Enchant, Glaze and Cast, your Chinese New Year of the Horse Bread

HORSEHello to everyone who attended our Lammas & Chinese New Year of the Horse ritual celebrations and festivities, on Saturday 1st February 2014.

For additional long levity of your crafted oven baked bread horse, take a look at your horse and give it a tap or two. If it sounds hard and hollow it’s ready for glazing, if it sounds doughy and heavy like a thud when you tap it, then return it to the oven. 

To Cast and to seal your Bread Horse for long life

BAKE – (Please note; only if your horse is doughy when tapped, if your bread is rock hard baking is not needed and you can immediately proceed to glaze)

Place in oven, for 20 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees then remove and allow your bread to cool properly on a cake rack, it’s important that air circulates around and under the bread horse.

GLAZE- when bread horse is cooled.
Glaze with egg white and a pinch of salt
Place back in the oven at 100 degrees for another 15 minutes.
Remove and allow your bread horse to cool down.
Once cooled hold your horse and speak the below enchantment, then hang or display wherever you wish in your home to invoke money, prosperity and abundance or a calm, easy and smooth 2014 as according to the coin you chose to place into your horse when you created it.


I infuse this bread with energy and power
Enrich and bless my life this hour
Carry me through the year with aid
Guide and bless my every day
For Horse I call you into being
Bring stamina and strength
Peace and healing.
For as I will it at this time I cast this spell I speak in rhyme 

Chinese-New-Year-2014-Horse-Wishes-HDHave a truly amazing 2014 and enjoy your horse talisman and it’s magick 😉 

Blessings of abundance and peace be upon you and yours. 

Love and Magick Lizzy Rose xo 

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