Seven Sisters Festival 2014

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“Witchcraft Rite” ‘Awaken Year of the Horse’

& Psychic readings with Lizzy Rose

‘Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose has been teaching, running, performing and presenting, alternative Spiritual Festivals, events, circles, rituals and gatherings for decades. Covering many states of Australia and recently now launched globally through Wren Webinars as an online teacher, bringing Psychic readings and healing to women across the globe’   


As this 2014 New Year takes form and the hustle and bustle of everyday life brews and bubbles away around us, I think on what a magickal year this is for us all.

The focus this year for me is quite largely on ladies, with quite a lot of event’s, circles, festivals and gatherings directed to women only.

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been accepted to be one of the presenters again at this year’s “Seven Sisters Festival” held on the weekend of the 28th – 30th March 2014 in Mt Martha Victoria Australia. This is the 3rd year of the annual Festival and my 2nd to attend and perform at.

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Last year I absolutely delighted in the joy of sharing sacred space with 700 other women, with so many topics on offer, from Yoga and morning exercise to nature walks, healing and massage, all coupled with yummy healthy food and hearty conversation.

This year I shall be offering in person psychic readings during the festival and also presenting a “Witchcraft Rite” ‘Awaken Year of the Horse’

In this public ritual the ancestors will be acknowledged & honored in a consecration ceremony, followed by an elemental circle casting & invocation. This rite includes deep meditation & crafting of a Clay Horse which is then activated & awakened in Ritual, each participant then takes her hand made horse home with her to journey with throughout the 2014 year.

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For more information about the Seven Sisters Festival please go to the below link

Also take a look at this lovely You Tube Video highlighting the magick of last years Festival

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful women that I journeyed with at last year’s festival and meeting many new souls at this upcoming Festival.  

Remember it’s very important for you to take time out for the most important person in this world YOU. For if you cant love and honour yourself you certainly cant fully love another for all is a reflection of the inner.

Goddess Blessings and love Lizzy Rose xo



“Lizzy Rose is Australia’s Celebrity Psychic, offering Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot and Mediumship readings throughout Australia and internationally.

Lizzy Rose reads for Celebrities and many Media personalities’ and can often be seen and heard on T.V, Radio and in Print Media.

Lizzy Rose teaches Psychic development and Meditation classes, also currently writing for 7 magazines including her regular column titled “Witch in the City” which featured an article highlighting the Seven Sisters Festival 2013 that you can read here titled ‘Sisterhood and Community’

Lizzy Rose is a gentle, kind, yet seriously devoted Psychic healer, who is knowledgeable, well known and dedicated to offering your Psychic reading and Public Ritual in the most sacred of ways.”  



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