Samhain Funeral Ritual

Samhain  Public Ritual 

Keilor East Victoria Australia

Welcome to the time of year where the veils are at their thinnest, where the spirits of the other realms cross over and merge with our world of the living. Samhain also known as Halloween is celebrated at this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere, whilst our sisters and brothers, family and friends honour Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere.

I invite you to join with myself and the Priestesses of the Temple, in a deep most sacred of rites this weekend that will change your life and awaken your ills that you hold deep within, in a gentle, calm and safe space, with those troubles then being removed and carried in funeral procession to a hand dug grave to be disposed of sacredly during the Samhain Ceremony.

Its time to let go of what holds us back, to release and to really truly mourn and be free of what burdens us. For it is only when one door is completely closed and the old is buried that our new birth can truly begin.

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose


“Temple of Rose” Private residence in Keilor East Victoria Australia, please SMS or CALL Lizzy Rose on 0409 626 769 for the address and directions

PRIESTESSES of the TEMPLE of ROSE will greet and aid you upon your arrival.



DOORS Open 6.30pm to 7.30pm

* Film Viewing at 6.45pm, 7.00pm and 7.15pm



ENDS 11.30pm

* There will be 3 cinema screenings of a recently Directed and produced short 6 minute film by Yiling Shen, titled “Witchcraft an Interview with Lizzy Rose”  prior to the Samhain Funeral Ritual.


WHO  Adult – Males & Females 18 years and over

PLEASE NOTE – Please do not bring anyone who is under 18 years of age as this Ritual is strictly designed for Adults and refusal may offend.

Samhain Spirit

Samhain Spirit

COST $20 (per person)

WEAR Black or Dark, very dark clothing, gowns, robes, cloaks, dresses, suits, think to dress as you would when going to a funeral. Veils scarfs hats… Black or dark shoes and wear warm clothing including footwear and socks, as the nights are very chilly.


PLEASE BRING (1) One home made healthy, plate of warm nourishing food per person to share. A cushion, bean bag or folding chair if you wish.

Samhain Cauldron Stew

Samhain Cauldron Stew

SEATING This circle is held at a private residence and seats  approximately 30 to 40 people comfortably.


Please RSVP by mobile phone to 0409 626 769 or below by clicking on the facebook event link, so as not to miss out.

Samhain Funeral Ritual Facebook Event Page



This Rite is a Trance Crone channelling where High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose will invoke an entity into her and share as Oracle and Seer whilst in council to the circle attendee’s. This ritual includes a funeral procession and full burial rite reaching across the veils and into the other realms.

Think of one point of focus that no longer serves you and bring that thought/issue/concern/problem with you, this matter will be buried during the funeral.

Samhain grave- Lizzy Rose

Samhain grave- Lizzy Rose


This ritual is a serious solemn proper ceremonial affair, it is not light hearted nor jovial this Samhain is not focused on those loved ones that we have lost but instead on our deepest darkest fears and concern’s that we need to remove from our lives for good. What you wish for in this Rite cannot be reversed. Think now on what you wish to banish so you are completely prepared for you are responsible and accountable for the rituals results.

Witches Grave

Witches Grave

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