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Exorcist Mum Lizzy Rose in Woman’s Day November 7th 2016

I’m really pleased with todays release of the much awaited article on Exorcism and how my family has grown up with my unusual career choice.

Woman’s Day magazine is proudly Australia’s number 1 selling magazine and with stats like this its no wonder they are at the top of their game. Twitter has 12.7 k followers, Instagram 26.1 k followers and Facebook 1,090,759 likes. The Woman’s Day website has had over 5.7 million page views and 1.1 million users just in the month of September. So to say I’m honoured to be included in this latest issue is an understatement.

You can scout the Real Life pages where you will find my story snuggled between Iggy Azalea, Janet Jackson, Angelina Joile and Brad Pitts latest celebrity news, followed by Nicole Kidman & Keith Urbans recent Los Angeles outing.

Woman's Day Lizzy Rose the Exorcist Mum

Woman’s Day Lizzy Rose the Exorcist Mum

The issue dated November 7th 2016 which is out today Monday 31st October will be in stores across the country until the 7th November, so grab a copy while its hot off the press and have a read. I know that sounds confusing and I’ve now learnt the magazines cover date is actually the day the mag is removed from shelves not the day of release so if we keep that in mind we will never miss grabbing a copy of our favourite magazine.

Exorcist Mum Lizzy Rose on page 26 & 27

Exorcist Mum Lizzy Rose on page 26 & 27

You can find my story on pages 26 and 27 & as many of you may know my interest in numerology is life long so I find it really relevant to be in print on page 26=8 & 27=9 as these numbers represent karma and death so considering the subject matter, its more than just plain coincidence in my opinion. Also today at 4.39am the new moon in Scorpio birthed, this zodiac sign represents death letting go and revealing all illusions, anyone would think that Woman’s Day know way more about astrology numerology and the relevance of when to print a story than one might imagine 😉


Halloween and Exorcism

Halloween and Exorcism

I wish you all a Happy Halloween a Blessed Beltane and a very Sacred Samhain no matter what hemisphere you’re in, today is always a magickal special day to be celebrated with a spooky dance between the veils of the living and dead, of life and death and candies and face paint 🙂

Remember to never take life to seriously as whatever may bring you down can always be removed if you just know how.

Blessings Lizzy Rose

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