Valentines Lammas Monkey Public Ritual – Victoria Australia

Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey from Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey from Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

Hi friends,

Well Happy Chinese New Year everyone, what a wonderful fun time of year it always is and this year we are working with the very cheeky and active fire monkey energy.

So come and join us as we honour this magickal time of year with a triple celebration. ♥

February 1st is the Pagan sabbat of Lammas which is the first harvest 
February 8th is the first official lunar New moon and the Chinese New Year 
February 14th is cupids day of love being Valentines Day 

Lizzy Rose has combined the magick of these significant dates to bring you an incredibly fun public event. In sacred space here in “The Temple of Rose” a little bit of hedge witchery will take place as we all gather together to make a Raspberry Monkey Bread. This bread will be filled with a secret spell for Abundance and that’s any sort of abundance that you may desire.

So whether it be for money or health or an abundant love life, or abundant work or abundance with your inner peace, its absolutely whatever you wish it to be. The monkey bread will then be baked to activate and seal the spell with a special incantation which each participant speaks over their monkey bread. Once your monkey bread is golden Raspberry brown, he or she will be named and then placed on a cooling rack to be taken home with you where you will then hang your monkey in the place of nominated power in your house or work place until the next Chinese New Year and no, your bread will not go off or mould if, you follow the strict and most magickal of instructions 😉    

Raspberry’s for ♥ 
Monkeys for the New Year 
Bread for Lammas Lughnasadh 

Saturday 13th February

“Temple of Rose” Keilor East Victoria Australia

Doors open 6.00pm 
Ritual 7.30pm – 11.30pm includes feasting baking laughter & love.

Men and Women are Welcome so feel free to bring your family & friends – over 16 years  
Cost $25 (includes all baking ritual ingredients) 
Please bring 1 (one) plate of healthy food per person to share 

Contact the office for more information and the address via 
03 9336 3815 
0477 291 799 
0458 572 999 

To RSVP simply click on the Facebook event page below or text/call or email the office
Valentines Lammas Monkey – Facebook Event Page

Valentines Lammas Monkey Bread Public Ritual with Lizzy Rose

Valentines Lammas Monkey Bread Public Ritual with Lizzy Rose

With ♥ Lizzy Rose


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