USA Rose & Thorn Tour 2014

Rose & Thorn NA TourThe sweet scent of fresh crisp cut grass brushes over me, as the smell of healthy turned soil surrounds. My eyes close and I smile, feeling proud that I took a chance, a chance that brought me here.

Riding high up in the RV Winnebago and seated next to my driver and ever loving supportive and considerate sister Elizabeth Thornley, I think on my journey across America which was due to come to an end in just 6 days time. My travel here has been full of so many different emotions, pleasures and personal evolutions. My energy has been pulled in so many directions as I’m wearing many hats to meld the tour together, making every second count and bringing forth needed manifestations on a near daily level.

I have been called by Great Spirit to stay longer in this land for I’m drawn to bring more Magick to the people that are calling out for healing counsel and direction. I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many incredible beautiful and very talented people along the way.

image[4]I have just left the United States of America and I now journey across the open farm fields of Canada as we head for Toronto to spend 7 days immersed in all things Red and White.

image[2]Everywhere that I have traveled in both these beautiful countries, people have been friendly, polite and eager to serve while I have been on this path of new beginnings that I undertook back in Australia so very suddenly, now feels like oh so very long ago.

So why don’t we take risks, why don’t we step off the cliff and just trust as the universe will truly honour and grant our wishes and requests. It may not always be easy but what we work harder for, surely we appreciate more.

Lizzy US promo imageThe Rose and Thorn 2014 Tour has been filled with the most enormous of trials and tribulations that I have personally experienced witnessed and been a part of, including some monumental endings, tremendous sacrifices and universal tests beyond comprehension and measure. My patience has been strung to the extreme, my tolerance compassion and resilience tested beyond time itself. I feel I have been stretched from one end of the universe to the other all the while as excited as a young child would be with their first ever camping trip, and nervous eager and enthusiastic as a fresh tourist crossing a great far away land.

So many signs so many messages, so much to absorb admire and prepare myself for. So with many reasons to return to the USA for 2015 I’m filled with longing and lessons learned. I now turn the pages of my life again and cross the great divide from my Southern Hemisphere home to this Northern Hemisphere land of promise and endless opportunity.

The energy of the tour has shifted many times over and now moves through another doorway as a lovely young man Steve has joined us, as our driver and security guard.

People say to me “why do you need security” well we are travelling through many remote country towns and across Indian Reservations in a 35 foot vehicle, often camping the night in RV truck stops with 100 other truck drivers.

image[1]We had a situation in Newport Richey Florida where 1am in the morning a drunk man just walked right up the steps and into the RV. This is my home, imagine a drunk man just opening the door to your house and falling upon you as if he was invited. When I asked him to leave he repeatedly refused, which led to the Police being called.

Two woman travelling from one end of America to the other and now into another country, despite showing great strength, resilience patience and the devotion and dedication of cast iron, should in my opinion be a little more protected for those just in case situations. I also have met many people that carry firearms; in fact it’s been rare to not come across a man or women and their personal handgun.

image[3]We are living in a very different world and with that we adapt.

For this Witch touring these great countries it is truly an experience of a lifetime for me and with that I will completely appreciate every single second and every person that I’m honoured to meet along the way.

Love your life and believe in yourself as you truly are the master of your own destiny.

Lizzy Rose )0(

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