Clairvoyant Psychic Aura Tarot & Mediumship readings with Lizzy Rose in Australia

Lizzy Rose offers Psychic readings in Victoria Australia

Lizzy Rose offers Psychic readings in Victoria Australia

Australia's Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose






Spiritual guidance and channeling with the divine is just as important as exercising our bodies stimulating our minds with written knowledge and resting our physical core with a good nights sleep. With around 12 working days left here in Victoria Australia until I take my leave to vaster lands and a month long road trip driving from one side of the United States of America to the other, Id like to invite you, for one final time this year, to receive spiritual counsel.

I’m offering in person or via skype, one on one Clairvoyant Psychic Aura Tarot & Mediumship readings on the following 12 days here in the Temple Of Rose in Keilor East Victoria Australia

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Monday 20th Tuesday 21st Wednesday 22nd Thursday 23rd Friday 24th Saturday 25th Sunday 26th Monday 27th Tuesday 28th Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th


Friday 1st

This is the final 12 days of Spiritual work for me in this country this year, as I can not extend any further requests for appointments due to purely running out of time.


Consultations are at the following times 11.30am – 1pm – 4.30pm – 6pm and 7.30pm


30, 45, 60 or 90 minute Clairvoyant Psychic Aura Tarot & Mediumship readings are available

To all of my wonderful clients who I have had the pleasure to work with across Australia & particularly my Victorian clients, please know that I often think on so many of you and smile as I’ve watched you grow and find your own empowerment and follow your own dreams and I look forward to hearing watching and meeting with you again when our time together is meant to be.

Melbourne Victoria Australia home of Psychic Lizzy Rose

Melbourne Victoria Australia home of Psychic Lizzy Rose

If you have found this blog and as yet we have never connected yet you feel the call to receive a Psychic reading, channeling, meditation or maybe an Aura reading healing or other service, then please contact my Australian P.A Suzie Baxter via emailing or calling 039 336 3815 or 0477 291 799

May you all enjoy our approaching Full Moon which is due to peak in the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius on Monday 20th June and celebrate the time of the Winter or Summer Solstice that passes by us again for another year in both Southern & Northern Hemispheres. The Solstice is a time when the sun stands still so either we are celebrating the birth of new light and the promise of the suns return or we are celebrating the beginning of a shortening of days and the suns reduction. I have always been fond of my time at the Solstice and have found that I’m always doing something really extreme and this year the most extreme solar step forward ever for me personally.

Be aware that this is currently a time of awakening of shifting and of dealing with all of our shadows, we need to accept that the veils between this world and the next and our waking and sleeping self, will be revealed and really exposed over the coming few weeks. So if you find yourselves in a state of worry and wondering how you can hold it all together please know there is nothing wrong with you and many are experiencing what you are. The more you know right now the more you will be fully in control of your own evolution.

Be Blessed Be fulfilled Be Peace and Trust that you are living in the right time and for some very special reasons and life lessons. We are not here by chance, we have purpose we have meaning and we are incredibly enlightened if we only choose to SEE it. 🙂

Blessings to all Lizzy Rose )O(

Be Peace Be Love Be Awake - Psychic Lizzy Rose

Be Peace Be Love Be Awake – Psychic Lizzy Rose


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