About Lizzy Rose

Actors headshot 2011 (Copy) (Copy)Elizabeth Rose was born in Adelaide, South Australia and settled in Melbourne, Victoria after a brief stay in Perth in Western Australia. She has been an entertainer from a young age and was trained in musical theatre and vocal elocution and has traveled Australia to entertain her many fans with her acting, singing and vocal talents. Throughout her long career as an entertainer she has established a large and loyally dedicated following of fans for this and her spiritual services which have earned her the title of ‘Australia’s Celebrity Psychic, Lizzy Rose’.

As a part of her journey through life Elizabeth Rose has developed a keen natural interest in, and a passion for nature, magick and the mysteries of the ancients. Upon her arrival in Melbourne as a teenager she was pronounced to be a natural medium by the reverend of a local Spiritualist church and with her innate psychic ability, Elizabeth Rose has evolved a keen intuitive sense for the paranormal, and a rare gift for telepathy and clairvoyance. After discovering that she could see, hear and feel the spirits of deceased loved ones as well as the beings of pure spirit that guide her she began to communicate with them to counsel the curious and to guide seekers of the light onto the path of the wise. Lizzy has honed her natural psychic abilities through using a variety of divinatory tools to offer her friends and family, as well as students and clients a glimpse through the veils and into the spirit realms.

Lizzy spent much of the 1990s running her six retail shops, firstly in Seymour where she had Psychic Visions and then Liz’s Psychic Visions before becoming Mystical Magick where she focused on the sale of new age products. After this she moved her retail interests to Kilmore and Craigieburn in 1999 with her shop Karmic Choice before settling in Keilor East in Melbourne in 2003 with Past, Present and Future (known as P.P.F.) until closing the shops in 2007 to concentrate on her acting career and to free her up to focus on bringing her psychic services and counselling to the public. Many of her current friends and fans first came to know Lizzy through these shops and have followed her ever since.

Appearance & Public Ritual SSF 2013 (Copy) (Copy)As an eclectic Initiated High Priestess and a Witch, Elizabeth Rose has become a well known and respected ritualist who regularly performs public rituals that are open to all, sharing the ways of the Olde Religion, Witchcraft in a welcoming, friendly and naturally respectful manner for people of all spiritual persuasions. Elizabeth is also well known for her work as a teacher and delights in sharing with and learning from all of the souls that she meets on her spiritual journey through life. Combining her talents as a musician and a spiritual guide, in 2007 she released her first meditation album Journey of the Self which is a deep look into removing the spiritual blockages that can hold us back from attaining our highest and best potential in life. In 2008 Elizabeth ventured into television with the filming of her reality television series Witch in the City- a Day in the Life of Lizzy Rose, to show her many fans and admirers what it is like to be a Witch in the modern world and what it is that makes her Australia’s Celebrity Psychic.

Elizabeth has been consulted by many famous celebrities throughout her career and continues to appear on television, national radio and in the print media with her writing debut coming in 2010 with an article Interview with a Vampire, that was featured across two issues of the popular Spirit guide to Spellcraft magazine which included the cover and the centerfold of the magazine, a first for a debut writer in this publication. The rave reviews have encouraged her to continue to write and she specifically keeps her subject matter secret in order to keep the curiosity and intrigue alive for her many fans.

Because of Elizabeth’s love of alternative weddings, and most especially of handfastings, she has created caring, loving and complimentary ceremonies for couples with a difference. Catering for all lifestyle choices, her ceremonies are respectful and inclusive and she currently offers ceremonies especially designed for gay, bisexual, trans-gender and polyamourous unions and can tailor them to a range of alternative beliefs including Celtic, Faery, Druidic, Witch, Wiccan, Vampiric, and Gothic people as well as recently adding a marriage ceremony specifically for animals.

Mumma Moon Circle Mabon Altar Thornbury 2011 pic 3 (Copy) (Copy)As a renowned psychic and Tarot reader Elizabeth has established mobile Tarot parties that have proven to be very popular with her corporate clientele and which she is happy to bring to business functions and staff parties while she is always available for personal readings and also specializes in spirit communications with animals whether they are beloved pets, farm animals or wildlife. In 2010 Elizabeth Rose launched her Mumma Moon women’s circles, a monthly meeting in a sacred spiritual space for ladies of all ages to honour themselves at the time of the Full, New or Dark Moon. These circles meet at a variety of locations across Melbourne as well as rural Victoria.

Elizabeth is a keen environmentalist and her heartfelt desire to aid the planet and show reverence for Mother Earth has seen her hold many volunteer positions with local groups and community organizations. Above all, Elizabeth Rose loves with complete passion, dedication and respect, all that she does.

You can join Elizabeth at one of her many gatherings or enquire about having a one on one spiritual consultation and she invites you to book her for your next function or event. You will be sure to enjoy an original, creative and unique service or performance.

Team ER look forward to aiding you in any way we can.

Elizabeth Rose