Celebrity Psychic appearing in Sale Gippsland Victoria Australia


Sale Gippsland Tour 2016

Sale Gippsland Tour 2016

Its such an interesting deeply transformational year. This 2016 year has brought as was & is still predicted, massive global change, the death of many famous artists, actors and performers worldwide. The rise and soon to be fall of Donald Trump and political embarrassment for many countries not just Australia, so what exactly does this mean for Sale? For you? For your family, your career your health, your spirituality, your town your people and your land ?

Lizzy Rose would like to invite you to share in the magick of her latest “Psychic Spiritual tour” of Gippsland Victoria Australia and with many services being presented there is sure to be one that calls to your spirit.


Tuesday 6th  Psychic Development Class – Doors open 6.30pm Class begins 7pm

Wednesday 7th  Residential Psychic home/property visits with Lizzy Rose

Thursday 8th  Media – Press – Radio – TV interviews with Lizzy Rose

Friday 9th  Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm

Saturday 10th  Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm

Saturday 10th  Mumma Moon Women’s Circle – Doors open 6.30pm Circle begins 7pm

Tuesday 13th Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm, 7pm & 8.30pm

Wednesday 14th Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm, 7pm & 8.30pm

Thursday 15th Psychic Readings BOOKED OUT

Friday 16th Full Moon Ritual @ Sale Clock Tower – Doors open 6.30pm Ritual begins 7pm

Saturday 17th Psychic readings 11am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 5.30pm & 7pm

Sunday 18th Psychic readings 9.30am, 11am, 5.30pm & 7pm


Check out the Facebook Event page  Sale Welcomes Psychic Medium Lizzy Rose



In March 2016 Lizzy Rose launched her first Psychic Development class for the Gippsland area, which was held in a private residence in the quaint picturesque town of Briagolong. The class was such a success that in May & June a further 2 classes were offered. Another first for the town of Sale this class is open to male and female students, at beginner & intermediate levels, all who wish to learn the art of fine tuning their Psychic senses or quite simply how to recognise & awaken them. This class will be held in The BIG Picture studio. All are welcome and encouraged.


Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose is appearing in Sale over 12 days in September and on offer is 30 Psychic readings via personal one on one appointment’s. These readings can cover the analyses and interpretation of your Aura, a personal descriptive and accurate Tarot reading, including Clairvoyant insight. You can also ask for a Mediumship reading, this type of reading is designed to intentionally communicate to, see feel and sense, loved ones who have departed from this human plane, yet are passing through the realms of spirit and this earth plane which enables a paranormal connection. Speaking to souls that have crossed over is life changing and brings about a peace that is unmatched providing information that many times in life was secretly kept to the living soul. A closure and reassurance that we never die we just change form. All readings are carried out in The BIG Picture studio unless they are home consultations which are available for one day only, on Wednesday 7th September with prior arrangement.


Mumma Moon Women’s circles launched in Gippsland in June 2015 after facilitating 6 successful circles over a period of 1 year, with attendance rising from a humble beginning of 21 women to holding space for a regular 33 women, the circles have been a welcome and truly life changing spiritual, multi cultural event for the women of the area. This tour sees Lizzy Rose returning to Gippsland and offering an exclusive Bon Fire Woman’s Circle which will be hosted at a private residence being 11 Finegan Court  Sale. All women 16 years and over are invited.

Women need to gather in a sacred space where they feel supported nurtured & loved, where meditation and spiritual counsel, combined with socializing and a spiritual activity that is fun, inspiring and connects them to the divine within, can be realised awakened and activated. Mumma Moon Women’s Circles created by Lizzy Rose are a way to experience the true essence and presence that IS being a woman. Saturday the 10th of September you are invited to join like minds for the first ever Mumma Moon Bon Fire circle.

Click on this link for detailed Mumma Moon Women’s Circle Q & A Mumma Moon Q & A


Sale is such an interesting country town, with its haunted clock tower that takes centre stage in the main street, so much so that Lizzy Rose will be attending the Clock Tower to carry out a Full Moon Ritual to communicate to the spirit who has shown himself to be very connected to the tower, this is being offered so as to provide spiritual healing for the trapped earth bound soul and ease to the shop keepers and residents of Sale. This event takes place on the evening of Friday the 16th of September. This ceremony begins with a meditation in the studio followed by a smudging ceremony and cleansing of the clock tower, which is a minute walk from the shop front where the ritual is due to start.


Artistic photographer Pollyannar Gibson, specialises in large family portraits, fine art works & creating the worlds longest photographs. This is Pollyannar’s first time managing a Lizzy Rose “Psychic Spiritual tour “and together they feel the benefit of Lizzy’s work in the local Gippsland area will reach so many people and will have positive long lasting effects on the town of Sale and her people.


All Spiritual Psychic readings, the Psychic Development class & the Full Moon Ritual is  carried out in the beautiful stylish yet modern “The BIG Picture studio”

To express your interest in the Mumma Moon women’s healing circle that is held in a private residence you will also need to contact Pollyannar

If you would like more information about receiving a Psychic reading or attending any of the events then please contact Pollyannar directly instead of the Melbourne office.





The BIG Picture Pollyannar

0400 809 684


The BIG Picture Exhibition Opening Pollyannar Photographer- Pollyanna Gibson City Square, Melbourne Donate Life Week 2015 Saturday August 1st 2015 Photo credit: Jaimi Chisholm

The BIG Picture Photographer- Pollyannar Gibson


Prices are as follows and are quoted per person

  • Psychic Development Class $25

  • Mumma Moon Women’s Fire Circle $25

  • Full Moon Ritual $25

  • Psychic, Clairvoyant Tarot Aura & Photographic 60 minute readings $225

  • Mediumship 60 minute readings, communicating to the deceased $250

If you are planning to attend the Psychic Development Class or Full Moon circle please also provide 1 plate per person, of healthy food to share. A notebook and pen. All males & females over 16 years are welcome.

If you are planning to attend the Mumma Moon Women’s Circle please also provide 1 plate per person, of healthy food to share. A notebook and pen. All females over 16 years are welcome.

All Psychic Readings are audio recorded and given to you to keep at the end of your consultation via a micro SD card & USB. All readings are available to men and women over the age of 16 years. Children under 16 years are consulted in the presence of their parent or guardian. Lizzy Rose is a registered Pagan Reverend Minister, a marriage celebrant and holds a current Working with Children’s license which is available to view at any time upon request.

From all of us here in “The Temple of Rose” the Melbourne Victoria Australia head quarters for Lizzy Rose, we are delighted to bring you another very special and memorable Psychic Spiritual tour. We wish you the very best in healing and a peaceful and profound spiritual exchange with Australia’s Celebrity Psychic & internationally recognised renowned Medium the divine Lizzy Rose.

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