Lizzy Rose & the Photographic Journalist

PentagramApproached earlier this year by a young Photographic Journalist I was asked if over the course of 3 months I was open to being followed on Camera.

The aim from Photographer Alison Boin was to capture a Human Interest story with Witchcraft as the subject matter. Somehow through channels of worldly communication Alison found me.

Our journey began in March 2013 with Snapshots of a private Psychic Tarot reading where each Querent meaning questioner (client) receives a full body Sage smudging ceremony to cleanse, prior to entering sacred space to commune with the divine. Clairvoyant readings are taken extremely seriously and the preparation required is just as important as the consultation.

Lizzy Purifying the Circle

Casting the Circle

As an Eclectic Witch I chose to celebrate the Celtic wheel of the year, which presents 8 yearly Sabbats one approximately every 6 weeks, in March we honor one of those Sabbats named Mabon it is widely known as the Autumn Equinox. With the Temple full to the brim of bustling Mabon attendees a large happy fun filled Rite was enjoyed by all. Images captured tell the story from beginning to end, with the burial of the Corn Bubba a few days after the group Ritual in a beautiful local nature reserve.

From Mumma Moon Women’s Circles where ladies gather together to celebrate and seek counsel, to personal spells for Clients seeking Protection and Banishment.

With visits to a haunted Aged Care Hostel to remove a distressed ghost, to a full body Exorcism with a living client, who is extremely unwell and requires 4 major Organ transplants, the Photographic journey of my life on film continued.

Alison captured 10 weeks of footage of intimate, private, sacred and at times very emotional magickal and spiritual workings of a practicing High Priestess of Witchcraft. Im Proud to share some of those Cherished memories here on my Lizzy Rose website.

We conclude with images taken at this years Sabbat of Samhain, typically celebrated on or around April 30th.

As the wheel of the year turns yet again, Samhain honors the dead in all things and respectfully acknowledges our loved ones who have crossed over.

Also equally accepting of our own self that in order to move ahead we often must let something go, a death of sorts within ourself.

Box of SpellsThank you to Photographic Student Journalist Alison Boin and to the Melbourne University in Capturing my world of Witchcraft with respect sincerity and integrity. I will cherish the photographs always and delight in sharing this work across my Website and in my Gallery pages for my Family, friends, Clients and fans to appreciate.

For as we have willed it

So it will be

Lady Elizabeth Rose )0(

Download Alison’s Book Here

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