Giving Thanks

As the sun beats down upon me here in a quaint little middle class suburb in Victoria Australia, I think on this very hot Spring day, the last day of November for 2014. How far have we all come in this the Chinese year of the Horse. It seems that not so long ago we brought in the new year with excitement and eagerness and yet in the same reflection it feels like years have passed, not merely months, as many of us have accomplished so very much.

So what is time? What is truly important? Where do we chose to spend it these days?

Recently I was privileged to take my first journey to America and Canada, where for 9 weeks I experienced many highs and yes some lows, although the trip did culminate in being an over all positive life change for me. I have returned wiser, yet cautious, curious yet aware, as many souls I trusted did me wrong, yet many whom I never knew brought me such joy and continue to do so.

So how do we know who our true friends are? Why do people move in circles? Why do people that we think will be close to us, seem to become mere tools or stepping stones as to where we are meant to end up, is this just the lesson of life? Are we all just moving in the same giant circle, all tests for each other, all part of life’s trials and tribulations and among these universal classrooms, does love lurk beneath the stones of time, just waiting for the right moment, the sign of the first light, a spark, a trigger to yet again dance the circle of transformation desire and hope.

Its 34 degrees (93.2 Fahrenheit) yet its 6pm in the evening here, the heat consumes me for which I’m grateful, I love the hot weather and dreamily I cast my eye to my immediate future. My days are currently filled with such a scurry of activity, a Bee hive in fact is my world right now. Spending many moments gardening, to pull out the old and plant a beautiful Rose garden underneath my front room windows, indoors I’m sorting, culling packing and clearing, as my spring clean takes new form and new meaning. Its time to truly dispense of everything material in my world that is wasted on non action.

Do you have things you haven’t used for over 2 years? Sell, give way, exchange, or throw the unwanted items out, as we store so much unnecessarily. What we hoard truly is a refection of our soul and our insecurities.

As my American friends have just celebrated thanksgiving, I think on the fact that this year I’ve enjoyed a doubling of seasons, 2 of Spring and 2 of Summer, it fills my heart with joy to know just how much we can make manifest. Before I head back to burying myself in boxes and mist spraying my vegetable garden, Id like to give thanks, thanks to this beautiful planet, thanks to Mother earth, to my sons, my mother my close friends, the safety and security of my home here in Australia and also my motor home in the USA. I give thanks for music, for sound for laughter for endless possibilities and for healthy fresh clean water and food.

Thank you to my clients my fans my followers, everyone of you make a difference in my life, everyone of you touch my heart, I only hope as we move into next year I am able to meet with more of you and share the dance of life to say thankyou for caring, thankyou for being YOU.

In honour of my love to share my magickal and spiritual world with you, I give thanks by bringing you the following events. Many of these circles shows performances and appearances are free or not for profit, and those where there is a small fee is my way of receiving and enabling my work to continue.

Heres to another productive positive and creative year. Over the next 13 months there is so much to do and so many places to be, I do sincerely hope to be in one of those places at the same time as YOU. 🙂

A little snippet of upcoming events are as follows, for more information check out the Calender page or the Tours & Appearances page.

Where ever you are in this world, give thanks, smile and be happy, stay safe and always live in hope.  Blessed Be Lizzy Rose )O( xo



December 19th – Lizzy Rose on Soul Star Radio with Jacquelene Close Moore  



Yarra Junction Victoria – Lizzy Rose will be offering an Opening and Closing Ceremony in the Pagan Village at the most beautiful Renaissance Festival in December 2014 – Lizzy Rose will also facilitate a variety of workshops over the 3 days. The below Facebook event page provides complete and ongoing details, just click on the link and grab your ticket now as they are selling fast.

Renaissance Festival – Yarra Junction Victoria – Facebook Event Page





Keilor East Victoria – February 7th

Mumma Moon – Keilor East – Facebook Event Page

Briagolong/Sale Victoria – February 21st

Mumma Moon – Briagolong – Facebook Event Page


2015 MARCH



“Magickal Maiden of Mt Gambier” – March 16th to 21st 2015

“Magickal Maiden of Mt Gambier” South Australia – March 16th to 21st 2015 


2015 MARCH



Mt Martha Victoria – Lizzy Rose will again Open at “Seven Sisters Festival” in the “Ritual Space” with her Pagan Ritual celebrating the Chinese 2015 New Year of the Sheep. This ritual will be offered twice, once on the Friday and then again on the Saturday. Click on the link and head to the Seven Sisters Festival beautiful website for full details.

Seven Sisters Festival


2015 APRIL



Lizzy Rose in Cairo Egypt – April 1st to 15th 2015

Cairo Egypt – April 11th

Mumma Moon – Cairo Egypt – Facebook Event Page

– more info to follow




Lizzy Rose and Morgana are touring the USA for a month in July 2015

– more info to follow

“Lady Elizabeth Rose & Lady Morgana” USA Tour July to August 2015″


 2015 August – December

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA – 5 month residency-





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