Womens Circle – Eltham Victoria Australia – Saturday 5th April 2014

Hello everyone,

Please pass this invite on to any women that you may know, whether its your daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, friend, neighbour or colleague and importantly if you are reading this and are female and this is calling to you, then welcome, I look forward to seeing you in the circle 🙂

In 3 sleeps which brings us to Saturday 5th April 2014  I’m offering a very special Mumma Moon Women’s Circle for all ladies 16 years and over in the picturesque tree lined suburb of Eltham. This circle will be unique in many ways, firstly because we are gathering inside the magickal world of the Lotus Belle. If you have never meditated or spiritually shared in such a divinely calm space, now is your chance.

Lotus Belle Tent - Lizzy Rose - Mumma Moon Women's Circle

Lotus Belle Tent – Lizzy Rose – Mumma Moon Women’s Circle


There are 5 main features for this gathering;

1. Cauldron of Fire opening ceremony – you will circle with other ladies outside in the lush faery forest garden wonderland.

2. In sacred procession you will then enter the beautiful Lotus Belle tent for a deeply quiet and calm 25 minute meditation.

3. Celebration feasting and socialising for approximately 30 minutes will occur after your meditation and will centre around the Balinese outdoor garden setting, this will take you into another land of magick dreamtime and pleasure 🙂

4. Returning to cast an Oracle Divination circle deep inside the Lotus Belle tent, those who wish to share will then do so by selecting in silence a Tarot and Goddess card. This is a time for great counsel and a healing of the soul, all the while empowering the sacred feminine and seeking guidance, direction and advice from the realm of great spirit and the sisterhood that is Mumma Moon.

5. Returning once again to the Balinese Space, practical workings will end the evening with a fun besom (Witches Broom) making workshop. Upon completion you will take home your little witches broom for safe keeping and further use or simple admiration.



Private residence in Eltham Victoria Australia, please SMS or CALL  Lizzy Rose on 0409 626 769 for the address and directions


DOORS Open 6.30pm to 7.30pm


CIRCLE ENDS  11.30pm


Adult –  Females 16 yrs and over

PLEASE NOTE – Please do not bring any children who are under 16 years of age as this circle is strictly designed for Adults.


$25 (per person) for 19 years and over

$20 (per person) for 16 to 18 years

PLEASE NOTE  This evenings class would typically be charged at $35 per person, however due to this Circle being filmed a special discount has been offered.


(1) One home made, healthy, plate of food per person to share.

A cushion, bean bag or folding chair if you wish.

Warm comfy clothing and footwear, as the nights are getting chilly.


This circle is held at a private residence and seats approximately 20 people comfortably.

Please RSVP by mobile phone to 0409 626 769 or on the facebook event page, so as not to miss out.

Mumma Moon Facebook Event invitation

Lotus Belle Tent

Lotus Belle Tent


I’m delighted to announce that this magickal Mumma Moon Womens Circle, will be filmed by a lovely local student Yiling, who is currently studying Media, Arts and all things Film. Yiling has approached me and asked if she could film this event for her school project. Yiling will provide me with a copy of the captured footage upon completion of editing and her final submission. I will post the video here on my website and across my facebook pages and groups for your viewing and sharing.


To the ladies attending this event !

So just to be clear, Please be aware that you will be filmed for the duration of this circle. Yiling and her 2 assistants have also asked to interview a couple of the attendees to add personal input of what Witchcraft and magick means to you for the purpose of her film. The interviews will happen really organically at the beginning of the evening prior to circle starting or at the break for Feasting, there will be NO interviews conducted at any other times. Some of you may be invited to participate however please do not feel that you have to be involved in anyway, no offense will be taken if you chose to say nothing at all. Yiling will have enough audio visual content without interviewing anyone, it will just be a nice addition if she is able to.


Typically Mumma Moon Women’s Circles are not focused on Witchcraft, however this circle will be, as the chosen focus for Yiling’s film is an introduction to Witchcraft, ie What is it, How do modern Witches practise and Why.

This is a wonderful way to see a Witches working circle in motion, for not only Yiling, her class mates and teacher, but also those who are a part of the making of this film as well as the viewer’s post its release.

This is also a lovely light introduction for those attending this circle who perhaps haven’t shared Witches workings or castings before, to gently and safely watch or join in as we brew much magick and blessings.

Id like to add that I completely support the world of Film, media, TV radio and print media, as in my opinion it is a great medium in which Witchcraft can serve in educating and empowering the general public. I personally find it very interesting, respectful and a great honour, to be asked by a public high school student, with not only authorization but also encouragement from the teachers and the Schools Principal, in supporting the open acceptance of Witchcraft as a young students choice to investigate and report to support her studies and her knowledge. May many more educational departments see the necessary acceptance that all spiritual ways of practise and honour are so very valuable for not only the young, but also people of any age in this grand time of planetary evolution.

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles

Lizzy Rose Mumma Moon Womens Circles


There is strictly no smoking in or near the circle space. If you smoke you are welcome to outside of the dwelling in a designated area. Thankyou for your consideration and respect in advance.


I look forward to seeing you in the Circle.

Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

For more information and Q & A about Mumma Moon Women’s Circles please go to the below website page.


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