2014 Chinese New Year of the Horse

Coin of the Year of the HorseIt’s always exciting preparing for ritual, collecting all the magickal ingredients, visiting the local alternative spiritual retail outlets to pick up fresh incense and herbs. Collecting candles colour coded to match and complement the upcoming rite and meeting along the way, lots of new and interesting souls who are also in their own way birthing all things festive.

For the Chinese the colours of Red, Yellow and gold are very powerful. In fact if you think on Chinas flag, Shell petrol stations and McDonald’s restaurants they are among the many corporation’s that use these colours in enormous amounts to represent power, wealth and protection throughout the world.

china-flag 220px-Mcdonalds-90s-logo_svg Shell_logo





Red is a popular color as it scares away evil spirits and bad fortune. Yellow represents strength, abundance prosperity and growth. Together these colors are very potent and clearly the businesses and countries that have taken them on board are well aware of that and have embraced them to their advantage.


Some incredible celebrations’ have occurred throughout the world over the last 6 days to welcome in this great New Year of the Wooden Horse.

Brilliant Images of Global Chinese New Year Celebrations

Here in the ‘Temple of Rose’ on Saturday 1st February, 34 incredible souls gathered to welcome the New Year and celebrate our first harvest festival of Lammas, all the while as our new Super Moon was waxing above us.

Stillness filled the hot night air, as consecration of the circle with an elemental casting opened the evening’s rite.

Chinese New Year 2014 Horse



Tribal elders were called upon to represent Spirit, Water, Earth and Fire, grouping participants into their appropriate tribe in readiness to bake a bread horse.



Tribe of Spirit group intonation on Horse dough

Together each group prepared their dough kneading and working their intentions into the bread. Leaving the dough to rise and returning to their place in the circle, as it was time to chant and sing so as to release all that was no longer of service.



To welcome in the New Year a banquet of grand most exquisite culinary delights was shared by all, after each attendee served another, with the sacred Blessing

‘May you never hunger, Blessed Be’

A call to circle drifted through the gentle yet heavy breeze of a very hot summer’s evening as the participant’s returned to circle. Tribal elders were then given instructions to direct to their subjects.

Kat, Lizzy Rose and Hayley

It’s such a delight to watch as people share with souls of like minds, singing dancing, whispering chanting and channelling good vibes and great intentions’ of prosperity and abundance, great health, wealth and happiness into their hand made and crafted bread horse.

As each participant’s bread horse was oven baked, the temple filled with the fresh scent of home-made bread and the delights of the sabbat of Lammas were shared amongst those who were present.

Baked Horses Feb 1st 2014

In sacred space sacrament was blessed and partaken by all. As High Priestess I invited a young 11 year old maiden to join me in blessing 30 Chinese Fortune cookies with her newly acquired oak wand. It was a night I’m sure this young lady will never forget and neither will I, as we then bid each other a fond farewell.



Merry Meet,
Merry Part and
Merry may we meet again.

Happy New Year of the wooden horse to all.

To any ladies who missed out on this incredible evening of Ritual and crafting and to those who simply would like to do it again, I’m performing this rite at the

‘Seven Sisters Festival’in Mt Martha Victoria Australia on March 28th29th30th 2014

The Rite is titled

“Awaken Year of the Horse” and is listed to appear in the ‘Ritual Space’ on a few occasions over the course of the weekend.

See the below website for more information

Seven Sisters Festival Website

See you in the Circle

Blessed Be Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

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