sisters Festival” held on the weekend of the 28th – 30th March 2014 in Mt Martha Victoria Australia. This is the 3rd year of the annual Festival and my 2nd to attend and perform at.

Serpent Ritual pic 2












Last year I absolutely delighted in the joy of sharing sacred space with 700 other women, with so many topics on offer, from Yoga and morning exercise to nature walks, healing and massage, all coupled with yummy healthy food and hearty conversation.

This year I shall be offering in person psychic readings during the festival and also presenting a “Witchcraft Rite” ‘Awaken Year of the Horse’

In this public ritual the ancestors will be acknowledged & honored in a consecration ceremony, followed by an elemental circle casting & invocation. This rite includes deep meditation & crafting of a Clay Horse which is then activated & awakened in Ritual, each participant then takes her hand made horse home with her to journey with throughout the 2014 year.

Serpent ritual pic 5











For more information about the Seven Sisters Festival please go to the below link http://www.cvent.com/events/seven-sisters-festival/event-summary-d97aeac720714783965901fd211670a6.aspx

Also take a look at this lovely You Tube Video highlighting the magick of last years Festival

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful women that I journeyed with at last year’s festival and meeting many new souls at this upcoming Festival.  

Remember it’s very important for you to take time out for the most important person in this world YOU. For if you cant love and honour yourself you certainly cant fully love another for all is a reflection of the inner.

Goddess Blessings and love Lizzy Rose xo



“Lizzy Rose is Australia’s Celebrity Psychic, offering Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot and Mediumship readings throughout Australia and internationally.

Lizzy Rose reads for Celebrities and many Media personalities’ and can often be seen and heard on T.V, Radio and in Print Media.

Lizzy Rose teaches Psychic development and Meditation classes, also currently writing for 7 magazines including her regular column titled “Witch in the City” which featured an article highlighting the Seven Sisters Festival 2013 that you can read here titled ‘Sisterhood and Community’


Lizzy Rose is a gentle, kind, yet seriously devoted Psychic healer, who is knowledgeable, well known and dedicated to offering your Psychic reading and Public Ritual in the most sacred of ways.”  



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Hot Haunting Spirits


Brown Lady

Brown Lady

Seems this week’s heatwave here in Australia has had quite a few clients experiencing a high range of paranormal activity. As an investigator and an exorcist I find this very interesting, yet clearly alarming for some residents who feel quite scared.

Spirits work with energy, when you leave your body your energy ie soul/spirit self, exits the portal or carriageway that it currently resides in, ie your physical body. You simply are energy, different forms and levels of ability and manifestation, but none the less energy.

Some energy moves around in much the same manner as when it was held within a living body. However some wish to appear around or visit the same or similar familiar people and properties. This is not so for all spirits and some simply yet quite importantly must and need to move on.

The fact that some spirits are more prominent currently, is a direct result of the sudden change of temperature, particularly as we have had and are experiencing an extreme rise from mid to high 20 degrees to high 30 degrees and upwards towards mid 40 degrees in temperature. Today was 44 degrees here in Melbourne and is predicted to be the same again tomorrow.

This in turn effects both realms of the living and the dead. This may make more sense if you think on a bitter cold, misty foggy night, when Paranormal activity is frequently made apparent and more so than when the temperature is at a mid-range and yes this applies to anywhere in the world.


Simple ways to ease your Haunted Hot Spots

  • Sprinkle a line of salt across all doorways and window sills. This does not exorcise the spirit it simply adds a level of protection and light calm to the premises. Salt is inherently protective and will reduce the level of erratic energy and spirit anomalies.


  • Take clay, glass, china or earthen bowls and fill each with cool boiled water, sprinkle with a handful of salt and then place on the left of each doorway. (The left that’s present when you stand inside your home/room looking outward) This will absorb and dissolve negativity energy.


  • Place fresh flowers in as many rooms as possible, in vases of water adding a teaspoon of honey. Nature brings instant calm, also your flowers will tell you just what level of haunting you are experiencing. (The quicker they die and how they die, tells a lot, also sometimes they are moved)


  • Place all the photos of your deceased loved ones on (1) one table, altar or fireplace, not scattered throughout the home. (Whether you feel that it is someone you know who is haunting you or not, this will contain a presence to a degree and eliminate some questions of just who is actually visiting you and in some cases how many visitors you may have)


  • Do NOT smudge your home, as any smudging when over 33 degrees is ineffective and in fact in some cases can activate more paranormal activity. Not to mention you don’t fight fire with fire. Smudging is often carried out prior to a ceremony for a particular focus and at times to invoke certain Gods and Goddesses, clearly this is not something you wish to do in a haunted residence.


  • Play soothing music or light tunes, nothing to Shamanic, no trance, nor alien music nothing that transports you to other worlds, as this also encourages and has been known to activate hauntings.


  • Acknowledgement is often very important for the confused spirit, simply state out loud         “My name is ____________ I’m aware there is a presence here, please know I do not welcome any harm to befall myself or my family. You are not in danger and I accept you are here for a reason, together we shall find peace. Thankyou for understanding my concerns and honouring my demands, for I understand in all worlds and on all plains respect is the Lore”  

 There are many reasons why spirits haunt and very few are demonic or poltergatic related.

Please do NOT assume that if something goes bump in the night that you are in danger, there are varying grades of manifestations.

Be Safe Be Cool Be Prepared, for the spirits of the dead feel the change in temperature far more and with much greater intensity than when residing in a human shell. So thinking on that may help you to understand that a rise in activity does not necessarily mean you or your loved ones are in any danger.  The spirit may not in fact even be aware that you, are aware of its presence or appearance.

If you are concerned and would like more information by way of a consult then feel free to call me on 0409 626 769 or email me at info@lizzyrose.com.au

If you would like a Paranormal Assessment, it is then that I will establish if in fact you are haunted and if so, what type of haunting, ie; who, why, for how long and how you can remove it if need be. If necessary I will carry out a safe, clean, calm (in most cases) person, house or full spirit exorcism.

Your resident Ghost buster and Exorcist  

Lizzy Rose    

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