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Breakfast in bed, the most fragrant of flowers and a bottle of my favourite perfume Chanel No 5  greeted me on January 12th this year, it was my birthday.

While enjoying this special time of celebration and family love, my secretary interrupted to advise me that a journalist Paul Ewart had inquired after me, asking if he could write a story about my life as Australia’s Real Life Exorcist. Paul suggested the article would be printed in one of the biggest women’s magazines in the country and that it would be amazing exposure for me and an interesting story for its readers.

Many a conversation and exchange was had between myself, Paul and the editors of Take 5 magazine as we discussed my spiritual and magickal life and I answered all the many questions that were asked. I guess to an every day 9 to 5 person my life and esoteric practises would seem to many like a fictional novel in the lead up to a horror story. It made me think deeply about just how unusual my life is, yet how I wouldn’t change it.

Are you curious as to how an Exorcism is performed or why it would be? Do you feel like your possessed? Do you see ghosts? Or perhaps you have past life recall or deja vu that is problematic? Do you feel like you are going mad and that no one understands you?

Take 5 Magazine April 14th 2016 - Issue 17 Lizzy Rose makes the Cover (Original Image captured by Pollyannar the BIG Picture Photographer)

Take 5 Magazine April 14th 2016 – Issue 17 Lizzy Rose makes the Cover (Original Image captured by Pollyannar the BIG Picture Photographer)

Many people assume it is just the catholic church that carries out Exorcisms, that Pagans or Witches don’t believe in the devil or that they just work with white light so therefore don’t believe in the Satanic arts. I don’t speak for anyone else bar myself, in my experience dark energy and evil forces are indeed very real and have no religious or spiritual set of beliefs or rules, who or what you worship has very little relevance. Demons do exist and will use whatever tool necessary to cause harm and to drain and inhabit a vessel, a subject, or in other words a human being.

For a very slight insight into my world written in the words of Paul Ewart and the Take 5 Editors interpretation of my answers to their questions, I invite you to grab a copy of this magazine before it leaves shelves forever and joins the archives of Bauer Media and my library of interesting articles written about me.

Take 5 Article "You've got the Devil in You" Exorcist Lizzy Rose

Take 5 Article “You’ve got the Devil in You” Exorcist Lizzy Rose

Take 5 magazine was released on Thursday 14th and is on shelves until Thursday 21st April 2016  – I’m on the cover with the interesting title “I’m Australia’s Top Ghostbuster” and despite ghostbusting never being mentioned in any conversation that I had over the 3 months we worked on this story, or that I’m the top of anything anywhere and the photo shopped addition of a Devil Tarot card over the top of the lovely Queen of Pentacles Tarot card that I was holding and the added demon face to the left of the image, oh and the title of the article itself, printed on page 66 (of course) “You’ve got the Devil in you” no aside from all of that 🙂 it seems that the actual content of the story was untouched, shortened yes and exorcist participant’s testimonial’s and photos that were asked for and supplied weren’t included, but yes somehow the story itself was a reduced version of my lengthy answers to some very serious questions on the subject.

I would like to thank a few wonderful people for supporting me on this little adventure, firstly my photographer Pollyannar Gibson of Pollyannar The BIG Picture Photographer and my USA & Briagolong Tour Manager Lauren Neilsen. Take 5 magazine didn’t offer to send a photographer my way and instead said they would use previously released images that were on my website to accompany the article. I however didn’t want that, as I always like to capture a fresh and current look for a new story and also create images that are fitting and complement the story told, after all this is the first time we are aware of, that there has been an article in a mainstream magazine that highlights even if in a limited way, just what its like living as an Australian Exorcist.

So I employed my own photographer and between her and I we shot a large selection of images in the “Temple of Rose” my Melbourne base where most of the Exorcisms, CTTB Cutting the Ties that Bind Rituals and other banishments are carried out, for individual clients and circle participant’s. With Laurens expert face and hair fanning and Pollyannar’s great eye for Witch prop placing and angles, we had a playful fun day and came away with a good 7 shots that we liked for our spiritual story.

As is typical with a photo shoot one has a hair and make up artist. I was actually planning on doing my own makeup but alas its just not one of my talents so at the 11th hour online I came across the beautiful Zara Mua who I highly recommend. Zara was prompt clean, (nothing worse than a make up artist who smells of body odour or cigarette smoke and breathes all over you) and with layer upon layer application of that TV type foundation Zara completely made up my face with the look that I was aiming for, so I couldn’t have been happier thankyou Zara.

USA Tour Manager Lauren Neilsen, Lizzy Rose & Pollyannar the BIG Picture Photographer

USA Tour Manager Lauren Neilsen, Lizzy Rose & Pollyannar the BIG Picture Photographer

When we pick up a magazine on our supermarket or newsagent’s shelf we tend to take for granted all the hours that were poured into each issue and the many people that were involved to create that short moment of intrigue, that moment where we can curl up  escape from the world and become part of a story, part of someone’s else’s life, even if its just for a short time.

On April 14th 2016 Take 5 magazine Issue 17 was released across Australia, 3 months after I was approached and after many a keystroke, numerous word documents, and a makeup brush, camera flash & silk fan all working hard to enable me to open just a little window into my experience of being an Exorcist, only after all of that was this article birthed.

Credits to Bauer Media, Take 5 Magazine, Paul Ewart, Pollyannar Gibson, Lauren Neilsen & Zara Mua, you will find their links below if you would like a photo shoot or further information.

Thankyou again to everyone involved and to all may you be protected at all times.

Bauer Media http://www.bauer-media.com.au/

Take 5 Magazine http://www.take5mag.com.au/

Paul Ewart http://www.paulewart.com/

Lauren Neilsen manager@lizzyrose.com.au 0427 534 053

Pollyannar Gibson http://www.pollyannar.com


Zara Mua https://m.facebook.com/Creative.Makeup.Artist/


Blessed Be Lizzy Rose )O(

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