Coffee Cups & Psychic readings

Lizzy Rose East Pantry Psychic Coffee Day

Lizzy Rose East Pantry Psychic Coffee Day

Friday 7th October a delightful event is launching at

The East Pantry Eatery

14 Centreway Keilor East Victoria Australia

With a day full of fine delightful tasty morsels and well brewed coffee and tea, customers are invited to step away from the daily grind 😉 and take a seat while I look into your cup, and share the insights of all things Psychic and Clairvoyant using the ancient art of scrying.

Our Special magickal one day only begins at 10am and ends at 8pm

As this is a Special event prices have been reduced. All Psychic, coffee/tea, clairvoyant, tarot, aura and mediumship readings include a complementary coffee, tea or herbal tea and a scrumptious cake, muffin or cookie

• 15 minute – $60
• 30 minute – $110
• 45 minute – $150
• 60 minute – $190

My appointment schedule runs from 10am 10.15am 10.30am 10.45am etc with the last appointment being offered at 7.45pm

However despite being available for 10 hours I’ve been advised that there are only a couple of appointments left, so if you would like a reading please email my Personal Assistant Beck Anderson at
or call/SMS
0477 291 799 or 03 9336 3815

I’m very much looking forward to sharing such a magickal day with you all

Cappuccino Blessings Lizzy Rose



Coffee has its origins in Ethiopia and Yemen.
The Arabs discovered coffee beans around 600 AD and managed to keep coffee as a secret for several hundred years. Turks were introduced to coffee in 1543. Coffee made its way and became known or used as a beverage in Western Europe through Turkey in the late 18th century.

Fortune telling with coffee followed tea leaf reading, Tasseography, which began many centuries ago in China.
The ancient art of coffee-cup reading has been practiced for thousands of years in the Middle East and is still hugely popular in Turkey. No matter in Istanbul or in a small town, wherever you visit in Turkey, you will notice people having coffee with friends and reading cups for each other to give a hint about their future.

It is a form of social ritual, but if you possess Psychic powers, a coffee cup and its saucer turn into a very useful instrument in your hands for fortune telling.

History Courtesy of Coffee Cup Readings with Deniz


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