R.I.P David Mattichak

R.I.P David-Mattichak

David Mattichak

Australia Day for me has become a sad day that seems to represent death. My sons father passed away the day after Australia Day in 2012 and now one of my closest male friends and the web designer and builder of this website as suddenly left us.

David passed away at 4.30pm on the 26th January 2015 – Australia Day. David died suddenly yet peacefully, after a 4 week illness due to a very aggressive Lung Cancer, actually David knew that he was dying but he didn’t want the public world to know, he only told his family and a couple of his close friends. I cherish the fact that I was one of those close friends and I will never forget our friendship, to me he was my brother, he told me regularly (Lizzy Rose your family now, he would say as he chuckled)

As I reflect on this mans life and begin to write a tribute of our times together, today id like to share with you my first blog for 2015 in his honour. After all it was David who taught me to blog and it was David who brought to life my online web presence after having endless troubles over many years with those who said they could build a website but never produced results. So dearest brother David I thankyou for being my Website Manager, I thankyou for being my friend, I thankyou for including me in your life as family, Thankyou till the very end.

To my clients and customers that have waited patiently as I mourn I thankyou and I apologise that until yesterday I could not bring myself to return to work. Since December 30th 2014 I had spent nearly every single day with David and his wife Michelle until he took his last breath and I then stayed with him post death until the coroner took his body away.

Now as I promised him in life and on his death bed, I will take care of his wife, I will aid in as many a way that I can while I can and so every day I pop in and spend time with Michelle keeping her focused, strong, and running all the daily errands of life that we all take for granted.

So as I head back into my own reality, I’m reminded to remind you, to make every minute count, each moment is precious and in a split second it can be all over. David may not be here with us in human form but his spirit and his great work will always live on. He will guide and no doubt find his way into the world of my computer and maybe others to let us know he has just taken up a different form. David’s work is not finished on this plane he has been here many times before and will be here many times to come that’s a given.

Id like to share with you my Eulogy for David and his family and the precious words written from his loving widow Michelle.

Thankyou for caring to understand that I needed to take a months break, I look forward to seeing you at a Psychic reading, Mumma Moon Womens Circle, Public Ritual, or all the other exciting events that are coming up soon.

Join us Saturday March 7th in the “Temple of Rose” for the “Feast for the Dead” in honour of David’s life as he requested.

“Feast for the Dead” R.I.P David Mattichak jr

Blessed Be

Lizzy Rose xo

David and his beloved Pup

David and his beloved Pup

David and his beloved wife Michelle

David and his beloved wife Michelle










EULOGY by Lady Elizabeth Rose

David loved to share a story, in remembrance today I share his;

David George Mattichak jr son of Brenda and David Mattichak Senior

was born on the 21st September 1963 on the Sabbat of the spring equinox Ostara in

Syracuse New York, today on the Sabbat of Lammas and Imbolc we celebrate his life.

David’s sister Susan joined the family a few years later and they all lived happily in America until migrating to Australia.

As a young boy David attended a private school, Essendon Grammar and continued through his education to the completion of Year 12. For David this hunger to learn never waned.

He loved bare foot running and fell in love with the Aussie game of cricket. However something deeper would take hold and from a young age David had his head in a book, advanced beyond his years from all his other class mates with his incredible reading skills, he just couldn’t get enough of books. He submitted his first article at the age of 10 years receiving a reply encouraging him to pursue this field as he would excel in this area.

As a speed reader David could not only read a book from cover to cover in a couple of hours but also absorb and remember the content, leading to his love of literary works. David’s first book was published in 2009 and to date he has now had 6 books published and numerous articles across national and international publications. David’s work will continue and his publications will live on.

David’s skills were many and varied from Academic and CEO writings to running his online blogs.

In 1982 he received a Diploma of Graphic Design and for a couple of years he pursued screen printing.

Venturing to Phillip Island for holidays David loved to fish and rock climb, he enjoyed running and athletics, and fully supported his beloved Essendon football team, “Go the Bombers” David also enjoyed playing guitar, and had a great love for listening to music, he had a great appreciation and respect for the arts and continued right up to his passing to support encourage and engage in many persons in the world of history art and performance.

Many years ago a glass of Jack Daniels would pass his lips and with a chuckle to the great wizard whom we toast today we extend our cups.

In 1984 David qualified as a certified Cook and things never looked better.

David loved food and delved deep into the world of the culinary arts from a young age beginning as a cook and progressing into the realms working as a much desired Chef servicing Melbourne Victoria for over 25 years.

David never bent to anyone’s will, he lived his own race, like a lit fuse racing around from one world to another, always enthusiastic and eager, he lived life in an accelerated pace.

Michelle met David when he was just 16 years of age and by 1989 they were inseparable.

Falling in love they shared a beautiful life together. I’m honoured to be granted great privilege in reading Michelle’s final words here today for her husband.

 “Family and Friends”

Today we say our last bon voyage our goodbyes to a great man, David George Mattichak jr. A large gap has been created in all of our lives because of his passing. He will be missed so very much by all. His generosity of spirit and time will not go unnoticed. I lived with him for 30 years in my life. He often said to me “You make me be the best man that I could be” A great complement from a great spirit.

So it is with a large amount of sadness that we have gathered here today.

David you will always be remembered with a large amount of love.

Your loving wife Michelle

David Mattichak "Temple of Rose"

David Mattichak “Temple of Rose”

Our dearest David

Do what thou Wilt is the whole of the Law.

Love is the Law Love under Will.

Hail and Farewell and Blessed Be

Reverend High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(




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