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Our incredible Lizzy Rose has been a very popular Special guest on a few radio stations of late, one of those stations was HOT 103.5 FM with Illy & Shad in CAIRNS QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA where Lizzy Rose was called upon to assess some ghostly goings on in Illy’s home which seem to highlight of all things water.

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After working her magick and leaving Illy with lots of advice on how to manage the bumps in the night and overall uneasiness it was causing, Lizzy brought her spiritual insight back down to Melbourne Victoria just in time for this weeks show where Lizzy Rose will join Jacquelene Close Moore of Psychic Star and Soul Star Radio.

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The exciting news to share with you about Ask 1 Radio & Soul Star Radio is that you can actually tune in to the show from anywhere in the world that has internet access and you can not only tune in but call in. Lizzy Rose and Jacquelene both offer FREE to the general public, Psychic readings and delight in speaking to listeners who tune in globally.

So enjoy the show and if you can listen in live, or listen to past shows simply by clicking on the following link.

Listen Live – Soul Star Radio with Lizzy Rose



Friday 28th 10am Melbourne AEST

Thursday 27th 8pm USA EDT, 5pm USA PCT

You can dial in for FREE to receive LIVE REAL TIME on air Radio Psychic readings with Lizzy Rose

AUS 61 -(02) 2-8488 3147

USA & Canada 1-888-454-2751 FREE

Washington 1-202-249-7720

UK 44-20-3519-2158

This show is one that you wont want to miss.

From everyone here in the office of Lizzy Rose; Taren, Suzie, Tessa and the amazing Lizzy Rose herself, we wish you an interesting and always a soul awakening week. 🙂

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