Psychic Lizzy Rose & the AFL Preliminary Finals 2013


cats vs hawks

With a couple of hours to go before the AFL Preliminary Finals of 2013 begin, I take time out from a day of all things magickal to gaze into the Crystal ball and check out just what will eventuate this evening for these two (2) fantastic Football teams.

24 hours after our full moon peaking in Pisces, the great planet of water, rain and emotion, illusion reflection, healing and compassion, combined with the intense yet hard working disciplinary force of Virgo, I stop to ask, how does this affect tonight’s form for the Football Teams Hawthorn and Geelong.

H & GThe planets will influence with great endurance, despite slippery playing conditions.

This is who I’d like to Win;
Hawthorn to win against Geelong
Fremantle to win against Sydney

Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose predicts the 2013 AFL Grand Final



It’s time to turn over a Tarot Card or two and audio record the game before the kick off 🙂

Here’s what the Tarot Cards have to say:

Overview of tonight’s game

1st half of this game is uncomfortable and erratic, there’s pain, and delays difficultly with the numbers 4 and or 8, the obstacles are the 3 of Swords.

Lots of air in the cards, meaning communication issues and coming specifically from a strong speaking male.

The first part of the game is very intense. This is followed by celebration.

There are obstacles in regards to money and who has bet what, this game is not being played as was expected, it’s not as straight forward as what people thought it would be. The first half of tonight’s game is played very differently to the second half.

Great outcome once through to the last quarter.

I represented the Clubs with specific Tarot cards,

The King of Wands as Hawthorn and the King of Cups as Geelong and then carried out Tarot readings on each quarter;

1st Quarter; Hawthorn gain the first goal, followed by the Tarot card of Judgement and Swords are very apparent. This means upset, frustration, lots of communication and yet difficulty agreeing to decision’s being made. Geelong ahead at the end of the 1st quarter

2nd Quarter; Confusion, disputes debates, more judgement, lots of emotion being stirred up. Hawthorn comes back later to win end of 2nd but after a difficult quarter this game is confusing and muddled.

3rd Quarter; Game has changed its now more consistent; there’s a Player with a leg injury who is taken off, Geelong seem up though.

4th Quarter; Outcome the win causes issues and delays.

Hawthorn are the favourites to win, I wish them all the very best, but it’s a tough one, watch out Hawks as the Cats a have a new game strategy they will play hard.

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