USA 2016 Tour with Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

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Hello there,

The time has come to officially announce my return to the United States of America and I’m absolutely over the moon with excitement and steadfast planning, combined with lots of hard work, long hours behind the scenes and quality coffee to make it all possible.

Lizzy Rose with Besom

Lizzy Rose with Besom

The last time I journeyed to the U.S it was May 14th 2014 so I find it uncanny that without realising it (perhaps I missed my own Psychic memo or perhaps upon deeper reflection I actually didn’t) that tonight I felt it suddenly important to write this post now, on May 14th 2016 – 2 years to the date of my first experience, in this life time, road trekking America and Canada.

There is oh so much happening behind the scenes with a daily scurry of activity as I, along with my Tour Manager Lauren Neilsen, my L.A Director and his staff and a couple of power house Aussie men 🙂 discuss where we can travel to and just what time we have to get from A to B. My on road A is Washington DC my B is Los Angeles.

You see my first short and sudden trip to the United States feels like such a long time ago now. I had ventured over to purchase a Winnebago RV that I won bidding for in an online auction (hence the reason for the sudden trip). I purchased the motor home so that I would have somewhere to live out of while I took up further acting training in Los Angeles for 4 months at a later date. My RV has been patiently waiting for collection and is currently in storage at a Mariner in Seaford Delaware. Hi to all my friends in Delaware 🙂 Delaware

Due to having SO much fun in America and with SO many requests to appear on radio, to feature in print media and to carry out Psychic readings, my May 2014 – 4 week road trip, spontaneously extended into 9 weeks and spanned from Washington DC to Salem Massachusetts, New York, Miami, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida and into Toronto Canada and back.

I have many fond memories of great times sightseeing, meeting wonderful people which included carrying out Psychic readings and my Mumma Moon Women’s Circles and Pagan Rituals for residents of America and Canada and learning all about the country’s history. I fell in love with America and I didn’t want to leave. I planned to return sooner than now, however life, my family and my career has made that prompt return delayed.

I’m now really happy that timing seems right so I’m able to announce that along with my Tour Manager and dearest friend Lauren Neilsen and her wonderful partner Graeme Walsh, I’m getting ready to return to such fine lands.

We are set to fly out of Australia early July 2016 and have the following destinations as possible locations for stop overs and short Psychic Spiritual tours.

Washington DC – Delaware – New Jersey – Lilydale New York – Manhattan NYC – Salem Massachusetts – Boston – Clifford Pennsylvania – South Carolina – Georgia – Miami – Newport Richey Florida – Tampa Florida – New Orleans – Houston Texas – Dallas Texas – Grand Canyon Arizona – Roswell New Mexico – Las Vegas – Los Angeles

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As I must be in Los Angeles from August 1st for a 16 week residency, my road trip must be really organized with dates and times pretty much locked in advance. After all Lauren was born under the sun sign of Aries, so she runs a tight structured ship or in this case bus 🙂 yet I’m sure she is only too willing and eager to chat with you further, should you have a desire to meet up along the way, and I know she would love to lock in a Psychic reading day or two with your family or friends.

This brings me to share that perhaps you might want to host your own mini event. Our plan is to lock in 4 x 3 day, mini tours, over the course of the month of July, so we are left with 4 days out of every 7 to drive onto the next destination, thus allowing for reduced pressure to get to L.A with one happy joyous crew. So you can know a little more about my “Psychic Spiritual Tours” I’ve included a blurb below. I offer my services across Australia and launched my Mumma Moon healing women’s circles and Psychic readings in Attica & in Algonac Michigan USA as well as in Toronto Canada in 2014 with tremendous response.


A Psychic Spiritual tour is a combination of a collective of Spiritual workings offered and presented to the general public by Lizzy Rose. The tours across America range from 1 day to 3 days in length.

A typical tour begins with personal one on one Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot, Aura and Clairvoyant readings that are carried out by Lizzy Rose, Australia’s Celebrity Psychic who is an ordained Pagan Reverend Minister of Salem Massachusetts, a pronounced natural Medium and an Eclectic High Priestess of Witchcraft.

Lizzy Rose created these tours to offer people no matter where they live, a private personal psychic consultation and an open to the public main event which is typically always held on the Saturday night, and serves as the high light for each tour.

These tours are extremely popular with the Psychic readings often all booked out months in advance. For further information, please contact Lizzy’s Tour Manager.

USA Tour Manager Lauren Neilsen

Whether all together we are able to organize a 1, 2 or 3 day event, or a catch up for lunch as we pass through, I would like to share that I feel it important that we connect if and when we can, as time is so very precious and life is so very special.

All hosts that do go ahead and set up an event, receive 20% from all of the services offered on tour. So apart from this being a wonderful spiritual and healing service to offer people, those hosts that are interested in investing their time energy and aid, in locating a space to gather and networking and promoting the events, are certainly not asked to do so without a fair energetic return, along with equal advertisement and promotion shared and distributed across social media and in my website tour blogs, if they wish for me in turn to promote their business or charity.

I’d like to leave you with all of my love laughter and excitement and trust that our paths will cross again or for the first time if they are meant to.

I understand you may not wish to host an event and that you may just want to catch up for a meal and a chat, and if time allows I would most certainly love and be honored to do just that. I also ask, if you happen to know of anyone that would like to host an event that is along our route of travel, or perhaps would be interested in hosting an event at another time to please contact Lauren via email

As I sign off with nervous excitement and enthusiastic embrace, I put it out there to Mother Earth our incredible Universe, that this may well be the beginning of great and ongoing adventures for us all.

In Love respect and eternal appreciation See you very very soon America 🙂

Lizzy Rose xo

Lizzy Rose takes flight

Lizzy Rose takes flight


Salem Roswell New Mexico


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