Farewell 2014 and Welcome 2015

Swift fast moving at an eager and rushed pace the Chinese Year of the Horse descended upon us all and now we have approximately 7 weeks left of this incredibly productive driven yet at times extremely intense 12 month period.

Planets also really pushed our boundaries and the urgency to step up and reduce reuse recycle and refrain has increased 10 fold. As always the world spins and turns, changes embraces the new and let’s go of out dated patterns people and ideas. With so much on our minds and so much work set to come, I feel it’s time to stop and look at the big picture, it’s time to ask what’s truly important for us all and that answer although similar is not exactly the same for each of us.

So id like to share with you my End of Year Ritual, this is a simple Solitary rite, yet if you are with others and you would like to include them its easily adaptable. Simply in your sacred space, your home, your temple, or maybe upon your altar or perhaps in your garden, take the below items.

Please note # Its best to start this ritual around 10.30pm and no later than 10.45pm.

Pen and Paper

Pen and Paper


Gather up the following

A Pen and a few pieces of fresh unused Paper

A Cauldron or a copper pot and a fire starter ie matches are ideal but a lighter will also work.










White Candle


A Black Candle and holder

A White Candle and holder

A large glass jar or container

A Tarot deck if you have one

Take incense and or an oil burner if you have them and chose incense and oil to burn that brings you joy.


incense_sticks natural-terracotta-oil-burner_l

Now set about settling yourself, get comfortable, relax and just allow yourself to BE.

Around 11.00pm to 11.30pm on 31st December 2014 and when you are ready, light the incense, your oil burner and your black candle.

Now think on all of the things that have been a negative for you this 2014 year.

Write them down in point form on a piece of paper and place them in the cauldron.

Meditate on why they have presented themselves to you and ask what was the lesson, why did spirit give me this test, these tasks, these difficulties. It’s very important to actually feel the pain the loss and the hardship, to not dismiss or to be in denial as spirit will just present the problems again if they feel you have not learnt the intended lesson.

Take a Tarot card, write down its name or information. Then with the card facing skywards lay it down and proceed to burn the paper/s that list your 2014 negatives in your cauldron.

Be strong Be clear Stay focused.

As you watch the papers burn, the problems turn to ash and then to dust

Thank the Gods and Goddesses for the lessons and allow your body mind and soul to release by placing your hands face down on the ground next to you.

Relax Meditate Rest Reflect and Smile knowing you have done well.

Extinguish the Black Candle

Black Candle

Black Candle

Now Light the White Candle and write down all the things that you want to achieve in 2015 there may be many or there may be few.

Remember your words are very powerful you are writing a spell, a prayer, an intention that can and will be made manifest if brought about from the heart the depths of your soul.

Place the paper/s with your 2015 desires wishes and intentions, into the glass container/jar and seal.

With respect ask the Gods and Goddesses to make manifest your desires.

Relax Meditate Rest Reflect and Smile knowing you have done well.

Over the 2015 year if you feel the need add other goals or wishes to this jar, but don’t remove what you have placed inside and don’t read what is already in there. You may wish to add seeds or sacred flowers or perhaps a tumbled stone, if someone gifts you one. Gifts or little pieces that come your way that feel special, powerful and that you feel will enable your goals to manifest. Coins are good additions and notes, however remember don’t remove them as you will break the magick and you will disperse your wishes.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Now take another Tarot Card thinking on the 2015 Year and all that’s to come for you, now place the card facing skyward and absorb its message. If you don’t understand its meaning you can write its title down and look it up later.

Extinguish the White Candle

Extinguish the incense and the oil burner

Your End of Year Ritual is now complete

Your New Year Ritual is now activated, so remember if you feed it, it will grow 🙂

Blessed Be High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

Australia's Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose wishes you a Happy Safe & Prosperous 2015

Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose wishes you a Happy Safe & Prosperous 2015

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