The Age of Life

The Age of Life

Gentle and elderly, wise and yet innocently patient, over the years so much changes doesn’t it and as we age, we wonder and question at just what’s truly important in this world.

Old and Youthful hands

Old and Youthful hands

I have clients that are quite elderly; my current and eldest Customer is nearly 93 years young 🙂

Norm has been a customer which led to a dear friendship for over 10 years and as I met him at the youthful yet ripe old age of 82, I have found it important to share with you all that at any age, one can seek spiritual guidance and counsel and can see it benefit not only longer levity and better health, but also wealth, happiness and aid in solution’s to loneliness, typical of many an elderly client.

Lizzy Rose & Norm Kennett

Lizzy Rose & Norm Kennett

Front Door Sign at Norm Kennett's

Front Door Sign at Norm Kennett’s









I’m a Witch. The word itself holds origin from a Latin word meaning wicce (pronounced wi kere) and means wise one and one who uses wisdom and magick to bend will. It’s a neutral word (witches can be either “good” or “bad”, helpful or harmful) just like any one. It’s all about choice and accountability. The word Witch is not a religious term. The word is genderless and does not in any way measure up to the Hollywood version and hype, of old particularly female hags with wart ridden faces, wearing pointy hats flying around cursing everyone. For me Witchcraft is the very essence of life, it is not scary, negative, dark, evil or demonic, it is a skilled craft and comes with a dedication to practise. Those that think or assume otherwise are uneducated or oblivious to the paths truth or simply heavily influenced by the negative media of yesteryear in believing all of the wrong things about this sacred and most reverent spiritual practise.

I’m not a Witch at 3pm on a Monday afternoon for 2 hours, nor am I a Psychic when I sit down to consult a client. I’m not a Medium when I’m on an all-night Paranormal Investigation and I’m not a Clairvoyant when teaching the art of the Tarot to budding students. I’m not a High Priestess when my Coven gathers, no I’m all of these qualities, beliefs and life practises within every breath that I take, and in every moment that I create. Being wise, being of craft practise, being dedicated and being accountable is being the true Witch that I am, in every second of my being.

I entered my first Witches Coven at the tender young age of 9 with my fellow students’ being aged from 53 (yes the youngest was 53) to the eldest being 87. I learnt that age young or old, holds no barriers no exceptions and few limits, despite the obvious change of pace. When I completed my 3rd degree initiation as a Priestess I was 12 years old and my Coven Elder was 91 years young.

Spirit in Essence

Spirit in Essence

From womb pre conception, till our later years, we are spirit and our soul lives, thrives and evolves, some quicker and higher than others, this does not make some beings better or more important than others, but it does grant recognitions for that souls evolution and accountability and serves in greater growth and therefore greater happiness for that individual. Its really all about making every moment count right down to the very last breath.  I plan to make it count, there is not a sunset that passes me by that I’m not thankful for walking the path that I walk.

Old or young if you don’t love your life work to change it. Be wise seek counsel and seek the words of your elders, be they mothers, fathers or seniors, but don’t chose not to evolve, for that is your very purpose in this realm.

Be proud of who you are and what you practise in whatever way that you do or plan to.

Hug and oldie today, tonight, or maybe in the morning but whenever you do, stop and think on just how special life is, for everything is a mirror and in that special moment that you make that connection, you are in fact hugging your own self.

It’s not about being too old or too young that holds you back, it’s about what you do with what you’ve got and what you choose to create and make manifest with what you don’t 🙂

Know yourself

Love yourself

Take pride in yourself

Don’t grow old with regrets.

Blessings from the happily aging  Lizzy Rose xo

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