Full Moon in Pisces & Simple Moon Spell

moon_frontToday is the grand Full Moon in Pisces. I thought I’d share what in my opinion is an easy to read Astrological update, on the planet’s and their meanings and how simply that affects you today and generally throughout this year of 2013.

Thursday 19th September at 9.15pm 26o 41~ our Moon peaks in Pisces, it’s now 4 days prior to the Spring Equinox and a true completion of the turn of the seasons that began for us here in the Southern Hemisphere on August 1st

So simply, it takes from the beginning of August to the Spring Equinox, which this year falls on 23rd September for Spring to be Sprung.

Unlike our modern Roman calendar, that we as a society use daily for legal and organizational purposes we should also consider as evolved humans, our lunar lore, in other words ‘What about the Planets Calender’. The night’s sky and positions of the Planets were the basis for human time keeping a lot longer than our present system. So how about we collectively look at both. We as a society have evolved and merged in many ways, we cannot and should not, ignore the placement of the stars dancing in the heavens above us and how they affect us as a whole.

pisces-moonSo how do we understand Astrology easily and not generally, which is so often the case when scouring through daily Newspaper columns? Which I appreciate, as the writer is directing his or her information at around 23 million people here in Australia, assuming all are aware of our main and modern Newspaper publications.

What about YOU?  What about simplifying our topics? Yes writing for the masses makes it hard, well impossible, to speak individually to everyone specifically about themselves, but I think for me breaking it down into easy to understand topics might just help. So I hope you enjoy my take on this Divine Full Moon in Pisces.

Pisces and 2013

blue-moon-large-300x260The full moon is a time to pause and change gears it is not waxing and it is not waning, it simply just IS. Underlying motives and feelings can come to light.

For us in 2013 it is a time for awareness and a time for preparation. It’s a time in which minimum energy should be expended and maximum energy towards developing our own programs and contributions to our world should be prepared for the coming year. It’s a year for passion, a time to find your own individual purpose in regards to what you can be passionate about.

Whilst Uranus is around and squaring with Pluto, this year will not largely be changeable in a positive light, 2013 is about awareness, it’s about personal insights.

Nothing progressive occurs when planets are in squares. No easy solutions with squaring planets, no this won’t occur until we have circulatory planetary motion in the heavens.

With the moon in Pisces – it’s a time for Attraction to peaceful and harmonious circumstances, good evolved gentle true people are kind and helpful.

However also with a Pisces Moon comes vagueness. Due to Pisces great influence many are late for appointments during a Pisces moon phase and drift away into the realm of fantasy, dreamtime and illusion.

pisces-fullmoon 2

Spirit= Pisces is a great time for awareness, dreams, meditation relaxation massage, Psychic development, healing, medical operations. Affirming your spiritual beliefs and or practises or finding them.

Love= Pisces softens, heals gently caresses, yes it’s a moon of love, of stillness reflection and soft care.

Money= Pisces cares naught for Gold or monetary wealth, despite admiring and desiring the finer things in life and being very hard working, it’s interesting to note that Pisces moves deeper into the moods of the dark waters when her Moon is full, so its less about the bling and more about the passion the desire the feelings that are attributed to desiring quality and grandeur.

Watch out = Pisces souls are renown for displaying addictive personality’s, be they Drugs, Alcohol, Food, once they get attached to something and often someone, they commit 100% and often to their own detriment. Be careful this Moon not to over indulge in the most pleasurable.

Moon Spell

Enjoy your Moon time tonight and go outside with a glass of Water, Juice or Wine.

Stand under the Full Moon, close your eyes and breathe in her radiance.

Open your eyes look into the Full Moon in Pisces and think on what she means to you.

Speak out loud your wishes and desires, keep it simple and direct;

I wish for and desire ………………………………………………….

Then speak these words

“Oh Moon of Pisces, by your gentle grace fill my Glass that I raise in your honour with my spoken desires, for I drink on your goodness your reflection and your light.

So Mote it Be

Raise your glass to the Full Moon and then drink.

Give thanks by simply saying ‘thank you for your ever guiding light’ and then when you’re ready quietly go inside.

Blessed be Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

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