The Final End of 2013 – Happy New Years Day



Hello 2014 🙂 Happy New years Day

I hope everyone had a fantastic night last night. Its 3.00pm here in Melbourne Victoria Australia and that means we have just under 7 hours of the dark moon left, so now is the time to banish what no longer serves you. So I’d like to share with you a very easy Spell to let go and yet to give thanks for the past year.


Easy Spell of Release
Take a piece of plain paper and with a Black Pen write down all of the negative painful upsetting or plain boring occurrence’s and or events that happened to you in 2013 that seem relevant and that stand out to you.

Then take the paper to A) a live fire place with fire burning or outdoor fire or  B) your garden and dig a small 30 cm deep hole or C) go to a stream, lake or running water ways then fold in it three, with each fold speak these words.

So speak the full spell in total thrice (3 times)

2013 Spell of Release

All that has hurt me I accept fully
All that has taught me I accept fully
All that has guided me I accept fully
All that has happened be it wise or woe
In the year of 2013
I now let it ALL go

With Love and with Peace I release at this time
I accept and acknowledge these words and their rhyme.
And now as I (enter; burn or bury or wet) these words writ of my hand
I give back to the earth with thanks for all learned.
For whether I understand completely at this time, I accept all that’s happened to be my destiny defined.

So Mote It Be


Now Burn, Bury or Wet your hand written Spell and then Say I release I release I release thrice (3 times) then let it go into the Fire, Water or Bury in the soil and cover. Now stand and close your eyes, breathe in  thrice (3 times) and relax, now open your eyes. Finally stamp your feet thrice (3 times) and say ‘It Is done It Is done it Is done’


Now as I’m off to cast my own spell of release, I would like to remind you that tonight at 9.14pm here in Victoria Australia for the first time in 19 years, we have a New Moon in Capricorn bursting forth into her glory on the first day of the year and with that seed much power and magick can be created and worked with. Think of it like this, to have this New Moon born today, its like having a turbo boost in comparison to any other time, so use it.   I will back in an hour or so and will share a lovely New Moon Spell to welcome this New year of 2014.

Until then I’m off to cast my Spell of Release and will think on you as you cast yours.

Bright End of 2013 Blessings to you

Lizzy Rose )O(

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