Moments of Meditation 

Journey of the Self

Journey of the Self

Seated in a quiet corner of a small cozy room, the scent of frankincense filled the air. I’m told to gently close my eyes and wrap my fingers tightly around the amethyst crystal bracelet that I was holding. I find myself drifting away to the beautiful voice that was leading a small group of people in a deep, yet very gentle meditation.

I was 9 years old when I first experienced a Meditation Circle, I recall like yesterday the peace and presence of the other world and the immense influence and effect that the person leading the Vocal Meditation had on me. The Lady leading the Meditation was elderly and although I didn’t know it then, I would soon be made aware that she was a High Priestess. That intrigued me yet concerned me, as being aware of her age I knew that this beautiful meditation wouldn’t last forever.

It got me thinking and by the age of 10 years I decided when I grew older I would make a most beautiful Meditation Album that would last way beyond my human years on this earths plane. Being a child when I decided this, I clearly recall wanting the album to be particularly focused on children, so others of a young age could experience a gentle time-out from the world of being a child.

Over the years many other Meditation teachings have crossed my path and I have come to appreciate the incredible effect of stillness, calm and great mental and emotional health attained from carrying out regular Meditation.

Through my personal experience and through years of being taught how to Meditate correctly and, in addition, at times obtaining a desired outcome of a particular focus or theme, for example Meditation to heal a physical injury, or to provide effective memory recall which proves helpful in exams, or simply Meditating to acquire the art of spiritual breathing. This is the four fold breath, sometimes referred to as the spirit breath, that one is expected to learn for working Ceremonial magick and serious Ritualistic worship.

I began teaching Meditation Classes myself at the age of 17 and over the years have created many Meditations from deep healing to light Relaxation. Crossing boundaries to design a Meditation specifically for Disabled persons, and a Meditation directed for the homeless and not least a soulful Meditation for babes and young children to aid in reducing colic and disturbed sleep in pre-schoolers.

Journey of the Self- back

cover notes

With all of these Mediations and many more in my understanding and library I decided that I would create a group of Meditation albums so that everyone could benefit, no matter what type of Meditation they felt led to listen to. I recorded My first Meditation album in 2008

All the Meditations that I teach seem equally important, however this particular Meditation is a deep vocal lead, 63 minute guided Meditation that I designed with the particular focus on removing blockages, pain and distress effortlessly without the listener needing to do anything more than sit or lay quietly in a safe warm and sacred space for an hour whilst listening to the Meditation “Journey of the Self”.

So I share with you Volume 1, the first of a collection of very special and beneficial Meditations that, when carried out, will produce incredible life changing results and transformations. I sincerely hope you enjoy stopping for a few minutes to allow yourself a moment of Meditation in partaking of a Journey of yourself, for yourself.

Simply click on the below link to listen to a free sample of this divine album, which is only available for subscribers to the Lizzy Rose website.

To purchase the album just click on Store and then follow the prompts it’s really easy.

Albums are shipped all over Australia and are available internationally also.

Journey of the Self- disc

Today this most beautiful practical and helpful album titled “Journey of the Self” was launched on my website in my online store, as my first official product selected for sale for all members of the public.

A journey for yourself of yourself
Price(AUD): $20.00

I’m very delighted to share this magick with you and would like to thank my incredible and most trusted friend and my then Manager Mr. Simon Moore and all the guys from Noise Media Network (Noise TV) who worked with me on making this album possible. To Hellmut “the Wolf-man” Wolf for your endless talents in sound engineering and musically backing the entire piece, and to Ray Moon for his talented artwork in birthing the very first Lady Elizabeth Rose official logo that has continued to evolve over the last 5 years. Thank you to David Mattichak for his tireless work behind the scenes in bringing this album to life for the ears and hearts of the world by enabling its on line launch on my website

I can’t thank you all enough for making a 10 year old little girls dream come true.

Blessings Peace and Music be with all people

Love Lizzy Rose

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