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Brown Lady

Brown Lady

Seems this week’s heatwave here in Australia has had quite a few clients experiencing a high range of paranormal activity. As an investigator and an exorcist I find this very interesting, yet clearly alarming for some residents who feel quite scared.

Spirits work with energy, when you leave your body your energy ie soul/spirit self, exits the portal or carriageway that it currently resides in, ie your physical body. You simply are energy, different forms and levels of ability and manifestation, but none the less energy.

Some energy moves around in much the same manner as when it was held within a living body. However some wish to appear around or visit the same or similar familiar people and properties. This is not so for all spirits and some simply yet quite importantly must and need to move on.

The fact that some spirits are more prominent currently, is a direct result of the sudden change of temperature, particularly as we have had and are experiencing an extreme rise from mid to high 20 degrees to high 30 degrees and upwards towards mid 40 degrees in temperature. Today was 44 degrees here in Melbourne and is predicted to be the same again tomorrow.

This in turn effects both realms of the living and the dead. This may make more sense if you think on a bitter cold, misty foggy night, when Paranormal activity is frequently made apparent and more so than when the temperature is at a mid-range and yes this applies to anywhere in the world.


Simple ways to ease your Haunted Hot Spots

  • Sprinkle a line of salt across all doorways and window sills. This does not exorcise the spirit it simply adds a level of protection and light calm to the premises. Salt is inherently protective and will reduce the level of erratic energy and spirit anomalies.


  • Take clay, glass, china or earthen bowls and fill each with cool boiled water, sprinkle with a handful of salt and then place on the left of each doorway. (The left that’s present when you stand inside your home/room looking outward) This will absorb and dissolve negativity energy.


  • Place fresh flowers in as many rooms as possible, in vases of water adding a teaspoon of honey. Nature brings instant calm, also your flowers will tell you just what level of haunting you are experiencing. (The quicker they die and how they die, tells a lot, also sometimes they are moved)


  • Place all the photos of your deceased loved ones on (1) one table, altar or fireplace, not scattered throughout the home. (Whether you feel that it is someone you know who is haunting you or not, this will contain a presence to a degree and eliminate some questions of just who is actually visiting you and in some cases how many visitors you may have)


  • Do NOT smudge your home, as any smudging when over 33 degrees is ineffective and in fact in some cases can activate more paranormal activity. Not to mention you don’t fight fire with fire. Smudging is often carried out prior to a ceremony for a particular focus and at times to invoke certain Gods and Goddesses, clearly this is not something you wish to do in a haunted residence.


  • Play soothing music or light tunes, nothing to Shamanic, no trance, nor alien music nothing that transports you to other worlds, as this also encourages and has been known to activate hauntings.


  • Acknowledgement is often very important for the confused spirit, simply state out loud         “My name is ____________ I’m aware there is a presence here, please know I do not welcome any harm to befall myself or my family. You are not in danger and I accept you are here for a reason, together we shall find peace. Thankyou for understanding my concerns and honouring my demands, for I understand in all worlds and on all plains respect is the Lore”  

 There are many reasons why spirits haunt and very few are demonic or poltergatic related.

Please do NOT assume that if something goes bump in the night that you are in danger, there are varying grades of manifestations.

Be Safe Be Cool Be Prepared, for the spirits of the dead feel the change in temperature far more and with much greater intensity than when residing in a human shell. So thinking on that may help you to understand that a rise in activity does not necessarily mean you or your loved ones are in any danger.  The spirit may not in fact even be aware that you, are aware of its presence or appearance.

If you are concerned and would like more information by way of a consult then feel free to call me on 0409 626 769 or email me at

If you would like a Paranormal Assessment, it is then that I will establish if in fact you are haunted and if so, what type of haunting, ie; who, why, for how long and how you can remove it if need be. If necessary I will carry out a safe, clean, calm (in most cases) person, house or full spirit exorcism.

Your resident Ghost buster and Exorcist  

Lizzy Rose    

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