Protection Amulet – Complementary class

Hello everyone,

CALLING all Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Pagans and tree loving faery folk and the like …

I’d love to invite you to a Witches Coven open gathering for a complimentary Amulet casting class this coming Monday 11th September at “The Temple of Rose” – Keilor East Victoria Australia.

Arrival between 5.30pm and 6pm
Ritual 6pm
Close 7pm

DRESS – Warm clothing .. bring your robes, cloaks, gowns or wooly wear. I shall supply 5 robes for people who don’t have any and who would like to wear one.

COLOURS – Think Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Deep Dark Rich colors.

ALTAR & RITUAL TOOLS – If you would like to share your athames, besoms, candles, statues or anything else for this ritual feel free to bring them along for inclusion.

Above all else thank you for helping to create this beautiful memory together, as at the end of the day just turning up snug warm and with an open heart is truly enough.

TV – This Coven gathering will be filmed, however, if you do not wish to be on camera you will not be captured.
This beautiful sacred yet fun and short ceremony where each participant will craft their own personal amulet for protection (and yes you take them home with you for a forever keepsake) will be presented soon after, on free to air TV and across social media.

I have been approached to help publicise the very positive and fast moving growth of the Australian Witchcraft community and in doing so have been asked by the Producer of this enchanting and captivating story, to invite everyone, male female, young old, all races, all cultures, all people who share a respect love and passion for our beliefs and practises, to join me as we share a snippet of witches gathering in circle and why they do so.

The stories angle is to bring to the publics awareness the credible interesting and relevant reasons why Witchcraft is so very popular in Australia and is growing at an alarming rate, which includes solitary practitioners, Witch schools, Covens and general craft information and education.

There will be time allocated for those who are willing and interested to be filmed, to be featured in Vox Pops, which are short chats to an interviewer on camera in regards to your views on witchcraft and how you incorporate being a witch into your daily life.

In addition, I was interviewed separately on Tuesday 5th September by a gentleman who is doing his Ph.D. in religious studies of Australian Witchcraft, from Griffiths University in QLD, and part of this interview will also be included in this story.

Id like to say for anyone who is questioning the genuineness of main stream journalists and the commercial media and press, that in all my experiences, I have never had a story showcased in a negative light and so yes, I’m trusting the producers and the end result that this will educate and inform the public in a wonderful way, about just how beneficial and natural our spiritual beliefs are.

I personally think it’s time to continue, where and when we can, to inform our society that our practices are about healing and embracing what comes so naturally and logically to so many of us.

Please if you feel the call, share this around your networks.

“The Temple of Rose”
6a Tuppal place Keilor East ~ Victoria Australia

0449 740 132 Call or text for any questions or further details.

Or go to the facebook event page linked below to nominate your attendance

Protection Amulet Class – Complementary

See you in the Circle

Blessings Lizzy Rose )O(


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