Lizzy Rose 4 day Seymour Northern Victoria Australian Tour

March Long Weekend in the Country


It was 1995 I was pregnant with my 3rd child and yet all of a sudden I felt called to move from the outer suburbs of Melbourne to the country. After all I grew up in country Mt Gambier South Australia and as a small child loved farm life and the freshness of land, milk, bread and produce that just doesn’t compare to the city.

So my children’s father and I moved to Seymour which is located in Northern Victoria Australia, we lived there 5 years then in the year 2000 moved 30 kms south and lived in Kilmore for 12 months.

In the late 90s in the Seymour, Kilmore, Wallan, Tabilk, Yea, Broadford, Shepparton and surrounding areas I made many friends, consulted many clients and operated a total of 4 retail shops over the 6 years that I was living in the area. I had many a vision in this pocket of my life, the highlights being the birth of my 3 beautiful sons, and sharing time with our families’ horses. There is nothing quite like riding the wild rugged dry lands with warm winds sweeping your face leaving you in a state of pure ecstasy and excitement of the freedom that cantering the plains on a proud Arab gelding can bring.

I was very proud to create Seymour’s first ever “New Age and Alternative Festival” that was held in the Seymour RSL Hall, 80 Anzac Avenue, Seymour on October 31st of 1999

Seymour’s population at the time was approximately 5,000

The Festival was such a huge success that we filled two halls with over 80 stall holders along with two carparks full to the brim with kiddies rides and hot foods spilling into the outdoor market space. Nearly 800 people poured out into the carparks with Police sectioning off some of the main highway to accommodate us all. To this day Seymour has never had a Psychic fair like it and 14 years later I’m still asked when I will put this on again. This fills me with pride at just how lucky we are to create such magick in our amazing beautiful land of Australia.

I was 29 years old then and my 4th son was 12 months old at the time of conception of the festival, social media didn’t exist. I worked hard and long promoting by word of mouth and treading footpaths across a dozen small country towns for over 5 months in at times very difficult and trying conditions to advertise printed posters and flyers for my Festival and to make the event a success. Success in the sense of freedom of speech of belief and of empowerment of ones own spirit and soul. So often we say “oh what can I do, I’m too small too young too old, to out of touch, no one will listen to me” Well your wrong,  Never let anyone tell you it cant be done, that you cant find strength drive focus and pure joy within and without.

“Love your life and if you don’t, change it” 

“Really you can have, everything that you desire, just will it into being and always remember if you want something done, ask a busy person” 🙂      

My time living in Seymour and Kilmore seems so long ago now and feels like another life to me. In fact it was just over 14 years ago that I left the country and returned to the city inner suburbs, yet there is not a week that goes by that I don’t feel the winds of longing and the strength of my beautiful White Arab gelding aptly named ‘Thadious’ calling me home.

My heart, my soul, my memories and my spirit will always think fondly on my time in Northern Victoria Australia and no matter where my road leads me I will always find comfort and will always make time to come home.

I look forward to sharing with you this weekend and wish you well wherever you may be and if you’re in or around the Seymour area tune into their local radio station, give us a call and come along to our Women’s sacred healing circle. Take time for yourself, allow yourself to obtain a Psychic reading or other form of divination on offer.

Make every moment count.

Goddess Bless Lizzy Rose )O(




Friday 7th March

Lizzy Rose is being interviewed on Friday 7th March 2014 by presenter Peta Bulmer on Seymour’s 103.9 FM community radio station.

 The show titled “Sirens of the Sky” focusing on ‘women who rock, roll and run with it’ will be asking Lizzy all about what it is like living as a Psychic, practising Witchcraft and how music is involved in her magick.

 You can call in to speak to Lizzy as the show goes live to air from 3pm to 4pm as the phone lines will be open to take calls and requests for Psychic Clairvoyant and Tarot Readings.

Seymour 103.9 FM - Lizzy Rose

Seymour 103.9 FM – Lizzy Rose


Saturday 8th March

Psychic readings in Seymour – Booked out

Mumma Moon Women’s Healing Circle – Tabilk

Please click on the below link for all information and to RSVP

Mumma Moon Women’s Circles Tabilk Victoria Australia 


Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles


Sunday 9th March

 Psychic readings in Tabilk – Booked out


Monday 10th March

Psychic readings in Tabilk, Wallan and Kilmore –

Please note there are only two appointments currently left available, to book or inquire

please call

0409 626 769 or email

Please click on the below link for further information

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Mediumship and Tarot readings with Lizzy Rose  


Thankyou for reading, if you find that you feel you may know of family, friends or colleagues that would benefit from this website blog and information, then please forward this notice onto them, so they can meet with Lizzy Rose and enjoy one or more of her many services, while she is in the area.

Tess P.A for Lizzy Rose   



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