The Modern Face of Witchcraft “Channel 10 The Sunday Project”

Lizzy Rose & Apple

Lizzy Rose & Apple

Crystal, Lizzy Rose & Lisa

Crystal, Lizzy Rose & Lisa






Greetings fellow earth travelers,

In my eyes and understanding, Witchcraft is the craft of the wise, there is nothing evil about the practise of wisdom. Being a Witch many centuries ago was only ever considered to be evil when the church felt threatened by the natural power that its newly organised religion of Christians had witnessed. Witches were midwifes herbalists healers and Oracles, it seemed evident to the Christians if they took away the Witches belief to use the power of the earth to heal, divine and empower, the people would then become dependant on a fear based religion soon to be known widely as Christianity, instead of practising this ancient craft.

Sadly the Christians stole, copied, manipulated and adapted, so much of our natural beliefs and practices, claiming and then declaring them to be their own, yet in the very same breath they devised evil plans to be selective in just what they would deem evil and what they would embrace. One example is the worship of our horned god, a God of hunting, of land. The great Green man or some may know him as Pan. The Christians pronounced our horned God, to be a devil and this sadly is where one of the suggestions of Witch’s worshiping the devil came from.

In this the 21st century here in Australia, Witches, Pagans and Druids, are growing in population like never before. There is an openness an eagerness an excitement and a liberation that engages with so many and opens them up to seeking out and worshipping this ancient craft.

Channel 10 – Lizzy Rose runs a Coven for Witches

I have been around many lifetimes, I know this deeply as my spiritual existence and my ever changing form reminds me often in flash backs of other periods of time, and my former ways of practice devotion and dedication. It doesn’t mean I’m better than you in fact I feel quite humble because of these other past lives and I only share this with you now as this to me is the nature of this story. The story of Modern Witchcraft.

What I tap into when I’m doing Psychic readings or preparing spells or invoking a God or Goddess, reminds me so often that I’ve done this all before. Don’t you have what many call dejavu, don’t you feel an ancient very familiar calling to the simple yet very reverent and powerful worship of the sea land and sky?

Do you have a certain affinity to a nationality, country race or culture, yet in this lifetime you have no blood line that connects you there, or perhaps have never studied visited or investigated those lands or their people.

We are the face of the modern Witchcraft movement you, me, we, I, all of us here in Australia no matter our location, no matter if we practise as solitary witches or in covens and no matter whether we be witch or wiccan, traditional or eclectic, we “the movement” is growing. We “the pagans are rising” We the healers and wise keepers of older times are here now in this time and we are needed, valued and feel a deep connection and necessity to honoring the old ways. 

We are such a young country yet we are not young of spirit.

So I ask that you celebrate your choices, your beliefs and your practices. I ask you to continue your dedications and devotional rites. I invite and encourage you to explore, research, network and build community. For we naturally are powerful awake and evolved and I could not think of a better spiritual belief system or religion (even though most witches don’t call witchcraft a religion) than the wise craft of the Witch to embrace.

Channel 10 - Modern Witchcraft and Lizzy Rose

Channel 10 – Modern Witchcraft and Lizzy Rose


When a commercial mainstream television network approaches you and asks to film a story on the rise of modern witchcraft, one questions just which way the witch will be portrayed. This could’ve been presented as a horrible unpleasant and embarrassing story, yet our Channel 10 producer and her film crew were the complete opposite. Id like to express my gratitude for the producers calm gentle patient presence and for filming a very small snippet of our eclectic practices in a colorful interesting credible and informative way.


I think this story is just wonderful and would like to thank my dear friend Dr Aelin Brooks for his time energy and input. I thankyou for sharing with the world your chosen profession and your Druidic beliefs, it takes quite a strong and wise person to stand up and publicize to the masses what is so very personal to you.

To everyone else who participated in making both the public ritual and the class on witchcraft and to those interviewed I extend my appreciation.

For as we will it so mote it be )O(

Witch Love Lizzy Rose xo

Channel 10 The Sunday Project - Craig videographer, Lizzy Rose & Producer Liz

Channel 10 The Sunday Project – Craig videographer, Lizzy Rose & Producer Liz


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