Happy Birthday Elizabeth Rose


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Hello lovelies,

I thought I’d write a special little blog today thinking on all things 2014 and my birthday.  

We have so much to accomplish this year as our world ever changes, I’ve been a little quiet of late as many of you have due to the holiday season and that strange time of year where many of us stop and withdraw from daily life and look towards our immediate family, traveling, the home and garden and just having time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There is much to reflect on as we move ourselves towards a busy, productive, yet very fast year of the horse. Yes another quick year, but as last year was lucky for some and for others the slippery snake revealed many a hidden secret and past unresolved issues, this year is the opposite of that.

The great proud, strong wise, stubborn yet hard working Horse wants it all out in the open and wants to move ahead at full steam. So what are you planning for this year? This is not a year to stay as you have been this is not a year of the same old same old. Many folk have in fact already made great dramatic life changes to their future and we’re only 12 days into the New Cycle.

Thinking on our New Year’s resolutions, do what we wish for at the time of midnight actually have a profound effect on us? Or does it make no difference at all. Perhaps it’s the New Year’s resolutions that in fact enforce the great change in our lives, but then again if we only wish and don’t act, then truly does anything change at all? 

Every action has a reaction, we all have choices and other peoples Karma is not necessarily our own, however how we deal with that Karma is a direct reflection on ourselves.

As I write this on my Birthday in 2014 the year and day that I now turn 44 years of age, I think on my own choices and this grand Chinese year of the Horse, that’s already trotting along at a steady pace. What do I want this year, where do I want to end up at the end of the year and how will I make my dreams manifest into material reality?

I share with you my own Birthday Blessing and encourage you to write your own, whether it is your Birthday in this month of January or among the other 11 months of the Zodiac year, its important on our special day that we not only celebrate in receiving love, gifts, great food and wonderful company from family and friends, but that we also stop and spend some time being still, quiet and looking inward at just where we are in life and what we have accomplished.

This is a great time to write a note of all things that we wish to achieve over the next 12 months and then seal it in an envelope and file it away in a special place, not to be opened until the next Birthday.   


 My Birthday Blessing

On this day my day of birth, I took my breath my skin of earth

Eyes open wide and focused glance, I took a look my mother’s hands

Heart beating fast and shocked to see that all the others stared at me

For why I came back to this land again in flesh and organ of blood and vein

I do not know, nor why returned, only that many lessons have I to learn 

Through childhood teens, adult hood grown,

I stand now strong in my command and all around me now in prime, I must accept for what I find.

Gods and Goddesses Blessed my birth and granted me time here on earth

I give in turn to my souls path, I pledge my heart, my mind my every start,

to honor those along lifes path, in death and life for all its worth.

I Bless myself, I love and care, I send my heart this Birthday Prayer,

for if I not love of my own another love I cannot hone.            


To everyone who is celebrating their Birthday today the 12th January 2014  Id like to wish you a very Happy Birthday 🙂

 Love Elizabeth Rose xo


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