Healthy Happy Healing – Part 1

There are so many products out there promising to fix this and tweak that, as we are all well aware the weight loss market and Vitamin and Mineral production line is a billion dollar industry.

So what happens when you actually find THE ONE the one that not only promises to provide you with the best health by the world’s best products, but also promises you a healthy sustainable residual income. A company that actually gives back to its customers more than just incredible life saving minerals with life changing solutions for your bodily organs but also providing you with complete peace of mind.

The one Company that does all that it promises to do, the one system that isn’t a quick fix filled with chemicals or unnatural or partial unnatural ingredient’s, instead its a group of life changing products that actually really do remove everything that is toxic within your body and replenish you, as well as providing your body with great healing abilities by making new cells and eliminating what your body doesn’t need use or like, but cant seem to naturally get rid of, all the while building lean muscle mass and sculpting the body. So whether you are too big or too small, it actually reads your body naturally and realigns it making it suitable for all body types, of any age and shape or lack of physical fitness.

Introduced by a girlfriend to products that id never heard of 2 months ago, my first reaction was show me, prove it, give me the solution, then if its all that and more, I will dedicate the next couple of months to exploring the entire programme personally !!!

So here’s my story and for me the beginning of a huge life change in so many ways.

My Personal Experience

My height is 155cm = 5 Foot 1 & 3/4  (the 3/4 counts when your as short as me 😉

Start Weight on Day 1 = 89 kilos

Progress on Day 13 = 85 kilos

Goal Weight = 55 kilos


* In just 13 days,  I’ve lost 4 kilos = 8.8 pounds  🙂

* My body has lost a total of 14.5 cm = 5 1/4 inches 🙂

* Its SO easy and SO quick,  it takes me a minute to make my breakfast, dinner and snacks.

* I feel full and satisfied, never bloated, never empty, never that starving feeling when you work all day and forget to eat.

* I eat real food. Yes you eat real food, you don’t just eat shakes and tablets, the program encourages and insists that you eat real food. I have learnt and look forward to eating my main healthy meal at lunch time. Its simple and no I don’t crave late night foods as I’m just not hungry like before. Instead opting for Isa snacks yep yummy chocolate bars, if I really feel peckish 😉

Breakfast for Lunch

Breakfast for Lunch

* My energy is through the roof, I’m SO happy, and I was a very happy person before, now I’m unstoppable 🙂

* Convenience, its all there in front of me everything is provided, the time that it has saved me in shopping, preparing meals, cooking and eating is invaluable.

* I have saved $$$ yes I’ve actually saved money. Initially I thought rubbish, this will cost me a fortune and I was wrong. Once I was set up with my products I realised that my fortnightly food bill was reduced by 85% as I’ve literally swapped what I used to spend on take away, supermarket trips and dine out or home delivery, instead making one monthly purchase all online from the comfort and convenience of my home to provide my complete food source. Clearly I’ve also greatly reduced the cost and stress of fuel and negative pollution emission’s that I would’ve created by driving to the shops and back regularly as I had been.

* I feel so much clearer, so aware, so awakened in every moment. Colours are brighter, the air is clearer, the scent of flowers is stronger. As a Psychic I see Auras I have all of my life what I see now blows my mind. Everything is extended, its like 2 weeks ago I was only seeing half of what I was looking at.

* I crave water now and feel so GREAT when I drink it, instead of forcing it down and groaning while counting my advised daily intake.

*My body tells me that I not only need to sleep, but that I must sleep, its like there is a switch and come a certain time of night I simply must sleep. I can push through that, but feel the whole time that my body is calling me to get rest. This makes you listen to your body without feeling irritated.

* I sleep like a baby, uninterrupted, waking feeling refreshed and wanting to get up and not only face the day but rip it apart.

*My Psychic ability has been extremely heightened, I feel as if I’ve been awakened from the world of delusion and secrecy into a higher knowing and an awareness that I’m bursting to share with others. I’ve carried out Psychic and Mediumship readings since before I was a teenager and have found that spirit has always been clear, but now WOW What an eye opener these products have brought to me.

* I want other people, every one every where to feel what I feel, I want people to live longer and healthier not in a toxic forced world. All I think about is how everyone can benefit and become healthy, like truly healthy, completely and easily.

* Within not even a minute of swallowing the first product being 30 mls of Isagenix Ionix Supreme concentrated liquid, I felt a surge of energy run through me and instead of heading back to bed (which was my intention due to having only 4 hours sleep the night before) I zoomed through my day.

Isagenix Ionix Supreme

Isagenix Ionix Supreme

These products are insane, real, pure clean life changing food in a minute of your time.

Isagenix Associate Lizzy Rose

Isagenix Associate Lizzy Rose


* Why didn’t I come across these products 12 years ago when they were first created.

* My second day came and I was hit hard with a headache that soon developed into a migraine that lasted for 48 hours. Warning; Personal Over share 😉 Neglecting to take into account that I was pre menstrual and have suffered horrendous pre menstrual migraines since I was a teenager I didn’t think to realize that I was suffering from the monthly headache from hell that I have been living with on and off for 32 years. I all too quickly blamed the new program that id started. I was thinking it must be doing something wrong to me for me to feel so very unwell. On day 5 of my Isagenix journey when my monthly menstrual cycle arrived, I suddenly realised that I had automatically placed blame on my new health regimen, oh how very silly of me and typical of our society as we so easily jump to put downs and negativity, always with acting out first to shut something down instead of actually taking on board what is really happening and why. It was in the back of my mind to be the true cause of the problem, but that little devil that sits on our shoulder screams, stop, its the change you just made, its the change ! We are so conditioned to stay in the box to not invite change or try new things, conditioned to be robots and eat without question as to what we are consuming and to immediately attend a Dr if we are unwell. If only we looked outside of the box and with an open positive mind welcomed new things into our lives, we would then realise that in some cases these great changes cannot only give us back our life and great health, but can also prolong it.

* By Day 11 my ears started to burn, yep hot warm slightly inflamed ears that still feel like there is a bug in them, that’s the only way that I can describe it. Is this another negative and if so I’m actually finding it very interesting, as I now see this as positive, due to my blood results. You see before I started my Isagenix grand life change I promised that I would be completely honest at all times. So if I feel like crap sorry, but I’m going to tell you about it. I had full blood tests carried out the day before I started my Isagenix, well I was given the blood test results today, evidently I have a slight infection in my blood, I don’t feel unwell and haven’t had a cold or flu for years. I don’t smoke, rarely do I drink alcohol and I don’t take any recreational drugs, in fact apart from an occasional nurofen for those blasted headaches and odd skin cream to treat eczema I steer right away from consuming and absorbing any drugs, pharmaceutical or otherwise and I’m generally despite being over weight and unfit not at all an unwell person. So what’s this infection that was dormant 2 weeks ago with no symptoms what soever, that suddenly around 48 hours ago appeared?

* Toxins – this brings me to toxins and a knowing that we all carry so much within us and we are subjected to toxins all day, every day, every where no matter how healthy we think that we are. So if I’ve been toxic since my birth and even my conception then that’s 44 years of  harm that’s laying dormant to varying degrees inside of my body. Makes complete sense that those toxins will now need to work their way out of me.

This video below I have found very interesting and have watched a few times now. Its simple, its the facts, not imagined just the facts, sadly its how we all live. However we can change it, simply by what we consume and when we consume it.

Thankyou Isagenix for creating an incredible product that even as early as day 13 which it is for me today, your completely natural nutritious meal replacement’s, vitamins and minerals are working to not only rid my body and organs of toxin’s, but are also working to eliminate all of the unhealthy fats that I’ve lived with for so very long.

Oh and one more thing 😉 for those that have asked me, no I haven’t physically exercised as yet. I haven’t changed any part of my daily routine as I wanted to just take the products first and see how I felt and then be able to share my progress in a sensible and very basic manner. My aim each fortnight is to include, as I feel fit to, another level of activity and structure into my healthy new lifestyle.

Its simple, just listen to your body, and its desire to really want to live not to just exist, I did and I’m lucky and forever eternally grateful to the lady who introduced me to these products and to the man who is a constant support with all of my many questions. You’ve both not only changed my life, but you’ve lengthened it.

Thankyou to Para Isidro Dance & Hunter Anderson for caring enough to share these incredible product gifts with me. The best gift of all Great Health !

Para Isidro Dance – Perth Western Australia

Hunter Anderson – Isagenix Crystal Executive

Hunter Anderson

Hunter Anderson

Para Isidro Dance

Para Isidro Dance









If you want to change your life in every way just ask me how.

Smiles Lizzy Rose 🙂

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