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Hello everyone,

As I write this to you I reflect on the last 12 twelve months and how time keeping is such an interesting human invention just like a wound music box there is a cycle and a circle in all things.

June 2015 a little seed was planted in the intimate country town of Briagolong Victoria Australia, a seed sown with intentions to offer healing comfort and spiritual not religious, unity to the people of Gippsland.

My first visit a year ago landed me in this picturesque country town, where a handful of people received personal one on one Psychic readings and a small group of women gathered for their first ever Mumma Moon Women’s Healing Circle.

Together in June September December February and April of the 2015/2016 year I introduced a lot of people new, to circles, to the healing art of meeting in a sacred and safe space to honor the feminine. Each circle has a theme and from crafting Goddesses out of clay, drumming singing chanting and raising energy to casting candles into a cauldron to burn away problems and taking time to partner up to partake of intuitive flower readings, the great presence of re-connection and enlightenment was born.

Samhain Altar April 2016

Samhain Altar April 2016

My last tour I opened the circle to males also and together we celebrated Samhain, a Celtic festival to honor our ancestors. The participant’s carved pumpkins in teams representing the elements and surprise gifts to the team who carved the scariest pumpkin was won 🙂

Southern Quarter Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Southern Quarter Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Winning Evil Pumpkin at Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Winning Evil Pumpkin at Samhain Briagolong April 2016










With so much laughter music tears and time spent listening to each others counsel, advice and heart wrenching sharing, I now reflect on how one little seed, one strong idea and a pile of effort can change someone’s world.

Soon I will be leaving Australia for 6 long exciting months to share more magick and healing circles across the United States of America, but before I take my leave I would like to return to Briagolong for one final “Psychic Spiritual Tour” this coming June 2016.

I take this opportunity to invite you to join me for the final time in 2016 I very much look forward to seeing you again or for the first time as we create special memories and enjoy this incredible life we are so very lucky and blessed to have. Here is everything you need to know to come along for the healing circle or to find out more about receiving a Psychic reading.

WHAT – Mumma Moon Women’s Healing Circle

WHEN – Saturday 4th June 2016 – Doors open 6.30pm  Circle starts 7.00pm

WHERE – Briagolong Mechanics Institute Hall
Maffra-Briagolong Road, Briagolong VIC 3860 

PARKING – There is plenty of FREE parking in the hall car park

CONTACT – Reservations/enquiries to reserve a cushion/chair in the Circle, can be made by emailing or by calling/smsing the Briagolong Tour Manager the lovely Lauren Neilsen 0427 534 053

COST – The circle cost is $25 per person. Payment for the circle is to be made upon arrival. You can just turn up at the hall there is no need to pre book or contact Lauren, unless you wish for more information or to reserve a particular seat/chair.

AGE – Mumma Moon Women’s circle welcomes all females 16 years and over.

BRING – Please bring 1 plate per person of healthy food to share for supper. Bring pillows, bean bags, cushions, rugs, blankets and be sure to wear thick warm socks 🙂

WEAR – Dress code for this circle is warmth and comfort. If you wish to extend your experience then think healing, so wear any colour or colours that represent healing for you. As the nights are getting quite chilly, dress with the weather in mind. We will have a roaring log fire going and the hall does provide electrical heating 🙂

Click on these links for further information;

Mumma Moon Facebook Event Page

Mumma Moon Women’s Circles Q & A


A Psychic Spiritual tour is a combination of a collective of Spiritual workings offered and presented to the general public by Lizzy Rose. The tours range from 3 days to 12 days in length. A typical tour begins with personal one on one Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot, Aura and Clairvoyant readings that are carried out by Lizzy Rose, Australia’s Celebrity Psychic who is an ordained Pagan Reverend Minister, a pronounced natural Medium and an Eclectic High Priestess of Witchcraft.

Lizzy Rose created these tours to offer people no matter where they live, a private personal psychic consultation and an open to the public main event which is always held on the Saturday night, and serves as the high light for each tour. Introduced recently is an additional gathering which is offered as a Psychic Development class which is held on the Tuesday evening, post the main event.

These tours are extremely popular with the Psychic readings often all booked out months in advance, for further information or to secure a particular seat in the circle and to place your name on the Psychic reading waiting list, please contact the Tour Manager whose details are in the CONTACT section above.

MAY – JUNE 2016


MAY 2016

DAY 1 Tuesday 31st  – Road Trip to Briagolong



DAY 3 Thursday  2nd – Personal Day



Saturday 4th – MUMMA MOON WOMENS HEALING CIRCLE – Seats available

Briagolong Mechanics Institute Hall - Mumma Moon Women's Circle February 2016

Briagolong Mechanics Institute Hall – Mumma Moon Women’s Circle February 2016



DAY 7 Monday 6th – Personal Day


Tuesday 7th – Psychic Development Class – Seats available


Wednesday 8th – Road trip to Melbourne

I have really enjoyed my time in Gippsland and would like to thank a few special people who have helped promote support and attend these events as they have helped to make these tours into a huge success. Lauren Neilsen has worked behind the scenes to organise Psychic readings, set up/pack down the Briagolong Town Hall, promote the tours and generally is my right arm to the smooth running of these events. Thanks so much for being earths great treasure and making everything seem so straight forward and joyous, you are a true pleasure to work with.

Lauren & Lizzy Rose Mechanics Institute Hall Briagolong December 2015

Lauren & Lizzy Rose Mechanics Institute Hall Briagolong December 2015

TRFMs Mikkayla Mossop, thanks for inviting me to chat on morning radio in the lead up to my tours and sharing some insightful yet very personal live to air Psychic readings with your listeners, its always fun having a chat with you and I thankyou for your genuine interest and support in regards to my spiritual services.

Pollyannar Gibson of the BIG Picture Photographer for snapping away and capturing the activities at our Mumma Moon circles, public rituals, Psychic development classes and shooting the ghostly goings on at the Sale Clock Tower, oh what fun and interesting times we have had together 🙂

You can check out Pollyannar via this link Pollyannar the BIG Picture Photographer

To Davina, Kelly, Nadine, Tegan, Penny and all the other wonderful souls who stop late at night after a circle to help pack up & who also promote and encourage the Psychic development classes, you are a dream crew to work with and I know both Lauren and I appreciate your love and dishwashing skills more than you may realise. Goddess Blessings to you all )O(

Lizzy Rose & Penny April 2016

Lizzy Rose & Penny April 2016

Kelly April 2016

Kelly April 2016










A small collection of vast memories from my last 5 tours held over 12 months in Briagolong I’ve scattered throughout this blog. You may find yourself in one of these beautiful images and if so I hope it brings you joy and a fond memory of great times shared and new friendships made with beautiful people, who all just wanted to feel happiness peace and receive healing and enlightenment in a safe and welcoming manner. So until we meet again enjoy this sacred journey and remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience so make it the best experience that you possibly can.

In Love & Magick Lizzy Rose xo

Western Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Western Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Eastern Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Eastern Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Northern Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Northern Guardians Samhain Briagolong April 2016

Mumma Moon June 2015 Briagolong - Goddess crafting

Mumma Moon June 2015 Briagolong – Goddess crafting

Mumma Moon December 2015 - "Healing with Sound"

Mumma Moon December 2015 – “Healing with Sound”





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