Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose predicts the 2013 AFL Grand Final

Zoo cover sept 2

Zoo Magazine 2 September 2013

With Spring comes such joy, beautiful days blue sky’s, sunshine and the chirping of happy little birds as they announce to us all just how special this time of year is.

In the Southern Hemisphere where I live it’s early September and we have just farewelled the Winter so its now time for spring cleaning, gardening, merriment with many outdoor festivals, meets and greets and cosmopolitan style cafe visits with friends. For some of us this means cheering the talented and very fit lads of our beloved AFL Australian Football League.

Venturing into Melbourne Australia from South Australia in the spring of 1989  I landed in Chapel St. Toorak.

The bustling late 80s brought with it a shopping strip filled to the brim of high fashion where you would find celebrities pouring out of limousines led by their aids to appreciate all that this divine well kept, busy yet quirky street offered. It was here I feel in love with the owner of a leather clothing shop and it was this kind sweet man who introduced me to the Hawthorn Football club. I have never looked back.

After attending a few Footy games as a general spectator, it was the AFL Grand Final of 1989 when Hawthorn played Geelong and won the Premiership, that I declared evermore that the Hawthorn Footy club would be my team. It was such a high energy game noted as one of the best Grand Finals of all time and it happened to be my first, I was hooked.

Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose and AFL Hawthorn

Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose and AFL Hawthorn

I was at Waverley Park in Melbourne in 1991 when we won another Premiership against the West Coast Eagles. Over the years I followed and supported the Hawthorn football club as much as my time allowed. I enjoyed the discipline and dedication the players presented, not to mention that they were a great looking bunch of healthy guys.

In recent years I can’t say that I’ve been as active a supporter as id like to have been, however every now and then I watch a match and think on how very fast the years go by, how my life has changed so much since that last day in September 1989 I think on the many changes that have taken place not only to Chapel St. Toorak,  but to our wonderful City of Melbourne and in particular the Hawthorn football club.

As Australia’s Celebrity Psychic over the last 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of carrying out private Clairvoyant consultations with many of the AFL footy players, past and present. In fact many of them seem to chose Palmistry readings over the high level Psychic readings that I offer. Simply due to the fact Palmistry takes 20 to 30 minutes as opposed to High level Readings that start at a minimum of an hour. One footy legend who I’ve had the pleasure to read for on many occasions is the incredible sweet kind and down to earth Western Bulldogs star Doug Hawkins.


Lizzy Rose and Doug Hawkins

Lizzy Rose and Doug Hawkins

Click here to read his testimonial.

The media have over the years asked for my Psychic sporting predictions.

That almighty question

“who will win this years Premiership?”

On one such occasion in 2008  I found myself chatting on live to air, national Radio station 101.9 Fox Fm early on game day, prior to Hawthorns game with Geelong.

I predicted their win and Psychically saw the scoreboard whilst driving through the hills of Belgrave Victoria. It’s always interesting how images and psychic visions come to me, sometimes in planned readings with time set aside specifically to read for a particular topic or purpose and at other times suddenly a vision or premonition in dream, comes to me with little or no warning.

Carrying out Psychic Clairvoyant and Tarot card readings on Football matches is fascinating because in my experience and opinion, spirit has no interest or desire in sport, or for money or for that matter, time itself.

So when many ask me ‘who should I put my money on’ I simply don’t like to encourage it all.

I’m sorry that may take away some sporting fun for some people but gambling and the spirit realm don’t support each other. So I carry out my readings out of interest and coming from a different point of view. I find it fascinating that as a Psychic at times not always but sometimes, I can step through the veil and see images of a game that as yet, has not been played. I hear players and coaches conversations, see players numbers colors and feel their injuries, weeks sometimes months before they occur.

A couple of weeks ago Zoo Weekly magazine contacted me asking me if id come on board as the AFL Clairvoyant and predict for Zoo Weekly Issue 392 the 2013 AFL winner, the opposing team and the general layout of the game.

When giving my reading to the sports reporter I asked what sort of angle he was looking for “so how would you like the nature of this reading to play out, sexy, comical or serious?”

Seeing as Zoo Weekly is a sexy men’s magazine full of pretty well toned ladies in bikinis and less, I questioned their request for my Tarot Predictions.

However after discussion it indeed seems that they are after some serious sporting Psychic no how. So with my Tarot cards and crystal ball handy, I stopped again to take a peak through the spirit realm into all things that are the AFL Grand Final of 2013.

Take a look at the link here to catch my first article in the very sexy Zoo Weekly magazine.

May the best Team win

Australia’s Sexy Psychic 😉

Lizzy Rose xo

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