Welcome to the Official Lizzy Rose Website

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Hello and welcome to my first ever blog. I must say I’m very excited to announce the long awaited arrival of my website www.lizzyrose.com.au Welcome to the Official Lizzy Rose Website
It certainly feels like after conception and a lengthy pregnancy that I’ve finally given birth.
This site has been 7 years in the making and for many reasons over those years until now has experienced construction and launch delays.
However I’m very happy to say that is now behind me. 🙂
My website will be regularly updated with all of my latest happenings, over time I shall fill all of the pages with lots of information ranging  from Psychic readings, Tarot cards, Crystals, Spells and Potions. I shall also include Ceremonial magick, Witchcraft and information about the OWLL Witchcraft Coven including how you can apply as a student for a position in the annual course.
I will also upload lots of Radio podcasts, TV appearances, short films and much more.
Over the years there have been many a performance and cherished memory that I’m honored to be a part of captured on film and in print. I look forward to collating and then sharing these mementoes with you all and bringing you fresh up to date and current happenings, including my regular magazine column Titled “Witch in the City” which is featured in two on-line and hard copy quarterly magazines being “Goddess Guru” and “Spirit of Avalon”
This website is a one stop shop where you can purchase books, magazines, my CDs, candles, incense and many beautiful interesting and genuinely  well researched products including many hand made created gift wares.
Thank you for your time and interest in reading this Blog,  I look forward to connecting with you further and invite you to join my mailing list so as to keep up to date with all of my upcoming events.
Blessings and Smiles
Lizzy Rose


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