Till the End of the Year

As we only have 11 weeks left, I think on what is to come as we hurry towards the end of 2013. For me here in Melbourne Victoria Australia, we have just seen the warmest winter for over 100 years, however it seems that for the most part of our year in Victoria the weather is always on the rather cool side.

I adore the seasons of spring and summer with the many beautiful sunshiny most perfect of days, full of spring breezes and birds chirping made complete with the scent of fragrant flowers which leads me to think on how very busy our lives are. I’m always reminded by nature to stop, relax meditate, unwind and enjoy our own company and that of others.

OWLL Witches Coven

OWLL Witches Coven


In the month of OCTOBER, I continue to journey with the OWLL Witches teaching Coven. If you have ever thought of studying Witchcraft in a safe environment, with wonderful knowledgeable guest teachers and weekly classes that incorporate practical, theory, formal and yet eclectic Occult studies, then OWLL may just be what you’re looking for.

If this interests you and you wish to place your name on the student waiting list go to;




Tarot Reader
David Mattichak


I’d like to welcome Mr David Mattichak who has joined the Lizzy Rose business, offering his services as a part time Tarot reader on some Tuesdays.

I have received a Tarot reading this week from David, and I really did enjoy his style of reading and specific knowledge of what the cards represent. Great if you are on a lunch break and want to pop in for a quick, straight to the point direct Tarot reading.

Longer readings are also available if desired.


Further information with details on how to book can be found at this link.



There are always many requests for me to carry out Psychic readings, Clairvoyant readings, Tarot readings, Spells Potions, Exorcisms, Séances, Paranormal Investigations and the like, which I shall now offer on Thursdays Fridays and some Saturdays of each week.

If you’d like a reading as a new or regular client this link has further details to assist you;


True Blood Season 6

True Blood Season 6


In NOVEMBER I’m opening the temple space up for a 24 hour True Blood TV Series marathon, aired on the big screen with a showing of all 10 episodes of Season 6 and lots more delectable goodies.

If you would like to join us, follow this link for more information;



This time of year brews as we all know many Christmas parties, fundraisers, end of year work break ups, office parties and lots more. It’s very common for me to be gallivanting around the city servicing the many people who desire a more light hearted Tarot reading, or a Meditation and healing circle which can include foot hand and neck massage parties and lots of other fun. Calming modalities that assist us all in finding that inner peace that we crave so much and in turn making us feel that the year of hard work was all worth while.

To book your end of year functions go to;



Mumma Moon Womens Circles

Mumma Moon Women’s Circles


The last evening of November sees a welcome return     to the much anticipated ‘Mumma Moon Women’s Circles’ these circles include meditation, Oracle sharing and a practical art form which can range from massage, crafting, cooking or light nature walks.

Mumma Moon is available for ladies only from 18 years of age. The benefits from a Circle is life changing. Take time out for yourself and join with like minds in a safe kind and caring space at a circle near you.   For more information go to the below link.




I look forward to seeing you in a circle really soon.



Private Psychic consultations of all the many services on offer will remain available, along with another Mumma Moon Women’s circle and a most wonderful outdoor public ritual to honour the Summer Solstice ‘Litha’ held on December 21st 2013

This will be the last public gathering until February 2014

As well as the individual links that are mentioned above, you can always visit the calendar page on my Website.



As I close my message to you I think on how special life is and how lucky we are here in Australia to have the freedom to celebrate, play, party and embrace all our many varied and to some people, quite unusual interest’s, beliefs and spiritual practices.

Don’t ever be afraid to be true to the most important person in this world YOU.


City of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles

I will remain in Australia for the duration of 2014 and will continue to offer my services with lots more public rituals, performances, circles, magazine articles, TV & radio appearances and so much more, however I’m definitely leaving Australia in early January of 2015 to spend a year in Los Angeles to further my career and deep love of Acting in Film and Television which has always been since childhood my deep passion and driving force.


But until then let’s have some fun. 🙂

I look forward to seeing you somewhere along life’s incredible path.

Be blessed

Love and always with a touch of magick

Lizzy Rose xo

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