Transform your Life – Awaken your Body – Heal your Soul

In March 2014 I finally listened to a friend in Perth Western Australia, who regularly raved about this new Health and Wealth creation that she was experiencing after joining an American company that was founded in 2002. Sharing her story from weight loss to lean muscle gain and extreme energy and performance abilities that she had gained from taking the products, I could not ignore the message that was right in front of me.

For years I have worked as a Psychic as a Medium and as a healer, working through spirit the mind the soul and energetic transformations. I had transformed and enlightened so many peoples lives and now it seemed only fitting to incorporate the healing of the body into my complete practise.

So I joined this incredible company that produced and presented me with products that arrived monthly onto my door step. I learnt that the ingredients were in fact all food, all natural, gluten free, high energy, pure with no added chemical’s, no preservatives, no hidden nasties and everything tasted amazing !!!

Over the months my skin hair teeth and nails strengthened, I found I released excess weight, fat and water and detoxed like never before in my life. I took my food and nutritional cleansing products overseas into America and Canada and had no trouble with customs which surprised me, in fact the officers were interested to hear more about this complete system, that eliminates toxins that our world pumps into us and over us and all around us daily, whether we want to believe it or not. After venturing around the United States I found it near impossible to find fresh organic food, everything is upsized to the extreme and SO heavily over processed and loaded up with artificial everything that it was near impossible to attempt to completely continue the healthy lifestyle while on the road touring, solely due to the lack of fresh food. Many an American diner that I stopped at, didn’t even have fresh milk, instead I was looked at strangely when I asked for this addition to my hot beverage, they then brought me powered milk sachets, which you wouldn’t give to your enemy.

Returning to Australia I was disheartened by such a wonderful welcoming yet extremely unhealthy country, it took me awhile to realise to what degree that it had effected me and that I had unknowingly slowed right down and then stopped taking the gift that Id received all those months before. It really woke me up when my skin became dry, my hair coarse, my tummy unsettled and my sleep patterns irregular, my overall energy was depleted.  I started to look at what I had been eating in the product ingredient lists along with healthy daily fresh meals of great raw and cooked food. I started to really research the company, the scientists, the formulators like John Anderson, the Drs and qualified people who created what my body felt better consuming. The more I read, the more videos I watched and the more I became aware that this company that Jim and Kathy Coover created with John Anderson in 2002 really did offer everyone the GIFT.

I believe in and I state my name and reputation on these products, in my opinion they hold the GIFT of new LIFE. Never before has there been anything like it, a complete all round meal replacement combined with healthy pure herbal and mineral supplements this equals the most nutritious food source ever. My organic vegetable patch cant compete with these products that’s how incredibly pure they are.

It hit me like a brick and that was it, I promised myself and my family that I would get well I would heal past injuries and I would become the healthiest that I’ve ever been in my life despite approaching middle age.

A month ago on January 13th 2015 and the very next day after my 45th birthday, I decided that my life would forever change, my best friend was dying of an aggressive form of lung cancer, yet he was only 51 and just recently diagnosed. I was watching others around me of similar ages dying or diagnosed with terminal illnesses. For me apart from being over weight and having some bone and nerve damage, my body was reasonably healthy, but was it healthy enough to live well, or will I just exist like most of the population and become another statistic of the western medical world. I decided no, its time that I step up and change my life forever and not just for a short period of time. I want long term permanent results not passing phases.

So I resumed my daily nutritional supplements and cleansing food system, combined with yummy healthy home cooked 15 minute meals and regular exercise, daily meditation and divinatory readings. During this transformation I’ve started what has now become, my new way of forever living.

Today is day 36 of my life transformation and I’ve just returned from my morning gym session.

In 36 days I’ve released 8.6 kilos = 18.95 pounds

I’ve released a total of 34 centimetres = 13.5 inches from my waist, chest, biceps, thighs and calf’s.

My Body fat % and BMI % is lower every week. I’m moving away from the Zone of dangerous to Safe 🙂

Over the years I’ve tried, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lite N Easy, Modifast, Nutrislim, Optislim, Fat Blaster, Fruit only diets, and so many other fads and so called miracles. Did I lose weight? with some programmes yes I did, but I also lost muscle, energy and didn’t detox at all with any programme, and as soon as I stopped that particular programme I put the weight back on and I often doubled it.

The GIFT that I share with you here has everything. If your body needs to lose weight you will, if you are under weight and you need to gain lean muscle then you will, if you are a perfect weight yet need to develop energy and performance, yes even to Olympic standards, then you will. Whatever your body needs these product’s read your insufficient and inactive organ function or blood flow and regulate you. There is no trick here, there is no hidden agenda, there is no plastic or nasty chemical filler which is in many of those mineral and vitamin supermarket and chemist supplements, there is just a GIFT a gift from a company who truly wants YOU to be well and to live longer stronger happy and healthier, than you have ever been before.

I have never endorsed a product or company in my life and no I’m not getting paid to tell my story, neither do the celebrities or the many athletes that also consume promote and LOVE the GIFT ! We share because we care, we share because it works !!!

So for one moment in your life right now STOP and know that there truly is an answer to a better result for your health RIGHT NOW than where its currently at.

If you know me, you will trust in me and know that I would never support anyone that I feel is coming from ill intentions.

I invite you to join with me and to find out more about what I’m SO very happy about that truly is a life changer and can be for you and your family.

Here are 4 awesome FREE events for you, your family and friends that are coming up really soon that showcase this incredible GIFT

There is also a paid event titled Strength in Momentum “Celebration” which is MASSIVE. If you are serious about life changes get to at least one of these incredible information and sampling sessions!

Click on the highlighted links to go to the event pages for more information or watch the video below.

Stay focused on YOU its YOUR year, its YOUR time to become the best YOU EVER !!!

Be Blessed Lizzy Rose xo


VICTORIA – MELBOURNE Super Saturday 21st February



It’s that time again.. and what a line up for you, your team, friends, family and guests to attend!

Saturday Feb 21st
Opportunity Meeting 9-10am
Business Training 10.30am-4pm

Business Training with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter! 5-8pm

Bayview Eden
6 Queens Road, Melbourne 3004

Special guests include:
– Paul McAneny and Suzanne Skillen – Isagenix Millionaires
– Allan and Lari Hilzinger
– Jennifer Jefferies

Associates $25, Guests FREE

Super Saturday Feb 21 2015

Super Saturday Feb 21 2015


VICTORIA – MELBOURNE Wellness Wednesday 25th February

Vitality 282 Richardson st Middle Park 7.30pm to 8.30pm

FREE Event !

Wellness Wednesday – Guest Speaker Australia’s Strongest Woman Sharon Waters


Wellness Wednesday - Australias Strongest Woman Sharon Waters

Wellness Wednesday – Australias Strongest Woman Sharon Waters


QUEENSLAND – BRISBANE Strength in Momentum Celebration

Strength in Momentum Celebration March 5th to 8th




Studio 3  1214 Burwood hwy Upper Ferntree Gully  1pm to 2pm

FREE Event !

Health and Wellness Isagenix Party


Isagenix Presentation

Isagenix Presentation


Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park 2pm to 4pm

69 Loddings Lane Nagambie

FREE Event !

Transform your Life – Awaken Your Body – Heal you Soul

Complete Health & Happiness

Complete Health & Happiness




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