Lizzy Rose USA Tour May 14th to June 15th 2014

Hi there 🙂

Just letting you know that my Tour website has just been officially launched by the incredibly talented Caroline Demski.

Click on the below link to head straight to the website and get all of the latest gossip 🙂

Rose & Thorn Tour Website

Rose & Thorn 2014 Tour Banner

Rose & Thorn 2014 Tour Banner

If you would like a Psychic, Tarot, Aura or Mediumship reading, or perhaps a meditation circle, Tarot party or Witchcraft Ritual please feel free to contact Caroline directly

We are touring the South East of America and I’m very happy to say that we start our wonderful tour in Miami Florida on Thursday 15th May ..  Hello Miami 🙂

Once we leave Miami we will head to many different spots. I’m open excited and very honoured to be appearing, working, sharing and celebrating life with you all, in many of the places that you see below. If you don’t see your hometown on the list then just ask Caroline if she can add it 🙂 as she can move mountains and make anything it seems possible.

Rose & Thorn Tour flyer

Rose & Thorn Tour flyer


Also take a look at our facebook page for on road updates, blogs, photos and videos.

Rose & Thorn USA Tour Facebook Page

This tour is an equal opportunity to meet and have a reading or any other service that’s on offer with Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose and the remarkable United States Psychic Mediator Elizabeth Thornley.

We look forward to sharing much magick with you along the way and would love to hear from you.

May the Gods and Goddesses Bless

Lizzy Rose xo








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