Witches Coven – September Public Outer Circle


Hello everyone,

I have some really exciting news that I would like to share with you. This year has zoomed past me and been full of so many away from the public eye happenings, which has been delightful, kept me extremely busy and felt very rewarding, however it has also reinforced within me, the desire to share with other like minds and so I am relaunching my Witches Coven OWLL “Order of Wisdom Learning & Light” this coming Australian spring.

There is a highlighted facebook link below, which when you click on gives you quite detailed information as to what is on offer at the OWLL Coven “Outer Circle” on the evening of  Wednesday 20th September 2017

If you feel the call to not only gather with me then on the New Moon in Virgo and right before the Spring Equinox, but to also delve deeper into your quest for spiritual enlightenment & magickal advancement including theory & practical training and workshops, you can read all about the basics of how you can do so and what is expected by you to be invited into the Outer Order and then the Inner Order.

Facebook OWLL Coven Invitation

I’ve structured the relaunch and the Outer Circle, in such a way that it enables people to come and go as they please.  We all know that life is so crazy busy for us that sometimes despite our desires, committing to a regular and at times intense class structure and framework can be so demanding time wise that it overlaps and affects our daily routine and places unnecessary pressure or expectations upon us and our loved ones.

I have also reconsidered pricing and so to keep the costs extremely affordable for all, I’m capping each class no matter what level at $13 per person per night however I do ask that you bring this amount by way of 13 gold coins, you will see why during the night. I will discuss more about this new pricing structure and how helpful it will be for everyone in person with you in September.

The OWLL Outer Circle is open to everyone, yes we are a mixed coven where Women and Men 16 years and over are welcome.

Please always also remember to bring 1 plate of healthy fresh clean food to share, per gathering & per person.

So as I sign off for now know that I truly cannot wait to resume the wonderful Witches Coven that is OWLL and also know that I cannot wait to see you all again or meet you if I haven’t as yet had the pleasure.

To book your place or for any questions please email secretary@lizzyrose.com.au

Call 03 9336 3815

Call or Text 0449 740 132

Goddess Blessings

Love & Magick

Lady Elizabeth Rose

OWLL founding High Priestess & Ordained Pagan Reverend Minister )O(


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