Channel 10 The Project – Exorcism with Lizzy Rose live on national Television

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose conducts an Exorcism in "The Temple of Rose"

High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose conducts an Exorcism in “The Temple of Rose”

A very interesting subject is that of exorcism & demonic possession.

It was a beautiful spring day in a leafy suburb of Adelaide, South Australia in 1983 when I witnessed my first demonically possessed subject. I was a teenager and invited by a group of Christian motor cycle enthusiasts namely the God Squad, to watch part of their spiritual workings to drive out an alleged presence.

Entering a small however very ordinary block of ground floor units, I found myself in a unit where a young lady not much older than myself greeted us looking like the colour of a steel grey slate floor, her body was clammy sweaty and freezing to touch. The home was icy cold and the smell of sulphur made it hard to breath. I was asked to sit on a small couch in the lounge room, her bedroom just off to the left with the door ajar. The Ministers asked if they could speak with her in her bedroom as this was the centre of the activity. I heard her tell of how she would go to sleep dressed in a long night gown, only to wake up to find the gown folded neatly on the end of her bed and her body completely naked. She had mutual bruises with no explanations and shared that she had witnessed on many occasions what appeared to be blood running down her bedroom wall, from ceiling to floor. Her housemate came out of the second bedroom at that point and looked ordinary and unaffected, he announced that he was a university student and a musician and quickly added before racing out the door, that he puts head phones on to drown out the loud voices that come from her bedroom. She speaks up to say she is always alone and he confirms this and says he doesn’t want to get involved, but insists that she speaks in many particularly male languages and he is quite scared and wants to move out as soon as he can.

For my own safety as I was still a child myself, I was asked to step outside of the premises and wait out the front near the brick letterboxes, while the Minister and his aid exorcised the demonic entity that they believed to be residing in this young woman. I will never forget wondering what was happening and then with a loud shattering bang watching as all of the front windows of the unit smashed and glass was flung all over the communal driveway.

That day has always stayed with me and now 32 years later I have my own stories to share. As a professional practising exorcist I have come across many a subject in similar if not worse conditions than that young woman all those decades ago.

Channel 10  The Project - Lizzy Rose

Channel 10 The Project – Lizzy Rose

Channel 10’s news done differently show, titled “The Project” recently visited me here in “The Temple of Rose” which is a dedicated private space that I have created in Keilor East Victoria Australia, to provide the necessary safe tools to offer Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot, Aura & Clairvoyant readings. Its importantly also very much a place for ritual. On the bare cement temple floor it boosts a 9 foot hand painted white permanent pentacle and a 13 foot outer circle, complete with personalised sigil’s and occult symbols of protection. This sacred circle can offer everything that is needed to carry out an exorcism.

In this space the worst cases that are welcomed are heavy with negative entities that attach to the core of the aura laying just beneath the surface of the sternum, the rib cage and the place where ones spirit and soul resides.

On Friday 10th April 2015 Channel 10 Presenter Jules Schiller, interviewed Lizzy Rose in regards to what its like to be a professional exorcist. Jules then went on to watch and The Project filmed, a live exorcism.

I found it interesting that The Project was looking to find an Australian Exorcist to present such a story and in between 2 very powerful eclipses at the time of a vibrant Full Moon in Libra. What is particularly fascinating for me is that the verse that was used for the exorcism was taken from “The Book of The Law” which was dictated in Cairo Egypt on the 8th, 9th and 10th days of April in 1904 when the Sun was in Aries. How astonishing and very timely that exactly to the very same date, 111 years later and when the Sun is yet again in the sign of Aries, that this great book of Thelema Occult magick is spoken aloud for the world to forever hear, and all the while during the course of a mans exorcism ritual. This book belongs to a dear friend who just passed away a couple of months ago, I find it no coincidence at all that I was led to share this verse and a public exorcism with the general public at this time.

What is also even more fascinating is that I was invited to Cairo Egypt late last year for the purpose of a 2 week holiday that involved working with Egyptian TV producers to perform and to be filmed exorcising the Jinn who possess the Arab and Egyptian people and all the while for a Television audience of 80 million. My trip was booked for the 1st April to the 15th 2015 and only recently postponed until 2016 due to my own personal reasons.

I often say what we speak we make manifest and sometimes its not always going to appear in the same form that we originally think that it will, but you can be assured magick is in fact very real and should always be taken seriously and given the respect that it so deserves.

For those that are unsure if they have a loved one or friend who may be possessed, please know its quite a process to eliminate many other possibilities’ prior to requiring an exorcism and note its truly the last resort.

Feel free to contact for further information or call 0409 626 769

“Exorcism in Australia” with Reverend Minister, High Priestess Lady Elizabeth Rose, is set to air just after the New Moon (of course) on Monday 20th April 2015 at 6.30pm to 7.30pm on the Channel 10 network.

Channel 10 The Project - Presenter Jules Schiller

Channel 10 The Project – Presenter Jules Schiller

Channel 10 The Project & Lizzy Rose

Channel 10 The Project & Lizzy Rose

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