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Happy New Year everyone,

Its been awhile since I have written a blog and I promised myself that this year I would be more present in sharing my day to day life with you in my news letters and not just blog about my touring or public performances that I delight in inviting you to.

Despite the fact that I really do enjoy sharing my magickal and public life with you, I feel its important in this 2017 = 10 = 1 numerological year of beginning new things and looking at life in a new way, to get really raw real and relatable with you.

You may not like some of my blog posts and you may not always agree with me and that’s just fine, as we are all very different and we all see life in varied ways, and that’s why we are here on this earth plane to be diverse, to have individual opinions and to personally spiritually evolve. We evolve constantly not just when we enter a classroom or commit to a course of study, but at times when life’s simple tasks place us in a situation of present growth and mindful awareness and that’s where I found myself today, having a personal awakening by just “being” present at a really eclectic hippy loving festival, but how did I end up there?

Recently Facebook announced that it registered 1.79 billion monthly active users, this way of social media life has become pretty much mandatory when advertising and promoting events and connecting us to our family and friends. As one of those billion members I came across an advert just recently for a festival titled “We Love <3 Life” it had a calming yet excitable without much effort vibe, a feeing of unconditional love, a gentle earthly appeal and after further inspection I came to understand that the festival was in its fifth year and was a FREE to the public event and for the second year it was to be held at Ceres in Brunswick Victoria Australia.

The festival organiser Myke Love (yes that’s his name) was asking for volunteers across facebook, so I offered my medical assistance for 4 hours, I believe in giving back to our society and my community when I can and when I feel the call, you know that inner knowing that pulls at your heart strings that you just cant ignore.

Myke Love and Lizzy Rose at the "We Love Life Festival" in Ceres Brunswick January 21st 2017

Myke Love and Lizzy Rose at the “We Love Life Festival” in Ceres Brunswick January 21st 2017

Returning to Ceres Environmental Park is always a comfort for me, it reminds me that although things change, like the café that I used to frequent being no longer situated in the middle of the wooden pavilion near the Village green, as its instead called the Merri Table Organic Café which is located on the top of the hill as you enter the park, right opposite the information building. That when your intentions are pure, kind hearted and for the benefit of the community, the planet, the earth and her animals to make all life sustainable and self sufficient, the changes that are thrown at us are intentionally to remind us that we are exactly where we are meant to be at exactly the right time and that we have little control over the cycle of life death and rebirth.

My day was a drift of gentleness as I began delighting in a yummy very healthy meal, a spot of certified organic shopping in Ceres Organic Grocery which is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm and then a trek back down the hill to bask in the sunshine whilst Paige and Georgie sweet sisters from “Henna Hands” treated me to a very special spot of magickal henna hand art.

Ceres Organic Grocery

Lizzy Rose and Paige D'Souza of Henna Hands tattoos oh my look at my incredible henna hand art

Lizzy Rose and Paige D’Souza of Henna Hands tattoos oh my look at my incredible henna hand art

The Merri Table Organic Café at Ceres served me a divine plate of Zucchini Frittas with eggs

The Merri Table Organic Café at Ceres served me a divine plate of Zucchini Frittas with eggs

Once my henna was completed and it was time to air dry my hand, I thought it best to check out the many store holders and in doing so came across my beloved Sea Sheppard and Candace who has created a very catchy business “Vegan Eye Candy” so I just had to pick up a couple of vegan tank tops for my self and my son.

Lizzy Rose and Candace of Vegan Eye Candy

Lizzy Rose and Candace of Vegan Eye Candy holding up my 2 new Vegan tank tops

With my goodies all ready to go and my medical services not needed my afternoon was complete, my heart was renewed and my zest for community reaffirmed. I have only one complaint Ceres you MUST install an ATM you have a successful natural organic beautiful park, yet with no access to money today your stall holders lost thousands of dollars in sales.  Your information building staff member advised me that you only had an eftpos facility in information and in the Merri café and grocery store. With no ability for a cash out inclusion, this lack of facility let the day down and left me personally frustrated and annoyed. I may have come home with an extra $200 in my bank account but in fairness to supporting your festival event and stall holders it would have been better to be spent there and this customer would have come home happier with more lovely gifts.

Remember you must spend money to make money and with love and respect you should.

The highlights of the day was the Merri Table Café, not only was my food very nice the bright fresh clean, open plan layout of the café was a welcome change to Ceres, a big bonus was the clean inside toilets 🙂 so yes I will definitely be back. The Organic grocer provided a well stocked supermarket and the staff member who served me was very helpful and friendly, however a 20% drop on the product prices would help us all who are trying to purchase only organic food. This is something that needs to shift globally, prices for junk food should be extreme and organic reasonable not the other way around.

I bid you all fare well, may your abundance continue, may our community connect even deeper and may a healing yet collective love always be primary in all that we do.

Blessed Be Lizzy Rose xo

Be Kind Be Vegan

Be Kind Be Vegan




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