Lizzy Rose presents Samhain Saturday 30th April – Briagolong Victoria Australia

Samhain with Lizzy Rose

Samhain with Lizzy Rose


Hello everyone,

Travel Adventures Performing, three little words that seem to fill my days and nights constantly now. Isn’t time moving quickly, the seasons pass by us with fleeting glance, the alarm clock goes off and suddenly its night time again. At times I feel like I’m on an endless tour, carrying out Psychic readings, spiritual consultations, teaching meditation classes and as a High Priestess holding space for many rituals and sacred ceremonies that one day and many a night all roll into the one.

I’m traveling more than I have ever done before and I find being at home as I write this to you, is a nice break in between the highways and byways that my feet fall upon of late. I know that this time tomorrow I will have sorted and packed away more things that I wont be needing until some time next year, as I prepare for my return journey to America which I leave for in around 12 weeks time. I shall be away for 6 months and on road for much of that time with adventures taking me from New York to Salem, Pennsylvania South Carolina Miami New Orleans Texas, Arizona and finally landing for a 4 month residency in Los Angeles, where I shall pursue my film career.

I smile as despite my short respite here at home in the outskirts of Melbourne Australia, I know in my heart that I absolutely adore traveling. I feel free, younger and at peace when I’m on the road and eager to get to the next town or state, the next city or county that awaits me. My heart sings and resonates with inner knowing and comfort as I’m so very priveliged to be able to share my spiritual quests with so many of you. I love meeting new clients that soon become friends, fans, and many are as close as family are to me.

Samhain with Lizzy Rose

Samhain with Lizzy Rose

If you will be in or are traveling near the Gippsland town of Briagolong Victoria Australia this April 30th and you would like to honor your loved ones in a sacred circle of healing and spirit communication then please join us all and feel free to bring with you a friend or two ;

WHEN – Saturday 30th April 2016 – Doors open 6.30pm  Circle starts 7.00pm

WHERE – Briagolong Mechanics Institute Hall
Maffra-Briagolong Road, Briagolong VIC 3860 

PARKING – There is plenty of FREE parking in the hall car park

CONTACT – Reservations/enquiries to reserve a cushion/chair in the Circle, can be made by emailing or by calling/smsing the Briagolong Tour Manager the lovely Lauren Neilsen 0427 534 053

COST – The circle cost is $25 per person – All enquires are to be directed to the tour manager. Payment for the circle is to be made to the door at the time of arrival to the circle. You can just turn up at the hall there is no need to pre book or contact Lauren, unless you wish for more information or to reserve a particular seat/chair.

AGE – Samhain is open for both males and females 16 years and over. 

BRING – Please bring 1 plate per person of healthy food to share for supper. Bring photos ornaments, clothes, jewellery and objects that you cherish from your deceased family, friends or fur pets for the Samhain Altar, which yes of course you shall take back home with you at the end of the ceremony.  Please bring 1 Black candle and 1 candle holder for the altar for use during your ritual. Bring pillows, bean bags, cushions, rugs, blankets, thick soaks 🙂

WEAR – Dress code for this Ritual is Robes, Gowns, Cloaks, Long Skirts or Pants. Appropriate Colours are Black, Dark Navy or Blue or Dark Purple or Dark Maroon. The nights are chilly so dress for warmth and comfort and with the weather in mind.

WHAT – Samhain Circle is offered to honour the Dead. Samhain is an annual pagan festival that focuses on connecting and appreciating our ancestors and those that have gone before us. This circle will hold space for us all to cherish our loved ones, be they family, friends, pets or even properties that we no longer have here in our physical life. We will meditate and share stories of our deceased loved ones and ritual in their memory. We will write our special sacred poems or heart felt words in the “Book of the Dead”

Samhain means summers end so we also importantly acknowledge the time of releasing and letting go of all that holds us back, it is a time to shed and to prepare to withdraw in time for the winter months of rest and renewal. Whether you need to remove something in your life that no longer serves you or you wish to remember and pay tribute to a loved one, Samhain will serve your desires well and safely with respect and with great spiritual comfort.

Be blessed and forever cherish this special Celtic Festival of the Dead

Love Lady Elizabeth Rose )O(

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A Psychic Spiritual tour is a combination of a collective of Spiritual workings offered and presented to the general public by Lizzy Rose. The tours range from 3 days to 12 days in length. A typical tour begins with personal one on one Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot, Aura and Clairvoyant readings that are carried out by Lizzy Rose, Australia’s Celebrity Psychic who is an ordained Pagan Reverend Minister, a pronounced natural Medium and an Eclectic High Priestess of Witchcraft.

Lizzy Rose created these tours to offer people no matter where they live, a private personal psychic consultation and an open to the public main event which is always held on the Saturday night, and serves as the high light for each tour. Introduced recently is an additional gathering which is offered as a Psychic Development class which is held on the Tuesday evening, post the main event.

For the first time ever due to the demand and need for spiritual physical and emotional healing, Lizzy Rose will launch her portable Chakra Healing & Alignment service, these healings are on offer on the final day of the tour.  

These tours are extremely popular with the Psychic readings often all booked out months in advance, for further information or to secure a seat in the circle or obtain a healing and to place your name on the Psychic reading waiting list, please contact the Tour Manager whose details are in the CONTACT section above.



APRIL 2016

DAY 1 Tuesday 26th – Road Trip to Briagolong

DAY 2 Wednesday 27th April – PSYCHIC READINGS – BOOKED OUT

DAY 3 Thursday 28th April – Personal Day



Saturday 30th SAMHAIN RITUAL CIRCLE – Seats available

MAY 2016


DAY 7 Monday 2nd – Personal Day


Tuesday 3rd – Psychic Development Class – Seats available


DAY 10 Thursday 5th May – Chakra Healings & Alignments – appointments available

DAY 11 Friday 6th May – Road Trip to Melbourne












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