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Lizzy Rose wishes you a Happy New Year 2016

Lizzy Rose wishes you a Happy New Year 2016

Hello everyone and Happy New Year 2016

What an incredible truly life changing and at times heart breaking start to the year it has been for myself and some of my loved ones. Over the last 3 and half weeks, 4 people have passed away that have been closely related to my life and I have heard of half a dozen others transitioning to the spirit realm. It breaks my heart that life of all ages can be stopped short so suddenly due to our difficulties with mental and physical health and sadly old age. This 2016 year = the number 9 which numerologically represents all things death endings and closure, many more sadly will pass away. I can only hope that if you have been or will be touched be such sadness and grief, that the time of transition and mourning is full of wonderful loving memories and is made easy by smooth passage into the afterlife.

I must apologise to you all, as due to multiple deaths I have had to completely change my end of year plans. I had intended to work through most of the holidays and was due to arrive in Sydney NSW today, for a 5 day Psychic Spiritual tour, ironically this is the second attempt at a return tour to Sydney with the first being stopped due to the death of a member of my own family late last year. So it seems that its third time lucky for me.

To my devoted, kind, patient and very considerate clients, id like to share with you just a little of what it means when people that I know of pass away, particularly my own family members or clients or a close friend’s loved one.

As a Medic, a Pagan Reverend Minister and a Psychic Spiritual Counsellor, my duties in such times is to console and palliative nurse the ill person. I stay with them up to and often through death and I’m often heavily involved in the funeral arrangements and on many occasions the writing and speaking of the eulogy and any other associated prayers speeches and blessings. Often post death I’m asked to carry out Mediumship readings thus communicating to the spirit of the loved one with any messages that is given. Its very important that I share this with you as I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I have canceled appointment’s or tours carelessly without serious consideration of the inconvenience it causes you the client and everyone else involved.

As there is only one of me, I always must prioritise my workload and I hope that you can accept and understand my circumstance’s.  In saying that I’m absolutely over the moon to announce that my secretary Kelly has worked very hard today, to locate and secure a brand new location which is much closer to the Sydney CBD for my upcoming tour.

I will be touring with my youngest son who is 15 years old now and very excited to make his first trek on an aeroplane after being contented to be a home body in his younger years.

So in March 2016 I shall be back in Sydney and I very much look forward to seeing many beautiful people in a lovely exclusive conference room on Sydney’s North shore. The details are below with preference for appointment’s given to those ever patient clients that I was due to see this week. In total there are 12 appointments available, so please don’t hesitate to contact Kelly who manages the Sydney tours to organise an appointment time or make an inquiry.

Blessings to you all, thankyou again for your understanding in advance and here’s to catching up with you in the beautiful merry month of March

Psychic Spiritual tour with Lizzy Rose

MARCH 2016

Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th in Killara NSW Australia.

This Sydney suburb is located 15 kilometres from the Sydney CBD and will take you on a 18 minute drive to its location. Lizzy Rose will be available for private consultation’s offering her services for Psychic, Aura, Tarot, Mediumship and Clairvoyant readings in a private conference room at;

Killara Inn

480 Pacific Highway, Killara New South Wales

Lizzy Rose is visiting New South Wales for 5 days only and is available for private one on one Psychic readings during her visit. Please note that appointments fill very quickly so select and advise the office of 2 session times that you would prefer, as its a first in first served booking basis.

There are a total of 12 appointments on offer and they are as follows;

MARCH 2016

Tuesday 15th  6.30pm & 8.00pm 

Thursday 17th 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4.00pm & 6.30pm  

Friday 18th  12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4.00pm & 6.30pm

Saturday 19th  10.30am, 12.30pm

Duration & Cost

30 minutes $120 – 45 minutes $170 – 60 minutes $220

Lizzy Rose offers Psychic readings in Sydney in January 2016

Lizzy Rose offers Psychic readings in Sydney in March 2016

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