Polyamory and the Federal Election

High Priestess

High Priestess
Lady Elizabeth Rose

Recently I was interviewed by Josephine Mangani who runs an on line Blog or two. I found Josephine delightful to work with and very respectful of my personal expierence and information that I chose to share with her in regards to this subject.

Actually of late I have found there to be quite a surge of interviews and articles requested of me, including a possible featured filmed story for a mainstream and very well known Commercial TV station, covering and highlighting the daily life of people who chose Polyamory and in particular how it effects families.

In fact when in conversation recently with a Producer of the show, I suggested I offer my Temple space to host an open to the public discussion group,

where all the many concerns for Poly people can be shared in a safe welcoming and loving space.

I share the link with you here and invite you to join us in a relaxed atmosphere to address our concerns and our highs and lows of what its truly like to live day to day as a Polyamorous person in a generally monogamous world.


Actors Headshot small (Copy) (Copy)We live in such a liberating time that Bi sexuality and Gay and transgender people can now in many arenas openly discuss and put forth recommendations to be acknowledged and the next step, to be legalized in marrying whom they chose.

Children are now to a degree openly raised in same sex and multi sexed families. Some sharing as many as 4 mothers and 5 fathers. This may sound bizarre and immoral to some, however for me we are simply returning to where we began prior to organised religion, prior to being controlled manipulated and deemed powerless to live and love purely and of our own free will.

We have come full circle as these were the ways of olde and in my memory a great loving kind warm and welcoming sharing of life for many.

Yes there is much to work on to have new Laws passed through parliament and to simply educate the general public that loving many is in fact natural, not dirty or embarrassing so yes there is much to change until we all feel more accepted, however I feel we are certainly on our way to recognition respect and acceptance.

Poly-amory truly means “many loves”  Polyamory is completely natural for me,it is unnatural to think of love in any other form.

Remember Love is the Law, Love under Will.

Click on the link below to read Josephines interesting article.


In Love

Lizzy Rose

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