Exorcist Lizzy Rose appears in news.com.au

In April of this year, I appeared in Australia’s Take 5 magazine, as a journalist expressed his desire in writing a story on just what its like being an Australian Exorcist. A renewed interest has brought about some more media attention and Id like to share this latest story with you.

Simply click on the below link to read the news.com.au article

Exorcism with Lizzy Rose

Lizzy Rose on the Cover of Take 5 Magazine April 2016

Lizzy Rose on the Cover of Take 5 Magazine April 2016

This is such an interesting subject with the rise in the occult and paranormal increasing each year and with films like The Conjuring 2, Don’t Breathe, Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Blair Witch and 10 Cloverfield Lane being very prominent in 2016 its not going to slow down anytime soon.

I recently wrote a great piece about the occult detailing how demonic entity’s aren’t actually religious at all, so speaking a catholic exorcism rite on someone of Arab decent or a person who follows the Muslim belief system possessed with a Jinn, would have little effect.

I’m very much looking forward to assisting in dispelling the myths that have plagued this planet for way too long now, as truly oh so much of what is spoken and instructed during a Catholic exorcism ritual and in the lead up to it, is just plain illusion, created to control manipulate and place fear in people so they only look to the church for spiritual and religious peace and its wrong very wrong.

In this year of death I find it very fitting that near death experiences like possession and demonic hauntings are gaining so much attention.

House Exorcism Dandenong Victoria Australia with Lizzy Rose

House Exorcism Dandenong Victoria Australia with Lizzy Rose


So are demons real yes, are they religious no, does heaven exist no, does hell exist no, did organized religion create these belief systems and fear campaign yes.


Is it time to get real Yes



As my website is about to have a major overhaul, I’m eager to move forward and as the new site is launched share with those interested and very publically, quite simply the truth and transparency of what its like being a Professional Exorcist.

I hope you enjoy the news.com.au latest article, just click on the above link and have a read. Paul Ewart the journalist I think captured the story in a wonderful light hearted respectful yet interesting manner. I thank him for taking genuine interest in very real paranormal experience’s and for not adapting my words to suit the media hype on this sensitive subject.

Exorcism of Leanne Azoulas prior to organ transplant surgery

Exorcism of Leanne Azoulas prior to organ transplant surgery

Blessings of enlightenment to all

Lizzy Rose )O(

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