Farewell Australia Party & Abundance Ritual

Farewell Australia Lizzy Rose

Farewell Australia Lizzy Rose

Witch Lizzy Rose and Besom

Witch Lizzy Rose and Besom

Well it has come time for me to bid Australia goodbye, for a little while anyways and only until 2017 🙂

I’m really excited to share that I’m off on a quest to far away lands.

The wonderful energy of the United States of America is calling out to me and with my mobile home waiting patiently for my arrival I continue preparing and checking of all the to do lists that is necessary for such a long adventure.

In 2014 when I first visited America in this lifetime, I felt as if id come home, my past life memories were relived in what seemed like fleeting moments and yet I knew my future would be to return to visit this country and explore endless possibilities. So many people over the years take off to the states with grand dreams, my mind is full of over thinking my heart full of passion and my soul yearning to find my place, yet my soul is equally at home here in Australia. I celebrate the lives of my family friends and clients, that I have had the pleasure to journey with throughout this lifetime and openly invite all good people to join me as we eat drink and dance the night away on Saturday July 2nd here in Keilor East Victoria Australia.

As my gift to you, I’m opening up the “Temple of Rose” to offer an Abundance ritual. This ritual is broken into Abundant topics, so you can cast for Abundance in health, love, career, family, money, travel, or spiritual evolution. The ritual is cast for the good of all & for the free will of all. You do not have to be a part of the ritual it is your choice however if you choose to join me then please arrive no later than 6.20pm as we are strictly casting circle at 6.30pm. The night is structured as follows.


Doors Open 6pm (This is a FREE event)

Abundance Ritual 6.30pm to 7.30pm (Adults only & strictly no entry during ritual)

Children welcome from 7.30pm 🙂

Communal Feasting 7.30pm till late (Please everyone bring 1 plate per person of healthy food to share, not per group, per person, or there will not be enough food for everyone thankyou 🙂

BYO Alcohol

DJ 8pm till MIDNIGHT !!! Fun Fun Fun

Contact Lizzy Rose on 0477 291 799 or 9336 3815 for address and more information

Click on this link for the Facebook Event page

Abundance Ritual and Farewell Australia Party

Australia Birthplace of Psychic Lizzy Rose

Australia Birthplace of Psychic Lizzy Rose

Happy days to you all and here’s to a great night of magick manifestation and music 🙂

Love Lizzy Rose xo

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