“Solstice of Gratitude” – Ritual on Radio

"Solstice of Gratitude" Ritual with Lady Elizabeth Rose

Solstice of Gratitude with Lady Elizabeth Rose

Time swiftly races past us and in a moment a blink of an eye the seasonal wheel of the year has turned yet again to the point where the sun stands still. I close my eyes and suddenly I’m transported back to 6 months ago when I celebrated the Solstice in Seaford Delaware in the USA. I was on my first American tour and sharing the trip with an American woman. We decided to carry out a rite that focused on both the Winter and Summer Solstice, to honour the lands of our birth and the coming together of both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. The ritual incorporated a “cord binding” uniting both lands with the great spiritual work that was ahead of us, as representative’s of those lands.

This now seems like oh so very long ago and as this year comes racing to a prompt close, I think on how for me in 2014 both Solstices have been basked in the Summer sun, first in the East Coast of America and now with the Southern sun here in Melbourne Victoria Australia.  So in keeping with my year of global Solstice celebration, I’m happy to bring you a wonderful Ritual that anyone can partake of, anywhere in the world.

Join Lizzy Rose, this coming Friday 19th December 2014 !!!

Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose is appearing as a special guest with

Jacquelene Close Moore and Rene Barics on
Soul Star Radio
December 18 / 19, 2014 globally
2pm 19th December Australian EDST
(which is) 10pm 18th December USA-EDT

Lady Elizabeth Rose will help us celebrate the Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)
and the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) with a lovely Solstice ritual, along with taking calls to offer psychic and tarot readings and sharing in discussion with her hosts to cover many aspects of the Solstice.

Soul Star Radio - Jacquelene Close Moore & Rene Barics

Soul Star Radio – Jacquelene Close Moore & Rene Barics

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"Solstice of Gratitude" Ritual with Lady Elizabeth Rose

Solstice of Gratitude with Lady Elizabeth Rose


To prepare yourself to join in with us in this rite, please click on the below link and gather the needed Ritual ingredients. Remember that you can cast this rite with us from any place in the universe that has internet audio access. 🙂



Soul Star Radio – “Solstice of Gratitude” on Air Ritual offered by High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose

For additional information click on the below links. Tour details are also listed outlining where Lizzy Rose will be appearing next.

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Jacquelene Close Moore  

“Remember to become the magick that you wish to create”

For as we will it so mote it be )O(

Lizzy Rose xo




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