Seven Sisters Festival March 2015

Hi everyone,

Its that time of the year again when the most beautiful gentle fun exciting & adventurous Seven Sisters 3 day annual Festival, is held in Mt Martha Victoria Australia.

Unfortunately I have had to cancel my complementary performance this year. I was offering to open the “Ritual Space” with a Ritual centred around this year of the Sheep, Goat, Ram and again offering the same rite over the weekend. As much as I adore this festival and the ladies that so tirelessly run it, I have to put my family first.

My father turned 96 years of age this week and as he is living in a Sydney Aged Care facility I will be visiting him instead of being with you at the Festival. I feel my time is best spent there and that I’m needed there more than at the Women’s Festival.

I sincerely apologise to all of you who were planning on attending this ritual and wish you only joy and great bounty as you celebrate the magick and growth of this incredible annual event. I know that you will have a wonderful time as there is SO much on offer.

I send all the Sisters, love light and Goddess Blessings and I very much look forward to seeing you all next time the Festival comes around.

Take a look via the below highlighted link at my featured article after my first Seven Sisters Festival.

“Sisters & Community” by Lizzy Rose in Goddess Guru Issue 12 2013 


Seven Sisters Festival - Lizzy Rose

Seven Sisters Festival – Lizzy Rose

Magick to you all and always Love

Lizzy Rose xo

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