When to Cast that Spell?

Invocation or Banishment

Do you know when the ideal time is to Start or End something?

It’s ideal that we work with the energy of the planets, the stars, the moon and sun cycles.

We also should take note of Numerology, yes simply numbers, as just like words they hold their own power and can work for or against us.

 To make it easy for you, I’ve detailed the ideal dates below to cast your Spell or wish for the next 3 months



Means to begin, create, make manifest, bring forth, seed and plant and to set in motion;

Our WAXING moon phase, when the moon is a day or so older than a new moon, is the ideal time to cast your wish, spell or desire. It’s also a powerful time to ward and protect property, people, places, items and a great time for a spell to sell your property.

It’s perfect to invoke a life change, like healthy eating and exercise.

It’s a perfect time for all new to begin with an extra kick start from you.

So what are you waiting for here are the dates that you need 🙂

October Friday 11th to Friday 18th

 November Wednesday 6th to Saturday 16th

December Wednesday 4th to Saturday 14th

Invocation seeds

Invocation seeds



Means to release let go, remove, cut out cut off, tie up, destroy, bury, bind, block and to set in motion the release of your concern issue or maybe even illness.

Our WANING moon phase, when the Full moon is a day or so past its peak, is the ideal time to cast your intention, spell, wish or rite. It’s also a powerful time to carry out spring cleaning, sorting out cupboards, wardrobes and offices of unneeded or unused items.

It’s an ideal time to carry out exorcisms and Cutting the Ties that bind Rituals.

It’s a perfect time for all that is old and holding you back to be removed.

Here are the dates that you need to get started 🙂

October Wednesday 23rd to Nov Saturday 2nd

November Wednesday 20th to Friday 29th

December Wednesday 18th to Tuesday 31st



Take care of you and take control of your life. You don’t need a whole pile of herbs and smoking cauldrons to carry out simple affirmations, vision boards and spoken wishes, to make manifest the changes that you wish for in your life right now.

Be the powerful being that YOU are.

Happy Casting

Lizzy Rose 🙂

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