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Drifting through music whilst absorbing the latest Wendy Rule album ‘Black Snake’ I fall into a mystical enchanted land mourning deep sorrow, the world below and lessons learned. One can feel the joys and heartbreaks of life when lyrical blends are belted out on bended knee.

Wendy Rule 'Black Snake' Album Cover and insert

Wendy Rule ‘Black Snake’ Album Cover and insert

This brings my thoughts into my present and the realization that shortly my home will be bustling with a bevy of house guests, 5 in total all flowing through one for a night, one for two and one for many more, with a settling into the Temple for a spell or more 😉  I share this with you as today I’m filled with song; however even with the temple full of music it is still at times quite silent when one lives primarily alone. This leads me to think on our culture our community and what is right and what is not the so called norm of daily living.

As spirits of the great connective spiralling orb of wonderment that is this great universe, this great plane, are we not meant to be closer to our families or the families that we create? and how does it effect us if we are not.

The great planet Mercury has now gone direct, communication will now flow forward and things we feel like saying will be said, so how does this influence our daily life, why are we so removed from the love of each other, why are we so conditioned and driven to be independent yet not allowed the freedom to be upset moody misunderstood, in all our highs and lows and yet all the while be supported, not left alone to suffer with some succumbing to depression. Why is the community being pulled apart, when in many ways so many are feeling the need to create and merge deeper into it?

As we slide ahead to 2014 I wonder what’s to come?

Are we truly happy where we are in life and who we share our life with?  Perhaps it’s your living arrangement’s that are restless I know mine are. It’s time to feel the pull of nature, it was the same earth pull in 2009 and its come around again, despite the way that we live in cement cities surround by glass, stone and plastered walls, with the drive for the mighty dollar, to engage our latest desires and whims, our souls need the fresh air, the lush forest the woods the deepest springs and our hearts yearn for community, happy families, laughter joy and the simple yet most fulfilling celebrations of life.

We all have many moments when we are truly over humans, however if we are spiritual beings living in our human shell are we not all guilty of those very nuisance’s that others frustrate us with.

It’s time for tolerance, for evolution, for compassion it’s time to agree to disagree without hateful thoughts words or deeds. The endless task of life, how much will we endure how much will we bear, before we rise above and walk away or just quite simply send love.

Why is it so hard to just send love?

It’s time to build our communities it’s time to reunite, to connect to heal, to honour your own soul’s evolution and that way, little by little we heal the whole.

For you are, for I am, the whole and what hurts one hurts all.

Join with me at one of my Gigs or my friends gigs listed below, or perhaps read through an article in one of my columns. As you find yourself, nurture your soul and unite with other like minds. For without each other’s support the journey of this divided planet will continue, and that will be our downfall as a collective people. We have the will to not let that happen, we have the fight the resilience and we do have a community of people who deeply, if not openly, truly desire just to love and to be loved, even if they don’t completely know it yet.

Make a difference don’t wait for someone else to.


Goddess of Avalon Magazine  September 2013

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Wendy Rule 'Black Snake' Album Cover

Wendy Rule ‘Black Snake’ Album Cover

Goddess of Avalon Magazine  September 2013

Read my Interview ‘Pagans & Politics’ with Clive Palmer & Doug Hawkins


Lizzy Rose Goddess of Avalon Sept 11 2013

Lizzy Rose Goddess of Avalon Sept 11 2013

Spirit & Spell Magazine  November 2013

Purchase online my Debut article ‘Ritual in Motion’ OUT NOW!!!

Lizzy Rose Spirit & Spell Issue 9 November 2013

Lizzy Rose Spirit & Spell Issue 9 November 2013


Spiral Dance and (U.K) Damh the Bard  ONE (1) Night only !!!

@ Bar 303 High st Northcote  Saturday November 16th 2013

Spirit of Avalon Magazine  April 2013

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Spiral Dance

Spiral Dance

Damh the Bard

Damh the Bard








Mumma Moon Women’s Circle  Saturday November 30th 2013

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Women's Circles

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Women’s Circles

Goddess of Avalon Magazine  ‘Witch in the City’ with Lizzy Rose December 2013

In the Issue coming up you’ll find article’s on the Sabbats, a review of Wendy Rules latest Album Black Snake and a piece centred around “How does a Witch really live, in a cement city”


Lizzy Rose Video Blogs 2014 🙂 Launch date coming soon!!!


Seven Sisters Festival Special Guest Appearance offering 3 Public Rituals  March 2014

Read my article titled ‘Sisterhood and Community’ 2013 SSF Festival


Seymour Victoria

5 day Psychic Tour & Mumma Moon Women’s Circle

Thursday 1st May to Monday 5th 😉


OWLL Witches Coven 1st degree 13 day Initiation Ceremony and intensive in Ubud Bali August 2014


Check the Lizzy Rose calendar for further details of any above mentioned gigs or Magazine Release dates.

Remember to ‘Make a difference don’t wait for someone else to’

Keep feeling the Love within and without

I hope to see you soon   Love Lizzy Rose xo

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