1st Birthday

Wow I cant believe its been a year since this website has been launched. I seem to do most things backwards, well according to the general consensus of this technological world. 🙂

Do you ever feel that you are different, unlike the norm, then again what is the norm? People often say to me, ‘so when did you start Psychic readings, how long have you been doing this work?’ ‘If you have lived before, how old are you and what lives are you aware of that you have previously lived?’

I personally have always found psychic ability, past lives and reincarnation fascinating.

I recall so many past life’s, these visions these flashbacks, started as early as I can remember. From the very young age of a pre schooler, I have lived this life of ‘seeing’ and that inert ‘knowing’ that spirit and its energy is very real, ever present and really truly has its own life that at times blends, glides and shadows that of the life of a human. I truly believe ‘that’ energy, is spirit, and mind body and soul is only bonded as one, at the time of its human conception and therefore its complete existence is while the soul resides primarily in the body. Yet there is not just one realm there are many, there are many soul evolutions that cross from one dimension into another and back again. So as a psychic do I know everything, no, and far from it. Do I ‘see’ everything, no. For if I knew everything and if I saw everything, why would I be here in human form still learning through my many incarnations just like you.

Yes I do believe that we all keep cycling through the veils and back into one human existence after another, until we have learnt all there is to learn, about being a spiritual being having a human experience.

Clay Waddell Interviews Lizzy Rose

Clay Waddell & Lizzy Rose April 14th 2014

Clay Waddell & Lizzy Rose April 14th 2014

Being aware, being able to see and feel so intensely parts of my past life’s, and parts of peoples past and current life’s. To glimpse into the realms, through the veils and into a persons future, whether it be tomorrow or what will be in 6 months or 3 years is not always messages visions or predictions that I like to share. There are many moments when spirit will provide all the answers re future predictions in cryptic code, like repeatedly showing me the winning horse for the ‘Melbourne Cup’ 2 years in advance instead of being concise at the time of being asked for the winner of that current year.

Or when providing the winners of Channels 9s ‘The Block’ for 2014 in exact reverse, so what I interpreted with a tarot reading was the publics choice for the winners, yet what I predicted psychically was the order of the contestants auctions with the winning contestants being announced last. So why does spirit trick, twist or exchange varying degrees of information, particularly when there are millions of dollars on the line.

Channel 9 Psychic Lizzy Rose & The Block 2014 

I find the life of being Psychic fascinating, adventurous and full of daily lessons. To be more aware one must be more accountable. To be awakened one must be touched, truly touched by human emotion. To be a sensitive is a very powerful yet very difficult way of life.

Then there are the many times that I’ve worked predicting the AFL Football Grand finals where spirit has not only provided the name of the years winning team but very detailed quarter by quarter exact scores and players personal results.

Psychic Lizzy Rose Predicts 2013 AFL Grand final winner 

Lizzy Rose Predicts AFL Quarter by Quarter Points  Hawthorn- Geelong 

Psychic Lizzy Rose predicts Hawthorn AFL 2013 Grand Final win

Psychic Lizzy Rose predicts Hawthorn AFL 2013 Grand Final win

Hawks Logo

Hawks Logo


So why is my website only 1 year old, when I’ve been consulting for decades? Well I never saw being ‘Psychic’ as a business, or as a form of employment, the first ten years of offering tarot Clairvoyant and psychic readings no funds were exchanged and as the years rolled by and I began by asking for a donation to cover my time and to support my way of life I became more aware that this spiritual practise and daily lifestyle, this way of seeing and knowing, not only at times saved, enriched and provided my life and but that it also saved others and it rolled into becoming who I was and has and always will effect my daily life in every way. So while I still provide so much of my work on a voluntary basis I’m reminded by this current ‘age’ that perhaps I should share this energy with others with a more public presence. So after many more lessons about just who to trust in regards to public global online advertising and sharing what I offer, I joined forces with my dear friend David Mattichak and together we created this website www.lizzyrose.com.au

I look forward to continuing to update the huge array of 64 pages, many of which are far from complete, so in my small way, I can share with you all that I am and all that I offer. For I believe that we never stop learning and even though I may have launched this website 20 years or so too late, I also believe that everything happens exactly as and when its meant to.

So really what is the norm? 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday and to everyone out there who’s also celebrating their 1st Technological Birthday, despite the fact that we are all much much older than this current age, do know that your not behind at all, for there was evolution way before the internet and even though its a huge benefit to us all there will continue to be many who evolve and awaken without its influence and maybe just maybe that’s much more normal than the way we live now 🙂

Birthday Blessings and here’s to many more firsts 🙂

Cheers Lizzy Rose xo

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